The Personal And Professional Development Education Essay

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This report is based on the development in personality by using different style of tools like SOAR and MAP this tools helps to identify the actual personality which hided in myself. Self-awareness about our own abilities and skills shows that which items we can do by our own, Opportunity shows the proper guidance to get the chance of getting in. Proper guidance means getting knowledge from the field experts or from the tutors are more helpful rather than taking from the friends or family relatives when we are talking about opportunities in jobs and making good career. We need to know from where we can get the guidance. Aspiration is setting up a goal for this all the work is going to be done. Without creating a target how can a person starts working. To make good future we must need to decide one good and proper target or goal for that so it will motivate us to get the best opportunity to fulfil that goal. This will also improve the skills and qualities when we started working for the reasonable goal. If we decide goal, we got good opportunity and we get the proper skills what actually needed for that achievement then the results are always come in positive. It's all depends on the proper guidance, skills and personality of the person how we project our self in front of the employer. In short this whole report was based on what I want to achieve in my career or life, How I can go there and I discussed the ways for that, even I also talked about that what are negative points in me that will be stopping me to achieve my goals


Using the tools related to the business communication subject this assignment reflect our personality, positive things, negative things, different qualities and skills, knowledge about the sectors. These things help us to develop better individual personality. Under the business communication unit we are here to learn all this things by using different types of quality check tools like, SOAR and MAP , Johari window etc. Business communication is helping for applying time management technique and skill in personal and also in team. It also improves the communication skills in groups or in one to one speaking, giving the best guidance regarding the CV making, Job searching by the help of the Job savvigurd software. This individual assignment is mainly based on my journey over the last year by using these analytical tools of business communication unit. And with this I will discuss about my strength and weaknesses in this assignment. This can be helpful for me to making a good career management and networking with different people.


Talking about our own self is the most difficult thing for everyone. Especially when we are looking it for future planning or career management at that time we may become biased about our self and always talking about our positive things and we hide our negative things, skills or qualities which will not giving us a perfect or good report about our self. For Identifying our in-built quality and abilities regarding the things and skills we need to analysis our self by using some different tools. In this assignment I am going to use SOAR and MAP tools to identify and analysis of my qualities and skills.

SOAR includes






The first tool of SOAR analysis is Self-Awareness. Self-Awareness is the most important thing to evaluate our own personality, to be Aware about my own self is always helping me to develop myself. Analysis of my experience of last one year made me to learn what is good for me.

From my past experiences in United Kingdom as I was here since January 2012 it is almost a year of experience of new places, new community new culture and new environment gave me so much experiences and new things about my nature and behaviour towards the situation and towards the people. Before coming in this new environment my personality was like demanding and dominating. I was depended on different people in different type of work like for doing my academic work I was always depending on my tutors and tuition classes, and work in my home I was depended on my family members. But last whole year changed my personality from dependent to independent, dominating to being peaceful and cool nature, demanding to be aware about the value of the things these are the reflection of my own personality and on the bases of that what I learned from those things which can be measured by the Self-awareness process. These things will help me in my future jobs and career management that how to convert myself according to situation and how to give response to the situation like how to make sense between the situations and how to connect the new ideas according to the requirement, which are the changes I can faced in them. By using learning cycle accepted by Kolb now I can make my learning more easily towards the situations and things. I can put myself under the "Diverger model" which is very much suitable for my nature and character. Things like helping other people, understanding the values of people, thinking situations from the different angles, discussing problem with the friends and other people these things are making me more confident about the things and Ideas. Learning more from this module I can now understand that to build up myself more I need to improve some more qualities in which I am already lacking. These qualities are like reaching or coming on the conclusion as possible as I can, leading myself in discussion and debates which will help me to improve my leadership excellence and because of this quality in future I can be a good manager or leader. I need to set up my goals and my aims in my life so that according to that I can make myself target oriented and work oriented. Setting up goals in life is the most important thing which also says me that what I needs to do in my life to get the better career options and opportunities. For becoming a good leader I need to improve one more thing along with the leadership skills and that thing is taking risks. I need to take more risk to make myself more successful in the future. Taking risk giving the knowledge about the working in pressure, and how to face the different kind of challenges.


Opportunities are things which make the ways of making things better from what they are actually or at present. We always need to ready for taking every opportunities what we can get in life. Being effective in life we need to develop our self to set up mind as opportunist.

Taking opportunities helping me to making my future more organized and well planned as per the goals which I sated up for myself. This tool of analysis gives me the chance to focus on potential ways and help me to expand the external world by creating new ideas and skills. Getting in to the right way of the opportunities which help me to open all the ways of researching new jobs, new organization and converting my strengths, interest and priorities according to that. Picking the right thing is the main arguments in the terms of opportunities because if I am not going to take right thing on a right time that makes me loosing that thing from doing and I will lost my opportunity on that time. For being good opportunity taker I need to take proper guidance without proper guidance we cannot get the benefit of opportunities. Early in my life I was taking guidance from my family members and academic tutors or from the friends and the relatives but that all guidance is just for the informal life. For making my career more effective I need to take guidance from the professional or from those persons who are already in that place or who has a knowledge about the particular sector. Because having knowledge about the desired field gives me more chances and creating more opportunities to get the best or good thing in my career. I want to settle my life by doing good job in managerial level so I want to improve myself according to that aspect and for this my academic subject of business communication is helping me to find out the proper style and methods for creating new opportunities for myself on the bases of that. As I am a girl and a girl has to make her life to get settle by doing marriage and or have the option do the job allowing by the family father or husband. But the main problem in opportunity thing is the guidance, without proper guidance we cannot develop our self for better performance and opportunities. Lack of guidance creates the confusion about the process, about the knowledge and will leads to failure and improper works. After joining the university and being aware the life and the culture of UK now I can cope up with the things in a better manner and the opportunities for creating identical career are increased now. Learning in the university is giving me the opportunity of learning different skills like computer operating skills and knowledge of other software. Improving knowledge by getting opportunity to deal with the different kind of the students and ex-students, sharing problems finding solutions these things are possible under the proper guidelines of the university. University is providing jobsavvi guard tool which is giving opportunity to learn what are things lacking in me and in which skill I am strong or in which skill I have more expertise in compare to others, which will helping me at the time of the interview to make me a step ahead from the rest of the candidates so my opportunities of getting selected will become more power full.


We get the right opportunities when we are know about what our goals are and what our targets are which we want to achieve at the end. For setting of the target we need to look up about the skills and qualities about our self. I also follow the same thing by using this tool of measuring. I need to follow forming, clarifying and testing to make my goals and target more effective and more career oriented so on the bases of that I can get the better work or job. I need to learn that how to form the target or how the set the goal for the future, which things are more important which things are not that important these all things. I also need to learn that how to create opportunities as per my skills and abilities so that the actual sated goal can be fulfilled by me when I actually wanted to do that. Setting up the target and the goal as per the time or in a time bound and need to learn that how to complete them in that specific time period. This is also one of the important things which I need to learn. Foe achieving my target I need to understand the proper requirement for that whether I need to go for further studies or where I need to go for training what will be more helpful for me for achieving my goals. Going for the training also stated me that how much it is useful for me. Am I taking a right training for the right target? The answer of this question will make my dream more effective and more successful towards my career. But for making a right goal I need to focus on my career more and more also I need to collect more information about the process that how am I going to achieve it? With all this I also need to open for some positive as well as negative things. Need to be ready to find out the solutions of the negative aspects. If I am not able to find the solution I need to go for the available alternatives. I.e. I want to make my career in managerial level activities in International managements and the global companies. This is my goal for first few years of my career and to achieve my this goal I selected to go overseas for further studies which will gives me the knowledge regarding the overseas companies, lows and business process in the overseas countries so that can be more helpful to make a career in international companies and this is my course of action for working to fulfil my sated ambition of the life.


Results is the last tool of SOAR analysis in this I can measured myself that what I actually learned and what other things are I am going to learn at the end to this program. At the end of the course I will be in the job market looking for the good job for better aspects of the life. I have to apply all the things what I have actually learned from here. For getting better aspects from the Companies and organizations I have to demonstrate my personal efficiency in a very high level of skills at the end of my final year so that can be helpful to me for going further. Even I need to make myself as per the requirement of the companies or employers so they can hire me according to the post or place. If I need to be flash on employer's eyes then I have to promote my strengths on paper also through my CV. I need to do more practice about interview techniques which can be help full for me at the time of interview.

Analysis by MAP tools is also very helpful.

MAP includes:





Motivation is the most important thing in MAP analysis. Educational Motivation is the best thing here. My last year taught me so many things and because of that I got motivated to accept changes in life. Self awareness about the skills and qualities of my own motivated me to learn everything. Supporting environment also helps to motivate me when I was nervous. In my early days in UK it was very difficult to adjust with the new peoples and new culture. In some cases it was like culture shock but getting good support from new friends and the faculties of university as an international student I got motivated to adopt the changes and converting myself according to environment.


Ability is the thing which shows me that what my capacity of working towards the things is. What are my acceptance regarding the different style and things. Ability to working with different students, teams and faculties help me to improve my skills. By attending and studying the course in International University I came to know that what my actual abilities of learning are.


By knowing of the abilities of inside myself I come to know that what are the things related to me what skills actually I have and my opportunities are always available on the bases of that so I am always looking for improvement in myself. There is another tool called as johari's window to look what is your personality all about. Its depends on the things which are the best qualities or skills u know about yourself and which qualities which you think that u does not carrying but other people knows that you have that things and also there are some qualities which you know that we have but the other people never found in you. So that over all things decides that how your actual personality is.

Known to Self

Not Known to Self


Blind Spot

Known to Others
















Not known to Others





Able, Accepting, Adaptable, bold, brave, calm, clever, dependable, dignified, energetic, giving, idealistic, ingenious, intelligent, introverted kind, logical, mature, nervous, observant, patient powerful, proud, quiet, reflective, relaxed, religious, responsive, searching, self-assertive, self-conscious, sentimental, shy, spontaneous, sympathetic, warm, wise, witty

On the bases of this Johari window I can measure my qualities that the things which I know and other people also knows in me are happy and trustworthy but there are lots of qualities are in me which are not aware by me but other people believe that those are in me. i.e. I am caring, cheerful, complex, confident, extroverted, friendly, helpful, independent, loving, silly and tense these mixtures of good and bad qualities will help me to improve myself.


Concluding of whole report in small part that is to identify my personality I used some tools of measurement which gives me the criteria on bases of which I can easily identify that what actually I am hoping to achieve what are my targets in life, targets in jobs and targets for making a good career. Using which skills or by doing what things I can achieve my goals. What will be more helpful for being good in skills, study or training or practical experiences of voluntary works? Which things gives me more knowledge about my abilities of doing things, Which things motivates me and helping this things How can I creates my opportunities or how can I pick my opportunities so that I can come in sight of employer easily. I also learned that I need to make my CV more effective as it's a projecting myself on paper. By using SOAR and MAP tools which I learned in this unit I just come to know that Its more important that what others know about your qualities and skills not that what you know about your skills. We just need to show the confidence of doing work and motivation for learning new things in life as well as in job for making good career in future.