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In this assignment, my focus is the important aspects of my skills and competences that reflect through the educational year, and how skills tracker and personal develop plan help me during the academic year, in addition the feedback that I have received from my tutors and students as well as knowledge about my current performance.

There are many definitions of reflection originating from psychological and physical sciences. According to research by Bound, Walker and Keogh (1985), Reflection not just turning experience in to practice it is significant individual brains activity in which human evoke their experience, consider it over and assess it. This is functioning with knowledge, which is vital to learning.

In 1970s, one of the learning style theory introduced by Alan Munford and Peter Honey. They believe that all people brains work in different ways.  The thing to do is to find the way that works for them. They divided the learning cycle in four;

Activists are set and keen to do shorter everyday jobs in the present. They take pleasure in, reading, exercises, lectures and performance in which they do not have to be direct leaders.

Reflectors do not like to contribute while they are education. They would rather to sit and watch first, let the information absorb, plan their own pathway, and then apply the fresh method they have learned.

Theorists have a preference models, theories, and anything that presents a thought in a ready style. Sometime the model does not still have to be practical as long as they create indicate.

 Pragmatists they do not want to misuse time with theoretical situations when they could be learning how to apply something directly to their own job tasks. Search for practical examples that relate straight to the task

Mainly people lean strongly in the direction of one style of education or more while keeping the skill to taught from others.

From Personal and Professional Development Tutoring, In week three semester one offer us the learning style test which contained psychometric test and It was very useful for self-understanding and for future career choices and it allowed me to identify my learning style and adapt me to meet the demand of my courses. The results of my test help me to decide the learning environment and the teaching style that suits me and keeps me stimulated. In addition to comprehend how I communicate, how this might come across and how I study best and it shows my strength points and weakness as well as evaluate which situations involve me to settle in my style.

Personal development plan (PDP) is an opportunity to create records to support my personal development together make up what has known as an 'improvement File' with the aim of all universities have to provide for their students. The benefits of (PDP) can be rising my self-assurance in who I am, what I am judge, what I want to achieve. In addition to classifying, what it takes me to study more effectively, I would like to accomplish academically and how I am going to get there. In social life, building my awareness of not just others it also awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, and a confirmable ability to learn from experience and to plan for future actions, which are extremely important by employers looking for top talent graduates. Personal development plan recording my success and setting me action plans can therefore help to prepare me for job interviews with other professional situations.

Provide a well-timed and suitable feedback for me on my academic progress and achievement, thus allowing skills development and me to reflect on my progress and plan my academic effectively. Feedback, and acting on feedback, is therefore part of the active learning process throughout the course of study.

From module Organisation Behaviour I had an essay, which was my first one to submit via turn tin, unfortunately my l level of similarity was very high, because the theories I have used did not change in my own words. For that reason, I got have lost marks.

Feedback from this assignment thought me how to improve my reading and writing skills. By focusing my result and feedback, I need gain the ability to analyze that reading and writing, as a pleasure is completely different from academic reading and writing, because university critical reading is a talent, and is therefore one I can build up and improve. Nevertheless, educational reading involves me to pay more concentration to element and to remain more intention.

Communication is not just simply use to give information. However, it also be used to manage activity, to build relationship, to persuade, and to represent the significance and scenery of events.

There are two ways of communication, verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication refers to either spoken like news broadcast and written similar to newspaper, journals and books. Non-verbal communication uses for other purposes like Facial expressions and body language. Sometimes we use all types of communication, for example whilst presenting a presentation.

Research, on the opinion of (Reinsch, 1996) "Communication used in performing business and business school students make known that the ability to communicate efficiently in business is as status one of the top most skills necessary for job success".

From my own experience on Professional Competence module, which was my first mock presentation, and I felt very nervous, because it was my first time to stand in front of new classmate, after two minutes presenting my topic, afterwards I received feedback from my tutor and students. My strength points were, the content presented in a clear, logical and appealing way, my appearance was impressive and the message was clear as well as expression and body language, which I used, describe the situation. However, I was panicky along with my voice, which was a bit low.

I realize that presentation in classroom is an important component in bringing positive learning skills. I agreed that critical objective of presentation was improving my communication skills and train me to talk to a group of students. When I listen to my classmate presentation, I often benefit from consideration thoughts which being explained from different points and in ways that might be closer to my way of thinking. When I listen effectively, I make questions to further everyone's learning and thinking.

From my understanding debate is other way tutor can offer their students with the chance to practice their communication skills.

According to research by (Leonard, 1999), He recommend that debate allows students and tutors to learn from one another because It is encourage different types of responses, helps students to expand or build up persuasive arguments.

In addition give confidence students to what they judge and it lets teachers actually get a good idea of what kind of theoretical information students have about certain theme.

My practice class debate and further research around the topic develop the structure of my argument and capability to deal with questions and a formal respond to the questions. I thing in order to succeed debate and encourage others group ought to realize the essential components of judgment, psychology, and powerful communication.

Weekly Activity, which is the ten percent of core module mark, for me it is one of my favourite parts of the unit, I never miss this activity because I have improved in many from this activity. Each activity has its own exercise; before I start to do the activity, first, I do the exercise; from every exercise, I have learned and acknowledge about new skills for instant excel programme, critical learning style, communication skills and many others. As a result of doing regularly this activity, always get the high mark.

Effective note taking is always a significant practice for students at university; therefore, students have a variety of new skill and need to improve reliable mechanisms for recoding and saving when needed. Research suggests that learning process in itself, helping students to process and understand the information they receive.

This is revision in its most common form. I must remember that just making notes is not enough to get me through the exam. Nevertheless, it does help in view of the fact that I will often find it easier to learn and understand something that is writing in my own particular style, than something has written in a more complex way in some book. To help me remember certain concepts or keywords I also use different coloured highlighters in my notes, as I can implicitly remember a concept or keyword by associating it with a particular colour.

Effective note taking from lectures and seminars enables me to emphasise the importance concepts, which I am hearing and reading in addition to help me with the structure of my assignment a further benefits of note taking can avoid me from accidental plagiarism.


By acknowledge along with improving my reading and writing skills goes with developing my communication skills. I have learnt the more I read and write, the more I will expand my vocabulary and capable to articulate thoughts correctly and more successfully to others. By increasing my ability to communicate, also helps make me a better student or worker.

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