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In our country great number of females are getting education to take part in progress of country. But mostly females are uneducated. There are many reasons for this problem. In some areas parents don't let their daughters to get education and they ask them to do daily tasks of home. This problem is so worst because many generation could be ruin because of this problem. Some females cannot get education because they don't have enough resources to get knowledge or some females don't have facilities to get education.

There is so much difference between the educational standard of rural areas and educational standard of urban areas. In urban areas educational institutes are very common. Teachers are well educated and sensible. Facilities are provided to students and educational standard is also high. That is why mostly urban children are well educated. While in rural areas education is not common. Number of schools is almost negligible there.

'Public schools are the nurseries of all vice and immorality.'

(Henry Fielding (1707-1754) English novelist, dramatist.)

Henry Fielding said very well. I am totally agree with him. While teachers are also not so much educated and sensible in rural areas. Another big problem for students of rural areas is that their parents don't let them to get education. These are main problems that number of educated people in rural areas is less as compare to the urban areas. Government should take steps as soon as possible to provide all facilities in rural areas so that people can get education easily. Government should also organize such teams that convince people to get education in rural areas.

In now a days government is not working properly. Those places where educational institutes are not common we can make people of those areas educated by convincing them to read our Holly book Quran pak and act upon it. By this way every people of Pakistan will become civilized and educated. In those areas where educational institutes are available we should show the importance of education to people and we should tell them the benefits of education so that they also get education and play their role in the progress of country.

It is bad luck of our country that Islamic education is not common. Specially in higher education Islamic studies should be compulsory. By this way our young generation will become sensible, pious and well civilized. This will also help a lot in progress of country because our young generation will only focus upon positive things instead of parties and other kind of rubbish. While another benefit would be that the upcoming generation will also focus upon positive aspects.

In Pakistan mostly institutes are focusing on international language but they are not paying heed towards our national language Urdu. It has very bad effect on our society and especially on our culture. We should realize people of Pakistan that our national language is also necessary as well as international language. Otherwise we will lose our culture and we will also lose our identity. This is very alarming condition for us. To save our national language we should introduce such societies which show importance of Urdu to people. This step will help a lot through this way our identity and our culture will not destroy.

Cramming is the worst factor which is affecting our educational system. Today in mostly institutes students like to pass examination by cramming to get more marks. Because in now a days mostly people are getting education to earn money so that is why the focus upon getting high marks with any way instead of getting skills. We should convince them that they should focus upon getting skills. While mostly teachers are also responsible for cramming. They force student to gain number in any way to increase the value and reputation of their institutes. According to the teacher of AFS school in Talagang cramming is very important thing. He said that a normal boy can get good marks in exam by cramming and good students can get highest marks in exam. But according to me this concept is totally wrong because skills are main thing and concepts should must be clear. If anyone has clear concepts then he will do things by his own and he would be able to discover new things but in case of cramming he would be able to do nothing. So teacher should also avoid themselves to force student for cramming.

An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't.

Anatole France (1844 - 1924)

In Pakistan coeducation is common in educational institutes. Some people are thinks that coeducation is good while some takes it as a negative thing. According to me coeducation will help us a lot because by coeducation females will also get equal chances to get education and less institutes will be required to make whole country educated. By this way women will also get chances to help in the progress of our country and our country will make progress faster than now. But females should keep one thing in mind that they should act upon all the teachings of Islam. Coeducation is the way through which females in our country can also get education equally. While because of coeducation confidence of boys and girls also increase which help them in many aspects of life. Mostly in coeducation institutes competition increases in study. Boys try their best to prove themselves best and girls also do so. In this way both get good education, knowledge and learn many things.

Eventually it is good to know that our educational system is growing. Many problems are remaining but one day we will overcome all problems. Mostly our problems can be solve if we aware other people about the importance and benefit of education. While if those people whom have not any facility to get education should learn and act upon Quran by this way they can improve their life. Coeducation should also be common. At the end females should must get education to make their lives well-disciplined and comfortable.



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