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Nowadays, fashion has become one of the most popular phenomena all over the world. Fashion has a whole new meaning that has evolved through the past decades: as we can notice that fashion these days is totally different from fashion in the past. There are many fields to be considered to talk about in fashion, such as the following: the definition of "fashion", fields of fashion, people's attitude towards it, fashion's effects, and the relation between fashion and traditions.

Most people from eastern to western countries know fashion, but they define this word in different ways, according to their opinions and uses. Some of them see fashion as nice colorful clothes they wear, so they enclose fashion in these colorful clothes. Others think that fashion is to have stylish haircuts and tints; furthermore, they try to know the newest haircuts and colors to use them. On the other hand, some girls or even women see fashion as the makeup they wear; furthermore, they follow the new products and colors. But, in these days with all changes around us we can see that fashion has become a mixture of all that. Colorful Clothes, stylish haircuts and tints, accessories and makeup which present you in a beautiful elegant way is called "Fashion".

When we think about fashion, we will find that it's a very wide subject that contains different elements. The first element is clothes. Clothes are very important, because it's the first thing that makes people notice you and also judge your style. You can find clothes with variety colors and designs that can meet all people's requirements and interests. Also these clothes are made from different materials like silk, cotton, nylon, etc... As a result, the coast of clothes varies depending on the material used; therefore, the more money you spend on your clothes, the better material you will get.

The second element is shoes and accessories, which are complementary things for your look. Some people care a lot about the small details in their appearance like shoes and accessories, so they try to buy the best and the most expensive kinds. In their opinion these simple things will reflect their personality and show how much they are Precise. If we want to talk about shoes, we will see that the quality of the material like the leather is very substantial. Because best materials, will give you best products. Therefore, people tend to buy the most expensive shoes to attract everyone. On the other hand, people find some materials more comfortable than others, so they'll buy whatever suits them. In addition, others buy their shoes depending on what's on fashion, or what people are wearing these days. Accessories include jewelries in its different types and wristwatches. Jewelries have kinds like bracelets, rings, earrings, and nickels. However, the value of these jewels rises depending on the substances used in manufacturing them. For example, the jewels were made of gold, and then it's more expensive than those made of silver. Besides, jewels have different beautiful colors and designs that are attractive. Women decide what to buy or wear from jewels depending on the design they like and the occasion they are going to. There is a difference between jewels worn in ordinary days and those worn in occasions, all jewelry add beauty and Elegance to the women's look. Wristwatch also is considered as accessories." In the meantime, the wristwatch is no longer only a tool to tell the time. It is a designer piece and can indicate much more than the time."(

Haircuts and tints are the third element of fashion. Nowadays, people from different ages pay attention to their hair quality, so they try to find the best ways to fix their hair and do new styles with it. First of all, people buy products that keep their hair shiny and healthy. Then they try to find the haircut which is new and looks best on them. Hair tints have become popular in our days. "Hair Dye, or Hair Color, is a chemical tool that is used to change the color of a person's hair. Hair dye is used mostly to change gray hair, since gray hair is a sign of an advanced age. Younger people that used hair dye use it as a fashion statement or simply because they want to change their hair color."( )

People have different attitudes towards fashions. Some of them agree with fashions, because they think that we have to convey changes and always look for what's new. On the other hand, people who are against fashion see that it is unnecessary in their lives and no need for it. They think that paying attention about fashion and its newest fields will waste their time and money. Moreover, they consider fashion as a threat on traditions.

Fashion, like any other phenomenon, has negative and positive effects on our life styles. People, who are against fashion, have explained that fashion affects traditions, because with all these new models and designs from all over the world, we will forget and maybe obscure our traditions. Also traditional costumes will be rare; they will be seen only in festivals and special occasions. Moreover, people won't be able to distinguish between all these nationalities, because everyone is wearing fashionable clothes forgetting their traditional ones. Because fashion changes constantly, people try to follow everything new and tend to know every single detail about it. In this way they are wasting their time running after the newest models and brands. For instance, a mother that spends most of her time on Fashion channels or shopping for the newest clothes and accessories, she won't have enough time to look after her kids, husband and house. Furthermore, brands and high quality clothes cost a lot of money, so people who are addicted to such things will spend their money on minor things instead of major ones. For example, he/ she may buy a new fashionable trouser and ignore things that they need at their homes such as fixing their cupboard.

On the other hand, fashion has positive aspects. Fashion is a way to present your personality and style to others; this will be seen from your appearance and from the way you choose your clothes and the colors you choose or even from the way you fix your hair. They will know what type of persons you are, if you are cheerful, serious or moderate person. Also, in fashion designs, everyone can find what fits for his body shape and skin color, and what is proper for his age.

"Does fashion relate to traditions in each country? And how?"It's a very important question that comes to our minds. First of all, traditional things are consist of tools, clothes, music, customs and other things from grandparents. In addition, these things must be concerned with because they include our history and identity. After fashion entered our world, a lot of things changed .For instance, the traditional costume in the U.A.E is a long black dress, which is called "Abaya" and a black scarf which is known as "Shela" with no colors and decorations. But now it's rare to see an Emirati woman wearing this original traditional costume. Because, variety designs and colors are added to this traditional costume, so there is a combination between fashion and traditions. On the other hand, in most European countries fashion has defeated traditions. People leave their traditional clothes and follow the new models forgetting the sense of their traditional costume. For example," Some people think men in England wear suits and bowler hats, but it isveryunusual these days to see anyone wearing a bowler hat. "They changed their way of clothing from suites and bowler hats to casual clothes and caps! (Barrow Mandy, (2010),What is England's national costume?, from

Because it's a very changeable phenomenon, fashion reflected in a completely new garment in every season. In each season, designers do all their best to give new collections. They think, imagine, create and design to present new and unique designs different from the other seasons. Designers got their inspiration from different things around them, such as environment which plays important role in this issue by providing and giving their inspirations from its elements, colors, weather…etc. For example, mostly the color trend in winter is dark colors like black and brown; it's light colors in summer like white and yellow. Also, in spring, fashion is influenced by nature such as light colors and prints on fabrics.

In conclusion, everything has to have a limit. It is not wrong to follow fashion, but without making it our first concern. We can notice that many people are following fashion weather it was trendy or not, just because it makes them look hip or cool or whatever. I think we should know what is new and try to wear the most elegant clothes and accessories, so we'll always be in our best appearance. However, this doesn't mean we should spend money on fashion without thinking, or even mean that we should forget our traditions and get influenced buy those new styles. All we have to do is think before taking any step in our life.


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