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The Executive Development Project according to me is the stepping stone of success to my executive career. The Proposal of the EDP project is the short version of the main EDP which will include the different tests and evidences that would state my Professional Development on a continuous basis. The EDP not only focuses on my career management but also on self management. It will help me to be aware of myself which would help me not only to attain my goals but also will help me to know me myself. This will not only help me develop professionally but also personally. The theories which motivated me are

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Covey

Paradigm Shift by Jarvis

MAP and SOAR by Kumar

Engaging in CPD by Megginson & Whitaker


There are various methods by which we were told to self assess ourselves by our tutors which followed certain theories which will help me in CPD

Stephen Covey- Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People (2004):-

Be Proactive:-

This states that one should be self determined and should have the power to control the environment around rather than other way around. Therefore one should be Pro Active. Studying MBA in the University of Bedfordshire has made me pro active especially after the MBA Practice Week. This has increased my interest in getting my MBA Degree with good grades.

Begin with end in mind:-

(Covey, 2004) states this as Personal Leadership habit which suggests that one should start everything in his life having a particular goal. By doing so I will be able to proceed carefully in my future by taking proper steps and make me capable enough to pass through the obstacles. This fits in me also because at this point of time I have started my MBA with a goal in mind i.e. becoming a manager in the corporate world.

Put first things first:-

(Covey, 2004), in the third habit states that one should be organised enough to be successful. He states this as Personal Management. This would help me to get things done on time and not to be kept till the end.

Think Win-Win:-

This habit of Interpersonal leadership will also play an important role in my future because it depends on co-operative work which in short is team work which I feel is very important because of my career goal. I have already witnessed a bit of it in the MBA Practice Week.

Seek first to understand and then to be understood:-

I feel this as the most important habit that Covey has mention because this mode of communication is most efficient in the corporate world. This would make me a good listener as before being an advisor. This will make me understand the problem and make the best possible solution.


This is stated as Creative Co-operation in Covey, 2004. It is very important to have co-operation in the place of work. I feel that if as an individual could synergize I could produce better results especially in team projects.

Sharpen the Saw:-

This habit stated in (Covey, 2004) is the Self Renewal habit. It is going to be very useful for me because I will be developing myself on a regular basis by doing so. The self here refers to my spiritual, physical, metal, social/emotional parts in me.

Jarvis (2002)-Paradigm Shift:-


It is important that I focus in my career as well as in my work place. This will help me achieve my goals at the expected time as well as will increase my ability to tackle the objectives in order to get to my ultimatum.


(Jarvis, 2002) says that a problem should be looked from different angles. This is the most essential quality I require in my daily life as well as at my future work place. If I look at the issues in several angles, I would get various solutions and it would help me tackle it in a more subtle way.


In simple words I have to accept the change the way they come. I will have to accept and adapt accordingly in order to make the best possible outcome. This is would make me ready for my future to get adapted to my work place to get the best out of me.

Healthy self esteem and self knowledge:-

It is very important that I follow the knowledge I possess in order to avoid doubts about my ability in front of others. So it is very important that I put my knowledge into practice effectively to avoid the risk of uncertainty that could lead to my downfall.

Kumar (2008)-MAP, SOAR:-



Kumar says that it is very important to make a self assessment of one self. In my case of self assessment I need to know how motivated I am to achieve my goals by learning through every phase of life. Here motivation refers to my interest and my progress towards my point of interest. This will help me at times of unexpected problems to be brave enough to get to my goals.


To get to my goals I need to know how able I am. This will help me to make myself know the most current and potential abilities that can make me achieve my goals. This will also make me develop the existing abilities in me which will gear my success which would enrich my career in the corporate world.


This will make me identify my taste, style, preferences when I communicate with others. This is also very important because it is essential that I assess myself with regards to personality on a regular basis because it is an important factor that will determine my character.

Therefore the using MAP as a self assessment tool will not only determine my abilities but also will have an impact on each and every aspect of my developmental process with regards to both life and future


Self Awareness




With the help of SOAR I will be able have an awareness of my own self. By doing so I will know my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This will enable me to improve on my weak points and threats in order to grab the upcoming opportunities. Therefore SOAR analysis will make me self aware by helping me achieve my aspirations.

Engaging in CPD - Megginson & Whitaker (2007):-

The only way I can develop myself professionally is by following the CPD cycle given in (Megginson & Whitaker, 2007, pg 27)

Self Assess




Once I follow this cycle I will be able to know about how I proceed to a particular goal. Then review my performance again and check my faults and rectifying it in the future. I will be able to assess myself only at a lower level as compared to my others assessing me. Here I have to takes in account the points mentioned by Megginson & Whitaker 2007) but the last two at a later stage of my life.

Work itself

Reflection by self

Feedback from others

Individual Psychometric tests

Organisational Metrics

Professional Metrics

Using this I will be able to provide evidence as well to my progress with the CPD. This will help me to monitor myself on a regular basis by which I will achieve success both professionally and personally.

Project Time Line

Week Sem 1



Week 1

Making me familiar with the subjects in the MBA as well the intensiveness the course has.

The first step to fulfil my dream started.

Week 2

Becoming familiar to practical method of teaching.

Got the idea of giving presentation and improving my ability to grasp the main points.

Week 3

Making a seminar paper which was mainly about the upcoming lecture session.

Doing things in advance. Making me to do a good research about the topic which was to be taught afterwards.

Week 4

First test in the MBA program

Had to use the previous knowledge of accounting which came handy

Week 5

Commencement of MBA Practice Week,

First individual presentation of life.

Improving team skill. Belbin's theory helping me to identify my role in a team. Confidence building while giving a presentation. Knowing what the topic is exactly

Week 6

Dragon's Den, Cultural workshop

What all has to be done in order to start a business. How Culture shapes an individual

Week 7

"Houses Of Parliament" London

Got the chance to interact with the MAYOR of Atlanta, US &

Week 8

Submitting the first main assignment in the MBA

How exactly to frame theory into practice and the high amount of research that is to be undertaken.

Week 9

First Group Assignment and Presentation

How to work effectively in a team which is basically a group of friends.

Week 10

Submitting the Proposal for the EDP

Is the stepping stone for the main Project.


Evidence type


How will I use it


Whether I am in the driving seat or not

To improve my performance in and to evaluate the changes in me.


Which type of character am I

Know more about myself which will also help to improve my performance

My Heroes

The person whom we aspire to become one like.

I will follow their path in order to achieve success. I will also try to inculcate the qualities within them


Resource Investigator, Coordinator, Specialist

To have more impact on these areas as well as to improve the other areas.

Ishikawa's Fishbone

To identify the world class me

By improving my core values in order to become better and better

My Development Plan

My Future Development Plans

How am I going to achieve my goals in the future

Critical Incidents

How they have affected me

What I did? How has my life changed after that?

Metaphorical House

How I manage my mind, body, spirit, emotion

This would make my growth on a personal basis


What I and people think about me

Develop on my weaknesses and Reduce my threats


The EDP Proposal has therefore helped to a great extent with respect the main Project. This Proposal through various tests and CPD has made me analyze my skills and identify my weaknesses. The proposal also focuses on four main theories that will help me develop professionally. The proposal has also made me analyze the areas that I am lacking, identify my strength areas. The evidences that are provided by me also points out the fact that where exactly I am. Therefore I would conclude that the EDP is the major instrument through which I can analyze myself and develop myself both personally and professionally which would help me achieve my goals.


It is necessary that every individual analyzes himself in order to know where he is placed. It is important because he will come to know about the important aspects of his personality. This will help him to proceed with his development phase which is never ending and development not only in his professional life but in his overall personality. But when doing the exercises such as the SAQ's, MBTI and other psychometrics it should be seen that the information provided is true or else there won't be any major use of doing the exercises. Also the journals should be maintained on a regular basis.