The Personal Development And Study Method Benefited Students Education Essay

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Personal development and study method (PDSM) module is very effective for grooming our personal skills in every aspects of life especially as a student it has lots of benefits such as time management, thinking skills, SMART principles through which we can set our personal goals, dynamic, interpersonal relationship, motivation, listening skills, and group work skills thus PDSM module is helpful to us in many ways to increase our personal skills and if we adopt these techniques then one day we will be a successful human being.

"If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development"

Personal development is the self development means to increase our own position and improve our status in life. The aim of the personal development module is to growing our specific qualities and skills foe example meeting skills, leadership skills, personal skills, negotiation skills and communication skills which can be helpful to improving performance in a particular job in any organization.

Time Management:

In the PDSM module time management also benefited me as student in various ways first of all time management teaches us to how we can set our priorities. Many people didn't known what they are do in their 168 hours weekly but now by setting priorities you have enough time available to complete to your study successful and other stuffs in your daily life. In prioritizing activities we can manage our time by drawing list of have to do, ought to do and like to do which is in order and create more time to study. This will allow you to indentify that how you are using your time in 168 hours of weekly.

(According to Elaine & Lesley, 2000) Secondly The Pareto principle is a technique use to improving time management it is the 80:20 rule which is the 80 % of your generative output will be gained from 20 % of your activities that you do. For example in the university assessment, reports, assignments you should put your efforts and energy to trying save your time in the university or college study activities which bring up 20 % of your time but provide 80 % of your output. By applying these kinds of time management techniques you can focus on effort on these kinds of high payoff activities.

Thinking Skills:

Thinking skills is the important part of Personal Development and study method module without it we cannot achieve and progress much more basically it is the most prominent mental activeness in the human being. The development of science and technology in the modern society are the outcome of thinking from scientists. Critical thinking is the analytical solution of the problem, the benefits of thinking skills are countless growing our critical thinking skills can change student's life.

(According to the Cengage Learning) Thinking skills is necessary for academic as well as for job success also which can get from students higher thinking skills abilities but most important, students will elaborate their views from which they can view the world. So from thinking skills we can achieve much more in our learning as a student and in life. Another essential aspect of thinking skills is Mind Map which is the continues of thinking skills, Mind Mapping is a direction of key concept which can be a line, images or in a free form which we were are thinking. Mind map can be used in different range of positions which is gathering from brain storming and it is most useful in a student career.

Group Work:

Student learns more when they are study or work in a group, when student work in a collaborative groups then they will brainstorm and get the solution of the task. For example when making a group assignment of any module then group members will discusses about the objectives, outcomes of the relevant concepts and gather information regarding the module group assignment so from that PDSM also teaches us how to work in groups to increase our one of the personal skills.

Participating in a group activities for students get more sound education environment, students gain much more from the interaction of each other and get benefits from group activities that test their knowledge. Group work allows students a chance to clarify their understanding of concepts through interaction of group members. Apart from this many students didn't distinguish the value of personal development regarding the group work, these activities gives responsibility which is grooming our personal skills. Students who want to become successful in their study they should find good classmates and makes a study group because it motivates us to go higher in our development skills.

Listening Skills:

(According to Learning through Listening) Listening is one of the vital skills which need to be develop for every student it is the part of our personal development, student spend most of their time in educational institution they listen attentively to the lecture and get knowledge from them, however students with good listening skills are mostly successful in their educational career. People who are better listener can understand other point of view for example in negotiation listening is important because you can better understand other party arguments when you are active listener. Therefore besides PDSM module helps us to increase our listening skills which are very important when we are listening lecture from lecturer.


"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak."


In conclusion, after applying personal development and study method techniques and skills it provides great benefited to me as a student which is already mentioned above. Basically I have faith, believe and courage to overcome from hard situations and in my difficult times is due to the self confidence, motive and inspiring that I get from PDSM in my whole life. So this module help us that we can improve our personal skills by using time management techniques, brainstorming to bounce from difficult situation, by studying and working in a group as it will be increase our interpersonal skills, then one day my future will be wider and brighter making me a happier person.