The overall observed teaching situation

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The teacher in the video is sitting on a chair and facing her students. The students are seated on the floor facing their teacher. The teacher introduces the students with tags of different shapes and colors. The colors of the tags are yellow, blue, red, and green. Each color consists of four tags and each color tag represents each student's responsibility in their assign groups. This visual aid helps the teacher to interact with her students on making sure they are on track when they are working on their activity.

Describe the observed teacher's delivery of rules and procedures for productive student participation in class activities.

The teacher creates productive student participation by asking her students to go over the different roles assigned for their group activity. For example, the teacher asks her students to identify "what a leader is?" The teacher allows the students to identify a role first instead of her identifying it for them. After the students identify what a leader is, the teacher continues to elaborate on the topic by asking the students "Does that mean you're the boss? No. Your job is to keep everyone on task." The teacher deliveries her rules and producers by allowing her students to think and analyzing the roles they were going to be assign in their group.

Describe the purpose of the observed instruction as it relates to establishing rules for productive participation.

The purpose of the observed instruction is to allow students to observe and analyze for themselves. When a question is asked by their teacher, students are motivated to answer the questions and at the same time reflect on what's being asked of them as the teacher establishes the rules for the class activity. The students begin to use their prior knowledge in order to respond to their teacher's questions. This demonstrates to the teacher that the students are actively listening and understanding the rules for their activity.

Analyze the observed level of student engagement with instruction.

The students in the video seem to be highly engaged with the lesson. The students are listening attentively as the teacher asks questions and explains the procedures for their group activity. For example, when the teacher asked "Can anyone tell what you think a supply person does?" This allows the student to stay engaged by answering questions and analyzing the additional information given to them. Throughout the lecture the students were engaged by observing their teacher and answering questions.

Explain how you might establish ground rules for productive student participation.

In order to establish ground rules for productive student's participation, students must first become active listeners. When students are active listeners they begin to develop an interest in the lesson. This motivates students to participate by asking and answering questions. This also encourages student to use prior knowledge and obtain new knowledge based on the questions. This encourages students to follow ground rules as they participate in the discussion.

Connect the level of observed student participation to the effectiveness of the teacher's direct instruction regarding classroom rules and procedures.

With the help of visual aids the teacher was able to effectively direct instructions regarding the class rules and procedures to her students. The colorful tags and identifying each role helped the students stay connected with their teacher as she explained the instructions. This method helped students to participate in a high level during the instructions.


Explain a possible connection between lesson plan preparation and the observed instruction.

The well prepared lesson plan consisted of clear and easy instructions for students to follow. The lesson plan and the observed instruction came together as the students were able to observe, analyze, and retain information throughout the lesson. The connection was also seen between the teacher and students as they communicated with one another through the visual aids and questions. The teacher successful applied her knowledge in a way that students were able to actively listen, participate, and learn.

Provide evidence of the observed teacher's professionalism in the delivery (e.g., presentation, appropriate language, tone, interpersonal skills).

The teacher's clear, friendly and loud tone of voice demonstrated her professionalism and kindness towards her students. Another professional approach was using visual aids to keep the students engaged as she went over instructions. The teacher's professionalism was also seen through the method she used to extract answers from the students. When a student answered the question incorrectly she guided them to the correct answer making the student feel successful.

Connect the observed teacher's professional behaviors to their impact on the learning environment.

The teacher's professional behavior created a comfortable and healthy learning environment for students. The students were able to listen and participate actively throughout the teacher's instructions. The students made it clear by their answers and body language they understood their teacher clear instructions. Establishing her role as the leader and demonstrating professional behavior towards her students, the teacher was able to connect with her students to create a healthy learning environment.

Explain the thinking process you went through to make this explanation.

I based my thinking process on three things, the teacher's ton of voice, visual aids, and the teacher's professionalism. The teacher's tone of voice was firm, kind, and clear for her students to be able understand her instructions and what was expected of them to do. Another aspect was the way she incorporated visual aids. The students in the video were very engaged with the colorful signs in which it motivated them to participate throughout the discussion. Lastly, the teacher professionalism behavior created a healthy and comfortable learning environment for students. The students were able to learn effectively and teacher was able to successful explained the class activity.