The Practise Arena As A Learning Environment Education Essay

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I had been working as a medical assistant for the past 8 years. I had experience working in emergency unit for six years and two years in forensic unit. I graduated with diploma in medical assistant and had under go for short course in forensic medicine. Now I work in Forensic Unit at general hospital in Sarawak. From my experience working at Forensic Unit there are many challengers develop in my practice area. The problem is was how to make my working place as a learning environment. So I had chosen my working area as a practices arena in this assignment. My objective for this assignment is to open people mind that how my working area can be a learning environment. There will be challenging jobs to make this mission succeed and objective achieve.

In my practice area our main specialties is to handle post mortem for clinical and police case , autopsy body for infection case and taking medico legal specimen . My practice area is a big building with two autopsy suite for doing post mortem and body viewing. It also has a conference room complete with computer and books. The conference room always been use to give lecture about forensic, meeting and continuous medical education. My working area also had an office for handling any case that involved with forensic.

Our monthly forensic cases our workload is about 150 cases per month. Working in this unit is very challenging because we only have three staff working in this unit. There is one forensic manager, Forensic Assistant Medical Officer and Forensic Attendant. We always help each other. To make this place success for learning environment and it is important to have commitment from each other.

Maslow (1943) in the hierarchy of needed have listed the thing that most needed in learning environment. In the most physiological needed is safety and security. At my working environment it was safety and have physiological needed like emergency exit when have disaster, disaster plan, exit windows and safety equipment. In the second of hierarchy of needed Maslow have listed that love and belonging must have in learning needed. At my unit the staff always needed and helping each other. Two most needed in a Maslow hierarchy of needed is available at my practical area for learning environment. Earthman (2004) has signified that suitable building for learning environment is the student can spend good deal of time learning. My physical environment have criteria that suitable for learning environment because it have a conference room where the student can take the time for studying and feel safety .

My practice arena also collaborations with another multi unit disciplined. X-ray unit and laboratory is multi unit that always helping and involved at my practice area actually for medico legal cases. Without relationship between these units it will cause many problems. Example in brought in death cases without x ray and blood sample the doctors will cannot diagnosis any diseases because don't have medical investigation and evidence. Without helping from x ray and sample blood that send to laboratory ,the doctors can now if any medical problem that cause of death. At my working arena we are supportive with one and another .This situation is important because it can make a learning environment more exciting because here we are working as a team. Advantage that can get at my practice arena is that people can get is, there can learn many of knowledge just in one place without to attachment another discipline.

Hudson B (2006) in his journal that the successful for learning environment is all discipline have a spirit of teamwork and good relationship with another. Without the team work and relationship between each other there will be many lack of problem. This been supported by Mc Callin (2001) in interdisciplinary practice the most thing have to be care is communication and relationship between another unit discipline for make a good learning environment. This was applying at my practice arena where we always helping and communication with another discipline to make there are no mistake when doing our job.

At my practice arena, we also make a partnership with another department like medical and nursing college, policeman, immigration and another organization. For learning study, we communicate with the college through learning agreement. In this agreement the student will be orientation at my working arena and see the postmortem. The student must follow the rules been given. The partnership between the police is important especially for medico legal cases. Without the relationship and proper communication with each other there will be a problem especially when the cases were bringing to court. Without the proper procedure someone that not guilty will be guilty and the offender can be released and not be jail. It will not fail for the family and individual that involved in medico legal cases.

My unit also has a partnership with Department Of Chemistry. In this unit my unit will send blood that hospital laboratory cannot do like blood for alcohol, blood for drug and Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). This department it will process for evidence that taken from offender. The evidence result from this result is important because it can help for charge someone for the crime their done. Holtom M (2001) has recognized the important for partnership for helping each other discipline unit. Without the partnership and team work from other department at my practice arena there will be no proper communication and there will be many problem with each other.

What learning system can be provided in my practice arena? There are two type of learning system that been teach and been apply. There are formal learning and informal learning. What is mean by formal learning and informal learning? Formal learning is been definition as a planned learning that derives from activities within a structured learning setting. It involved on programmed study, tending lecturer, preparing subject that suitable for working arena and tutorial discussion.

The formal learning that provided in my working arena for a learner is Standard Operative Procedure Book. In this book it shows the standard procedure that should been apply for make any procedure in my unit. Their also continuous medical education that been given at my unit and for those who attend the programmed will be given point for each programmed their attend. With this programmed can make staff at my hospital understand the procedure that been done at my unit actually for medico legal cases.

Joseph Renzulli ( 1994) has recognized that formal learning is important and must have in every learning environment .Especially for learner it was important for learner to more understand for each subject their studying. Kelly (1996) has recognized that formal learning can improve individual learning knowledge and can get more information to understanding about learning process. Without the formal learning the learner will don't understand and don't know anything because no format of learning been applied. For my unit formal learning is what main thing been included to make my practise arena successful in learning environment.

The informal learning is been known as semi-structured and occurs in a variety of places, such as learning at home, work, and through daily interactions and shared relationships among members of society. At my practice arena there are informal learning been teach and apply for learning environment. One of the informal learning that provided in my practice arena is demonstration like autopsy, body view and post mortem. Nageshkumar G Rao (1992) has indentified the best place for study is forensic unit. The reason is student or learner can understand of human anatomy or deceased when post mortem or body autopsy was done.

In this stage the learner will more understanding about human with the demonstration been done. If the learner just know from theory their will don't know how is a real anatomy of real human look like. This style of learning can make student more excited for learning and more understand. The informal learning that been provided at my arena is a computer with internet line.

Chua (1989) said that computer and internet are important now days in learning programmed. With the internet the learner can know much information about what subject their want to learn in a short time. With these technologies it can help student and learner come to my practice arena to know any subject about forensic in a short time. Their also many book about forensic been provided at my conference room. In here student can try to find and read about any forensic subject their want to know more. Their also have a lecturer that given by another department like X ray, police, chemistry department. This lecturer is useful for student to know the proper process and procedure. The lecturer session is more helpful because student can make discussion to discuss any subject been teach in lecturer.

Tippelt (2002), the informal learning can help student more independent to learn. The informal learning can make learner or student more motivation and independent because their will try to get information by themselves about the subject their want to know more. Dewey John (1909) the informal learning can make student to know more between theory and practical .Their student can apply about theory the study is it same with the practical their done in the same time. This can make the student more confident for any procedure that their want to do. At my practice arena this informal learning has been provided for make a learning environment for student and learner. This informal learning can help for learner to improved their knowledge.

In learning theories there are three learning theory. There are behaviorism, cognitive and constructivism. In behaviorism it was focus on the objective observable aspect of learning. Daniel Greenberg (1987) has analyzed that learning theory is in providing us with vocabulary and a conceptual framework for interpreting the examples of learning that we observe. The other is in suggesting where to look for solutions to practical problems. Meanwhile cognitive theory is to look beyond behavior to explain brain-based learning. Lastly constructivism theory is more to view learning as a process in which the learner actively constructs or builds new ideas or concepts.

The best learning style that can been practice at my practice arena is behaviorism theory and cognitive theory. This theory was choosing because it can improve student or learner that goes my place more independent to find information and knowledge. This can teach them for not to depend another people help. This can make their think that there can be successful if their work hard and not depend with another people.

The role model for me is my forensic attendant. He has been my role model because he always teaches new staff about forensic procedure. He always teaches new staff although he not graduated at high school level. The knowledge he know make people respect at him. Some doctors also ask his opinion in forensic procedure if there don't know how to do the procedure. I get many of knowledge from his experience. Role model is important in learning process. The reason is their can teach us and tell us about the knowledge that we don't know. The information that been given is very helpful actually for new staff.

For the conclusion of this discussion, I have applied the thing that need for make my practice arena as a learning environment. This is important for make a successful learning environment. With this it will make my target and objective can be archive successfully.