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Desire has been explained by psychologists as the first step for success in any profession. Once a Greek philosophers student tried to acquire him wisdom fast. He took student to a river, held the student's head and moved it down into the water, student almost choked to death. When the philosopher let him go, then he explained to the perplex student that the desire for wisdom must be as strong as the desire for air. As well said "Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand"(NEIL ARMSTRONG). An enigma which happens in this world has a lot of hidden realities that sometimes creates a lot of wonderful results. By observing a lot of wonders man tries to search facts around the world and start urge in his heart for better resources in life.

Psychologists have maintained that "whatever the mind of man conceives and believes it can achieve ".People has their own desires. People belonging to different fields possess desires corresponding to their professions. But a creative desire plays a crucial role in progress of life. Ambitious desires ensure success in every case. Those who strongly pick their desires can achieve success in every condition. Desire plays a key role in building good career in life. If we look upon examples of our forefathers, then we realize that only strong believe on their desires help them to get an independent country in which they live their lives according to teachings of it is very necessary for students to adopt best desires which make their life comfortable. Only those desires are important for students which lead them to their aim without using an unfair means to succeed in life. Students only choose those desires which made their country prosperous because students are building block of a country.


Teacher monitors efficiently to their students. The guidance of teachers is as much important as guidance of parents for their sons. Only a good teacher makes life of student successful by using easy and good methodology so that students can easily understand and respond to them very well. By teaching a good moral values so that students can easily built their character. Teacher helps students by increasing interest of students in academic as well as in extracurricular activities. Teachers can also arrange classes of ethics and humanity in every week so that students feel ease in building their character. Teacher can also arrange classes for seeking communication skills for students so that student's also know about importance of their academic and social life. Teacher should develop interest in student to participate in every event e.g. debates, sports etc. Teacher easily judge mind of students so it is very important that teacher should develop only those interest in which student is more using good vocabulary teacher can develop a sound sense of speaking and understanding language in students.

3) Many constructive efforts are done by students to become successful. They work regularly with a passion to pass their exams. They work for even whole nights. They also tried their level best to enhance extracurricular activities in life. But mind setup matters a lot in their success. They tried hard to keep their mind up to methodology of teachers. They know that their life is like a race. If they slow down in a race other students leave them alone. And if they perform better resultantly they get a fruitful award of their efforts. The positive use of abilities depends on the mind level of students. Serious students take a positive use of their abilities. They use their abilities very well because they know that abilities play a key role in student's life. Once they committed to do any task, they maintain their preservance because they know that hard work along with preservance and commitment will lead them to success. They enhance their level of confidence because they know that only confidence propagates way to success.

After inferring student's success mission from KU I want to refer my ideas in my topic. The value in KU comprises the foundation from which student success fulfill its mission at KU. But my logical views are that quality education which is free from impurities of caste and creed should be given to the students. The experience in student life is very necessary son that they can easily understand what is going inside and outside classroom. Their success shares responsibilities in teaching, research and public service. Student success surely helps them in finding their rights and freedom. Staff member serve as an advocate ensuring that success of student is precious for building nation. It is very important for staff to interact with members and groups, enhance policies and services for success of students.

4) Every man faces a lot of challenges before is confirmed by a vast research that challenges open true path for success.e.g. If we remind our past so we realize that scientists modified everything which is helpful in human life. If we look upon our history in the past so we know that our forefather bears a lot of troubles and suffering to get their freedom. They sacrifice their own life along with lives of their dear and near ones. After a hard challenges we achieve our it is a need of hour that students keep in mind exemplary of their forefathers to convert their dreams of life into realities. Hence they can easily realize major role of challenges in life. Every student has his own aim in life so teacher motivates them to challenge difficult circumstances in life for achieving their aims. Teachers motivate them in accepting their challenge so that students remain strengthens on their aims, faith and passions. Mostly teachers inspire sluggish students in accepting big challenges because they don't have any other option to get their a result of motivation they tried slowly and in the end they excel others in race of life.

5) Hardships come in life of every person. These increases age to age. Mostly people face difficulties when they don't have an ultimate source for their livelihood. But in case of students hardships are in their studies. Students value these hardships because they want to strengthen their aims. Mostly their families don't afford expenses of studies. Such circumstances come in which their parents leave them alone to fulfill their whole they have to undergo a transfusion of blood for sake of their studies. They also start part time jobs. But these possibilities sometimes don't help them so they waste their crucial time and at last ruin their whole life their struggle for success become fruitful and their difficulties are changed into possibilities if teacher's inspire them. College and universities help them a lot by granting full fee concession and scholarships so that they are able to continue their studies.

6) Most students during their new session face a lot of difficulties in understanding lectures of teachers. They show nervousness in giving response in class because they think that if they give wrong answer teacher insult them and in a fear of this threat and rattleness they are losing their it is responsibility of teacher to realize them that their efforts are not vainless.if they value their effort they can easily achieve they give them a lesson to be confident in their ideas, their ideas help them a lot in success.

7) Mostly students leave their studies with a fake idea that they are not lucky. Facing one defeat they give up their struggle and degrade their aim and advices of teachers and parents are very helpful at this stage. These advices gave a lesson that luck doesn't matters a lot in success. They can change their future by hard work not mostly by best students start value their honest effort to become successful. Most of the time they failed in subject but in this respect they will get a lesson and in learning lesson they got success

5) Everybody get a lesson from his real life. In the life of successful student we observe most of the challenging lesson in mostly students in the universities don't take so much attention to their studies and in the end; it results in the loss of their career. But there are many students with them who start taking interest because after failing in one subject in semester they show seriousness. The fact is that lessons are more important in the life of studies than continuous mistakes. Those students who repent on their mistakes and don't repeat them should wish to become successful in life. Because these lessons which they teach from their life play a significant role in changing life of students. These lesson able them and give them a chance to change their dreams into realities. These lessons follow them right path of success. Most of the dullard students take serious advantage and become ambitious to change their life.

6) Moral values matters a lot in life of successful students. Through learning tricks students are able to handle their social and economic problems. Ethics provide abilities to students how to speak with others in kind words, how to respect their elders and how to serve them. Good character matters a lot in the life of successful students.students are mostly keen to help their neighbors at their struggling moments. They also reduce problems and difficulties of poor and needy people of society. But this is not common in most of students nowadays, because if a person meets any serious accident, nobody takes risk to take him to the hospital, but firstly his luggage gets captured. Students consider moral values as a basic element of their goodness. Because these moral values give them a lot of mirth and happiness. These values are also most significant in the life of students because they are going to meet most of the challenges and realities in their future. Moral values for students are not confined to some specific area

But they give immense content to those who apply them in their life, also for those who exercised helping a blind man to cross the road. Moral values also expend for those who provide food for really a needy and hungry, someone consoling a depressed person or sharing one's grief are most crucial service for moral values. Societies in colleges and universities help a lot in understanding most of the problems of social life. These societies help students to create self-confidence, maturity and thinking about ways to succeed in life. I analyze from my most audience that those students who are not interested in participating societies are left behind as compared to those who actively participate in societies.

After analyzing views of my audience I want to discuss explain their views in my own world so that the readers can easily understand my topic. About 84% of my audience gives me response up to my expect. The rest of my audience couldn't understand properly my topic because it is very physiological.

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