The identification of future leadership Options

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With the development of the world, we can't train tomorrow's leaders by yesterday's leadership training methods any more. The period ahead needs a new set of training approaches. We have always been discussing the future leadership options. As a leader, he must own the higher efficiency, stronger Initiative, independent thinking ability, team work spirit and excellent communication capacity (Conger, 1993). There are a lot of kinds of future leadership options, due to different fields and majors where have dissimilar criteria (Bayless, 2010). This paper just discussed several general future leadership options which are suitable for the current education institutions. First, several future leadership options were identified with the concrete examples explaining their deep meaning, and then we talked about the critical ideas for some usual phenomenon related to the future leadership options. What's more, I furthered the discussion with my own opinions and experiences.

1. The identification of future leadership Options

There are no special schools for the development of future leadership in England. Even though the best middle schools and universities never regard themselves as the garden of outstanding leaders, a large amount of their graduates become the head of various professions every year. These schools offer the wild range of education, no matter what career their student would be engaged in, they have the ability to reach the top. It can be clearly seen that what excellent leaders need is just the essence of cultivating students for us. So, what are the future leadership options for our middle schools and universities?

Firstly, according to Anderson (2008), the education for the high intelligence quotient (that is IQ) is one of the most important options. It is a developing process for students' IQ from the elementary school to middle school. No matter as individuals or the civilian of a nation, the better education can make the students more outstanding and realize higher life dreams. At the same time, the nation should also cultivate the talents with the international competitive strength who can be involved into the severe competition.

Secondly, schools should not put all attention on the academic education, but to try more approaches on other aspects. In the sports play, students have to cooperate with each other to beat up the opponents. They also could switch from winners to losers or oppositely in a few seconds. All of these possibilities would happen in the real life probably. In the rehearsals of opera or concert, they may compete with the time running or face the various sudden situations, which is also the rehearsal for the future pressure from jobs. These un-academic experiences consist of the very necessary aspects of future leadership options (Mgmt, 1996).

Thirdly, the initial responsibility awareness is also a very precise option. There are several necessary tasks for the youth to undertake. For example, if we ask the students among 24 colleges to organize 5-6 sports teams and they need to find the excellent athletes, they have to fit the athletes to the suitable positions and do an overall planning in the sports fields. Also the senior students should develop some group activities by their interest. They need to send the invitation letters to the outside and invite them to the activities or give a presentation. In this process, the students should undertake the whole set of work, although the results are not always successful. No matter what, they develop the responsibility and initiative spirit in such precise experiences.

Last but not the least, the individual values and life spirit play the leading role in the future leadership options. It is well known that the life spirit is very important for each student, so does the community. The confidence comes from the before success but not the self-boast; the honest in academics and personality are the basis of decent life; it is crucial to learn how to compete with others, how to cooperate with others, and how to deal with the divergence by discussion or debate instead of the violent approaches (Anderson, 2008).

Of course, all of these options must build on the outstanding education. The excellent teachers not only master teaching, but also have the ability to further other courses for the schools. The more important thing is that they should be the real model of the school values, and fully devote themselves to the teaching activities.,

2. Critical ideas about future leadership options

Based on the above future leadership options, many education institutions come out several special programs for the development of youths' leadership. The more these programs, the more the critical comment on the future leadership discussions.

An educational center in Shanghai decides to make a summer camp about "Future Leadership Meeting". The members of the camp will go to the high-ranking hotel, take part in the large party, practice golf in the famous golf club and so on. Students would have the chance to turn to CEO, high grade administrator and the company chairman. The officers in that institution hold that in the competitive society, all of parents hope that their children could have the future leadership quality.

If we define the "Future Leadership Meeting" as a place for the high-ranking hotel, large parties, or famous golf clubs, it is ridiculous according to some critics. Are all "leaders" do nothing except playing golf? There are definitely not so many comfortable "leaders". They take more time on their positions, even to the very old age. However, playing golf is only a kind of enjoying their fortune, instead of the leadership quality.

What is the leadership quality? According to Jay Conger (1993), the leadership quality is a set of the action qualities, which make others feel a kind of charm, including the ability of exploiting the potential opportunity, perceiving the need of consumers, summarizing the points and presenting them to the public, setting the confidence in followers, etc. How can these important capacities be acquired through enjoying the large evening parties and playing golf?

Not teaching the children cultivation and hard working spirit, but to make them learn how to play and enjoy the life, such an inappropriate education would not bring any benefit to the future leadership development. It is lucky not to cultivate them into the lazy boys and girls who only know how to enjoy the comfortable life. What's more, how can they cultivate the future leader just in 10 or 15 days? It is necessary that before educating others, the so-called "educators" should learn the education science in advance.

The reason which leads to this phenomenon also includes that some parents in developing countries like to pursue this kind of education, which cost a lot of money for the so-called future development cultivation. However, for the western countries, the relatively wealthy parents tend to give their children the difficulties education, which make them learn the basic quality of future leadership. It is because so many parents do not want their children experience any pain that there are increasing "future leadership" programs coming out to meet this demand. As you know, the real future leadership options would not be acquired through the 10 days expensive experience. Only through the necessary painful and practical experience could students get the outstanding qualities of future leadership. On the other hand, the chance of becoming the real future leader would be got by students with high developed IQ, various beneficial experiences, the initial responsibility awareness, and good individual values and life spirit, instead of students who had just taken the "future leadership" programs but know nothing at all.

From my perspective, some of my classmates grew up under the future leadership education. Many of their families were not rich enough to afford the whole process of future leadership programs. But some of them got the bad habit of wasting money on unnecessary enjoyment, which was just taught by the programs. They though that they would be "leader", so that they should enjoy that kind of life. As a result, none of them has entered famous colleges and become the real leaders.


In this paper, we discussed the identification of several kinds of future leadership options, which are high developed IQ, various beneficial experiences, the initial responsibility awareness, and good individual values and life spirit. On the contrary of finding the suitable approaches to acquire the future leadership quality, some of parents choose to make their children turn to some education institutions which have come up with the so-called "future leadership" programs. This paper also pointed the critical ideas to this bad phenomenon and analyzed its reasons. It is because so many parents do not make their children experience any pain that there are more and more "future leadership" programs coming out to meet this demand. At last, combining my own experience, I furthered my ideas on this issue. It has been convinced by my experience that few children who have got though the "future leadership" programs became the real leaders in their future. Instead, those who have experienced a lot to acquire the real future leadership quality tend to be outstanding in their fields.