The Role Of Societies In Educational Settings Education Essay

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Thesis Statement: Societies play an important role in settlement of educational system during the last few years and make the infrastructure of education system easy and accessible for all.

In all around the world education is greatly affected by societies. Societies represent the different culture, ideas, and awareness. In western world a simple western society Help the different countries for their development. Western Society often help the western world in development of their education system through emerging concept of western culture (ethical values, traditional systems ,technologies ,air crafts ,belief system and political system) , different ideas, changes their political views. Its effect the different parts of western world such as Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and made them developed countries. Sometimes it covers the Eastern world, South America and Israel. Due to this they enjoy strong economies, Democracy, stable Government. It's all possible due to better education system, ideas, and policies. I have been collecting all above information through different links of Wikipedia through this; I am able to say that educational system is greatly affected by societies.

As far as role of societies in Asia especially in sub-continent is concerned, Some Societies are so active in this part of world. If we see in sub-continent the most important and biggest countries are India and Pakistan. India considers in developed countries but present educational system working there is traditional. Indian educational system is little better than the other parts of sub-continent. India trying to make their educational system better and India make progress in the development of technology. Some of Indian societies are playing an important role in the betterment of Indian educational system.* "Asian Educational society plays an important role in development of Indian education. Society run school named Skyline Business School New Delhi. Skyline Business School is one of the Best Business-schools in India. It was set up in India in 1996 with a view to providing global & relevant curriculum for the emerging international business sectors. The mission of this school is providing the best professional career prospects in the emerging global workplace and to equip them for more effective and organized contribution to their chosen professions and fields. It`s provide the all facilities of modern education ". So Societies provide different activities for students and give a chance to improve their life.

In Pakistan educational system is not better till at that time. There are no Proper rules for checking the infrastructure of education system. During the last few years to till present, intermediate students face many unacceptable problems due to bad system of Paper marking. In 2011 boards of intermediate announce their results but there are many mistakes and many students declared fail without any reason. So, boards change their results again and again. Many responsible officers and faculty are dismissed by Punjab government. According to a Post on Pak Educators By Miss Shagufta Shaheen ** "BISE Lahore Blunders in Inter Part 2 Results 2011- Positions of First, Second, Third and fourth are changed; Parents and student are annoyed with BISE Lahore due to big mistakes in the Result.  According to details as reported to us by parents and students that there are lots of blunders in BISE Lahore Inter Part 2 result. The Top four positions are changed again. And many good students' numbers are not added in the final. There are many students whose ONLY Objective type numbers are added in the result and remaining questions marks are not added. Many bright students' numbers are very less as per their expected numbers. These mistakes created a sense of discouragement among the students, parents and hardworking teachers of Lahore Board." In my audience analysis I asked same question and most of students replied Pakistani educational system is not good.

There are many kinds of societies work for betterment of educational settings in Pakistan. These societies are working for woman education, old persons, and Child labor education .These societies are also working for different technologies projects, at high level education these are working as an institute. The Sir Syed Memorial Society (SSMS) is working in Islamabad, it was established in 1984. It brings the improvement in ethical and moral standers of new generation of Pakistan. This society is non-political and non-profit organization. This provides a platform for students to know their mission identify their right areas of interest and equip them with modern education about science. The great Atomic scientist Dr.A.Q.Khan paid tribute to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan *** "saying that he laid the foundation of Pakistan by establishing Aligarh University. While Dr.AQ Khan addressing an august gathering on the eve of inauguration of a splendor auditorium his name at Awan-e-Sir Syed here said that good people enjoyed immortal lives and great services to the national cause rendered by Sir Syed would also be remembered for centuries."

Here are some other societies working for women Education. Societies create a peaceful and save environment for women education. Societies teach the women about every field of life. Because the education of women is an essential part of society. For Muslims According to Holly Quran "****If you teach a man you teach one person but if u teach a women u teach a family". Societies take interest in women education and teach them about different fields of life such as fine art, designing, painting, cocking, and sewing. These societies aware the women about children protection, protection for diseases. These are important things for a woman to run their family. So we can say that societies teach a lot in every field of life and help the educational system to improve infrastructure. PE Is a society working for women education that target backward areas of Pakistan and help the needy and illiterate women. Abdul Moiz Siddiqui Write about women education "After the freedom of Pakistan till present women face many difficulties in her way to progress. These issues badly effecting our societies and create many problems for Pakistani economy. it is undoubtedly connected with so many resources directed towards the aforementioned debt payment, educational improvements are given and inordinately low priority. In addition, Musharraf's military dictatorship has understandably not placed great emphasis on education in Pakistan. This is evident upon examination of Pakistan's overall literacy rate of 37.8% (50% for men and 24.4% for women)".According to article in Pakistan rate change of education of women is very low as compared to rate change of education of men. This is the big fact that the women education system is not good in Pakistan and societies are coming forward to improve the system and teach the women.

Educational awareness and welfare societies help the needy and poor students. These societies also help those students who want to find there right field. These societies Arrange different events for students and invite different universities to inform them about different fields of life. These societies motivate student for their respective field. For purpose these societies explore the talent of the students and advice then to join that particular field where they can their real talent. These societies helps those students who cannot find out their future path. These societies help them to go for their future and go through all those aspects that are difficult for them. Another purpose to create these societies is to help all those students who cannot afford further studies. Such societies help them by granting financial aids and providing loans. These societies also have some contacts with the downers and scholarship awarding companies. Societies help them by contacting these aiding groups and grant them full or merit based scholarship to help them in their further studies. I have been working in such a society which helps all the students regarding their studies. Society arranges annual events, inviting all the universities all over the world. These universities arrange a seminar and presentation over there. Their purpose is to make awareness of all the active fields in the fast growing world. It arranges an IQ test which tests the mental abilities of the entire student. It helps them to arrange such activities that can help them in future. IQ test give them the opportunity to test their mind level. It arranges free entry test preparation classes for all the students and keeps on informing them the regular updates of all the universities. Students who cannot afford the expenses of entry test; this society helps them in finance. Parents who do not allow their girls to go out the city, which is a serious issue in a developing country like Pakistan. This society helps them to submit their forms and convince their parents for the better future of their children.

Being a student of NAMAL COLLEGE MIANWALI, all the societies of the college play a very important part in the social life of every student. The active societies are as follow: Namal Social Impact Society, Literary and Debating Society, Engineering Society of Namal, Dramatic Society and Sports Society. These societies keep on playing their active part in all the sense. They keep on arranging events that helps our students to impose themselves in the modern life of the world. For example Sports Society arranged an event named "Sports Gala" in the hostel. This event allowed each and every student to participate in every game and show their talent in every particular game so that their talent can be appreciated and they can take move in the social world. Namal engineering society keeps on arranging different meetings for the students of different guests that are very much successful in their particular field. The invited guests give some sort of lecture that motivate them for future preparation. Guests tell them the ways by which they can express themselves for the further future matters and keep themselves at the top of every field where so ever they are. Social impact society arranged a bonfire event in the hostels to the entertainment of all the students. This society is also very active in the blood donation participation. It provide a platform to every student by which they can help others in medical field. Debating society keeps on arranging speech competitions on very regular intervals, which helps our students to express their idea on any given topic. It provides them a platform to speak in front of people so that they could become a very good speaker.

Educational societies play an important role in the modern educational system of every country. Pakistan do lack in such societies due to many reasons. The major reason is that there is no investment in Pakistan over societies. Societies need a lot of investment to take their steps forward. So the government should support these societies and invest some of their budget on these societies. Downers should also donate as much as they can to the educational societies. They should arrange meetings with the society members to enhance their knowledge and should convince them for further research work and motivation towards their aim. Now it must be the obligor aim of the societies to aim their educational purpose. All the investment whether it is given from government or downers, they should implement it on the social activities of educational system in any country. They should arrange such activities that motivate the co-curricular activities of the students. It is the formal duty of every student as well to take these societies seriously and must take equivalent participation in the society arrangements.