The Effectiveness Of Teaching Style Education Essay

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The group characteristics included the number and the types of students in the class room. The group characteristics of students can be observed while teaching situation. The number of students in a group can be provided the interaction and achievement of task and this group can also contribute with other during the teaching situation. Most powerful influences can also be occurred in a group with number of student and their skill and knowledge will be improved by the involvement of students in the class room. Number of students in a group tends to make the better outcome in the case of learning the subjects and their doubts will also be cleared by the group. The number of students can balance between tasks and relationship, understand the different role of members play, identify the ways to increase teaching functional role, encourage the learning participation and process observation in order to making the teaching situation better (Nina W. Brown, 2000).

Students- teacher interactions

The interaction between the teacher and students will be positively observed. The interaction between the teacher and student was necessary in the class room in order to making the teaching and learning process better. The positive and the negative effects of teaching and learning process were based upon the interaction between the teacher and students in a class room. The teachers were providing the responses to students in order to motivate them and to clearing their doubts in particular subjects. The teachers were the responsible for the success of students. When teachers hold high generalized expectations for students' achievement, then students tend to achieve more and they can experience a greater sense of self-esteem.

The interaction between teacher and student can be improved by communication tool. Teachers also contributed in order to achieving the career plan of students in making the better communication with students. Teachers had the opportunities throughout the school day for helping change the nature and quality of their relationship with the most difficult students. This will make the difficult students to perform better in class room. Hence the teacher-student interaction was effective in order to make the classroom enhancement.

Instructional purpose

The instructional purpose offered teachers professional development and on-site learning leading to increase the student's learning in the class room. The unique learning requirement was the instructional purpose that was designed to increase the achievement of students in literacy, math and other subjects. This unique learning need promoted the students in satisfying their career plans by means of interacting with the students. The student will identify the modifiers of the subjects and objects in a sentence and they will be integrated by means of interacting with their teachers (John Hattie, 2013).

The goal of this unique learning was to increase and enhance the teaching skills in order to make the class room activities positively. This unique learning can observe the interaction between the students and teachers and students delivered their interaction with the teachers by means of minimal facial expressions, gestures and verbal utterances. This instructional purpose made this opportunity among teacher and students in the class room in order to improve the overall interactions.

Effectiveness of teaching style

The effectiveness of observed teaching styles can be assessed by conducting some evaluation methods. Schedule and conduct an observation were the assessments for effective teaching style and this assessment was made by administrators in order evaluate the effectiveness of teacher in the class room. The second assessment was the comparison of student's grade. This assessment compared the students' grade according to their subjects. Then the highest grade of subjects was used to select the effectiveness of teacher style. The third assessment was the surveying students and this assessment allowed the students to rate the educator and depending upon the student's rating, the effectiveness of teaching style can be assessed. The fourth assessment was to instructing the teachers for creating portfolios to showcase their skill and knowledge and this will assess the effectiveness of teaching style and also this assessment was to create a new file of teacher's effective lesson plans for the evaluation.

Alternative approach

Community language learning was an alternative approach and the teacher could have used this approach in order to set high expectations for student academic performance. This approach can be used by teachers for developing the aspects of student's performance. In this approach, the teacher acted as a counsellor in order to modify the roles of student's academic performance. This alternative approach included the linguistic knowledge and behavioural skills in order to enhance the academic performance of students. The community language learning was a better approach in order to set the expectation of teacher for the academic performance of students.

The teacher can set the expectation on student's academic performance by means of communicative expressions and reformulations of teacher. The academic performance of students can be achieved the expectation of teacher by means of this community language learning. Teachers will also get benefit by this community language learning by means of enhancing the academic performance of performance. This approach was also to motivate and shape the academic performance of students in the class room and hence this approach was the best one to set the expectations of teacher on the academic performance of students.