The key to your degree and stability

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I have never been happy in my career, because I have aways wanted a higher income in a stable position. A higher education has always been a requirement to open those doors. You see,

I lost my ability to finish a degree (in the distant past) due to a financial problem-the credits didn't sum up to a degree, and they only helped my career a little. Suddenly, I became unemployed due to a layoff. I saw the layoff as a way to find employment in a stable industry. Unfortunately, the economy crashed and slammed shut any opportunities for me to get a job at all. In my mind, it was like being trapped in a small room with no way out. When I began to identify my problems to determine appropriate solutions, I thought, "I need a (proverbial) key. A key to a quality degree, from an institution with solutions that solve my problems." Essentially, I determined that Western Governors University (WGU) is the best key to a degree and stability, because it is convenient, effective, and affordable ("Wgu," 2009). First, the key needs to allow apt control of potential dilemmas. Predictable difficulties consist of: time, transportation and economic problems. I don't know the hours I will have to work, until I become employed. If I choose a local college I will have to attend classes on a set schedule, which I may not be able to do. Inevitably, my car will breakdown and it could cause a devastating interruption to my educational goals. On my present income I can't afford a rental car while my car is being repaired, much less have someone else fix it. Working on my own car costs less, but takes longer before the repair is completed, and is time consuming. The convenience of WGU allows learning and studying at anytime via the Internet, and some testing is scheduled ahead of time at a choice of centers ("Wgu," 2009). Thus, WGU conveniently empowers anyone with the ability to work on a degree while earning a full time income. More importantly, I chose a college with degrees that are easily effective; there is no


sense in using the wrong key. Some of the ways I established an opinion of the quality of training was to evaluate the school's website and check its accreditation. A school represents itself through a website: I considered it as being a reflection of the school's competence. I noticed the websites varied greatly. Some restricted me to only requesting information; others showed their accreditation and degrees offered, but not details and tuition. Being accredited ensures that my degree would be accepted by employers, and I needed degree details to choose a major. I would rather not waste my time waiting on the mail, and would not have liked being subjected to a high pressure sales tactic over the phone. I decided that if their website did not meet my needs, then their school probably would not either. The best website I noticed was the WGU website. It was user-friendly, and I was impressed that all the information I needed was immediately available. Currently, WGU is accredited through the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities ("Wgu accreditation |," 2009). Logically, accreditation and functionality make WGU effective; their readily available information will help you when considering the cost of your education. Most importantly, the key, in effect, has to make education affordable. The cost of an education is very expensive for most people; therefore, I need to make sure I can afford to pay for it. Typically, colleges charge by credit hours attended, also how long it takes to finish the degree depends on their scheduling ("Affordable accredited online," 2009). WGU only charges per term for tuition, and other negligible costs are also involved ("Affordable accredited online," 2009). They allow students to take as many credit hours as they can handle to finish their degree as soon as possible ("Affordable accredited online," 2009). WGU is a nonprofit university, which prevents the need for a profit to keep the cost of an education low ("Wgu," 2009). People


with Bachelor's degrees make more money than just having a traditional high school diploma (" | online," 2009). Cost and earning potential make WGU the most efficient option that I can possibly imagine, and should prevent economic disasters from ending any educational goals. In conclusion, some things in life do not turn out the way that you thought they would. You need solutions that secure stability and furnishes opportunities. The same way the parts of a key work together, to provide security and access; the services of WGU provides you with stability and a degree. Getting your degree through WGU will let you manage your time better. You will be able to become lucratively employed when you finish your degree, and you will not have to worry about how you are going to pay for the training. I chose the correct key, one that works easily and is less likely to get lost. Could you choose a better key, for a degree that secures stability, than WGU? Don't you want the key too? I chose WGU to be my key, because it: locks in convenience, allows an effective solution, and makes education affordable ("Wgu," 2009).