The Desire Of Intercommunicating Education Essay

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I have always loved to actively participate in different Extra Curricular Activities organized in the university and sharing what I learned has always been a part of my educational career. I believe a better student is not just having good grades. It's about being gregarious, sharing things and knowing the importance of education at the same time. I wanted to share what I learned. Peer tutoring is definitely the best way to help me share what I gained. I joined peer tutoring last semester having the desire of intercommunicating with the students. I knew this would be a valuable chance for me to expose myself and also let my friends and juniors know about what I have learned. The experience of peer tutoring would not only be helpful in the future but also helpful improvising me. So far it has improvised me and my skills of tutoring.

My professors continuously advised me to go for peer tutoring knowing my capability of interacting with people. I used to doubt in myself fearing being an international students but I believed that I could do which made me join the peer tutoring group which was going to be one of the better experiences of my life. I still remember the very first day when I sat on the tutor table with a book in my hand. I certainly had a book in front of me but my mind played with so many things that I could not concentrate for a while. I made me little nervous too.Slowly, I build confidence on myself when I started tutoring my fellow friends. Day by day, the confidence level has increased and now I feel a way more comfortable than when I started with. The experience during peer tutoring has overlapped my fear and nervousness.

I thought of having students of same learning style but soon I realized that different students have different learning styles and they learn in their own way. For me it was not just a short half an hour conversation between me and the tutee. I wanted tutees to learn something. I did not want them to solve with their problem, I wanted them to know what the query actually meant. I wanted them to be able to solve other problems without any help. It did not prove out to be an easy task for me. I still remember that day when one of my tutee came for mathematics tutoring. It was very difficult for me cope into his learning style. It took me few days to cope into his learning style. But, at last we worked out together to pull the chords together and the result was excellent. I considered that was my greatest achievement this semester. Additionally, I had to help with different kinds of tutees who came up with different queries. I helped them with my best efforts. I have also realized that I have some weakness and I am working to improve it every time.

Tutor trainings are necessary to make a tutor better and efficient enough to deal with the tutees. The tutor training workshop proved out to be a good platform for me. Here I got a chance to go through different tutors who shared their qualities and their difficulties. Each tutor exchanged his ideas about the peer tutoring and also talked about the different kinds of tutees. I shared what I encountered while going through the conversations with tutees. This helped me learn so many new techniques which corroborated my confidence of being a better tutor.

During the training, the role plays model for tutoring was the efficient way of teaching to know about the strength and weakness of a tutor. Nevertheless, it was really a good chance see how other tutor would enact the role plays. Through the role plays I have learned a lot on how to deal with the tutees and I always appreciated the comments and feedback provided at the end. The feedback would actually boost up the tutor not to make such mistakes in the real tutoring session. Similarly, the discussions on how to motivate the unmotivated students, how to deal with non-traditional students, how to adapt with students of different learning styles etc also helped me a lot to improve my tutoring skills.

The observations were also an important part of the tutor training. When we observe a tutor tutoring a tutee then it feels different than learning from role plays. Here, we can see the real situation and the ways tutor applies to cope with the students. Role plays are predetermined and mostly common issues are included. It does not include a real situation which gives a tutor to review himself comparing to the other tutor during observation. I think observation is also a way to train the tutee efficiently. I liked the idea of observation and I learned a lot from senior tutors Sunil and Misty.

The tutor training was a complete package and covered so many things I couldn't even imagine of. The discussions were very informative and covered almost everything. I think varieties of material and styles were used to provide tutor training a complete boost. Actually, I would recommend inviting professors from different departments and courses to tell what they would expect tutors to do while tutoring the particular subject. The interaction would certainly make a difference. Similarly, the tutor training would have been better if they receive the training be at least one semester before anybody starts to tutor, if it is technically possible. Otherwise, I learned a lot from this training class and I hope it will be helpful for my entire life.

Being a tutor I got many chances to go through different student's mind. It helped me understand their difficulties and their way of learning. I brought up so many changes to acclimate as per the students which turned successful in many cases but few tutees looked disappointed too. So many of the tutees haven't even understood what tutor exactly means. We are here to help them in every way we can. Their troubles are certainly ours but we cannot teach them like professors do. Including the vast discussion topics have challenged so many tutors. I have always accepted the challenge of being a tutor and I look forward for more challenges in days to come. I have given my best to be a good tutor and I have the definite feeling that I have improved over this semester.