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Decision making is a very important component of any business to be success. Decisions that are made based on a foundation of facts and sound way of thinking can lead the colleges into long-term success. On the other hand, decisions which are been made on the basis of inadequate logic, emotionalism, or imperfect information can immediately put the colleges out of the task without a doubt and bad choices can cripple even big, capital-rich corporations over time.

The perception of decision making has a long own history. People may have a lot of choices which make them to be very confused to make an important decision on what to choose. Choosing among the choices had been always a part of life. But constant research focus to any decision making in colleges has expanded only in recent years. Modern day advances in the field including the progress in such elements of decision making. The evolution can be seen in the problem context itself, the processes of problem finding, problem solving, legitimating, and procedural and technical aids.

According to Janet & Jonet (1994), the main theory for a perfect decision making are from efficiency, effectiveness and equity. Flexibility is an additional principle to environment decision making. In the circumstance of environmental decision making, a good process that can be deduced is efficiency rather than economic efficiency and effectiveness as fine outcomes. If a reasonable certainty can be predicted in the outcomes, then high quality process should direct to high quality outcomes. The perception of a first-class decision depends on a grouping of high quality process and high quality outcomes. Different weights may be given to different feature according to the circumstances. In environmental circumstances, presuming effect from cause in not always achievable indicates to a long lead time between action and outcome. A decision maker has to rely on the decision. An advance decision making thus requires looking for method of improving the value of the conclusion of the decision maker.

There are also limitations in decision making such as limits of human ability, limits on information and knowledge of humans and limits in time period. In limits of human ability is we depend on the humans capability to look for information, the process flow and understanding towards all the information needed to optimize the decision making conclusion. This may make it impractical to meet the best expect in a very restricted or any easy situations that happens. In our daily routine, we do have limits in our ability to put together as well as solving any difficult problems. Sometimes we need to accept any acceptable solutions when we deal with obstacles. The reason of doing this assignment is to identify internal problems and prohibitive factors that presents using problems solving tools and strategy to solve the problem of RoMystar College (RMC).

2.0 Problem Solving Tools

Problem solving is a process from our mind that engages discovering, analyzing and solving the problems. Our decisive goal of problem solving is to triumph over the obstacles and come across with a solution that best determines the issue. The problem solving tools and technique that is being used here is to solve the problem, think of a good decision and do extensive plans. The tools which we are using will help us to understand the problem and make our mind to think of the problem solutions. The RoMystar College(RMC) is facing problems and decreased performance. In order to increase the performance, we need to identify the problems and solve it. I had chosen brainstorming as my tools as it will help me to get a good solution to solve the problem that the college is facing currently.

2.1 Brainstorming

Brainstorming is defined as a process to generate imaginative ideas and solutions through concentrated and unrestrictive group conversations. This means each and every member of the group is optimistic to think distinctly and put forward as many ideas as achievable, no matter apparently how strange or weird. Brainstorming meeting is ended and the assessment starts to analysis the ideas, discuss about it the ideas given by the group members in a peace environment. Brainstorming had also motivates the member of the group because it had been involved by many members in a team which increase the volume of possible ideas and it requires the group to work in a team. To get a useful and effective technique, we should follow a few guidelines as stated below:

There should be a leader in the group as the leader can control the brainstorming meeting. The leader need to classify the problems occurred in the RMC College and maintain the track of the brainstorming meeting.

The group should include individuals from any departments of the RMC College as a wide range of expertise as it is required.

The group should record for successive assessment. It can be done by taking notes or video as it will detain the creativity of the environment and it help to point out any of the creative individuals.

2.2 Problem Solving Strategy

There will be many obstacles that we have to go through in order to achieve a goal. To overcome the obstacles, we can use problem solving strategies to attain the goal. By using the problem solving strategies, the skills of overcoming obstacles can be sharpened up and incorporated so that whenever we have any problem, we can immediately use those refined problem solving strategies to gain success in attaining goals. A problem solving strategy can propose the first steps that eventually help us to see the next steps to solve the whole problem. When a person always tries a different strategy, a different first step and never give up in solving a problem, he/she can be said a good problem solver. This person will always think for different ideas especially for the first step of problem solving and will gradually think for second step and so on.

2.3 Subgoaling

The ability of subgoaling is that we can break down a job into detailed form. By doing that, we should able to explain a process of the subgoaling to another individual or to a desktop or where else we can also just write down the notes for our reference. A problem which we usually do a subgoaling directs us to blueprint appreciation and sweeping statement and thus an algorithm being designed with its ability. Subgoaling process as shown below:

Subgoaling Process

From using this brainstorming strategy, I will break all the result we got in the group meeting into some small groups where the main problem is on popularity and facilities. We need to reinforce the college image as a college of academic excellence, a comprehensive college with the familiarity of other college and a college where the student is the centre of the universe. In order to get all those reinforcement, we need to focus on the target population which contains three potential groups. The three groups which are fresh school leavers who will choose the college which has the particular major program or academic field that they wanted to enrolled in. It will be chosen based on the college image, reputation, program cost, the location of the college, college life and etc. Second group which is the community college transfers and graduates who have focused reason for selecting a college for their careers, programs offered and convenience. Third group where the individuals who is a graduate students have a clear career purpose and seen a college for the strength of specific graduate programs and their reputation in the field.

The survey that had been done by the group members of RMC College are also shows that the top

Five recruiting strategies for attracting college freshmen in rank order as shown below:

According to a 2013 survey on non-traditional undergraduate students by the RMC College, there are older students enrolled on college campuses across the country than ever before. 35% of all postsecondary students were 25 years or older in 2010, compared with 24% in 2007.

The following recommendation by the members of the group:

Below diagram shown is How to implement the strategies in RMC College. They can solve the problem by using such strategies Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Figure 2

3.0 Diagram on how to arrive to the suitable strategies and tools for making the final decision

Problem - Education

Sub-problem: decrease performance

Sub-problem: government did not approve certain courses such as LAN subjects.

Sub-problem: Less publicity

Sub-problem: students decreased

Increase college staff and also consultants in order to increase publicity of college.

Due to expensive courses

Get the approval for subjects such as LAN subject and get the recognition for the college.

Need to reduce course fee for a reasonable price compared with other colleges.

Increase studies loans for students and also professional to study for full time and part time.

Advertise college information in newspapers, facebook, magazines, any websites and any public resources.

Hierarchy and subgoaling of a problem into sub-problems

The chart above clearly shows the problem, sub problem and the ways to solve them. Firstly, the students decreased are due to expensive courses offered in the college compared with any other colleges. In order to regain the number of students enrolling in the RMC College, the college administrators need to reduce the course fee for a reasonable price by comparing with other colleges.

The second problem is concerning the LAN subjects where the government refuses to approve those subjects due to some course expectations which are not reached. To solve this problem, all the courses in the college need to be recognized by the government especially by approving the LAN subjects offered in RMC College. Besides that, the third problem is due to less publicity of the college. Whatever programs or courses that are offered in the college should be advertised either in newspapers, facebook, magazines, any website and any resources that can reach the public easily. By doing it, the college would be well known and people may start to enroll themselves or their children in this college.

In addition to that, lecturers and other staffs who are well experienced and highly qualified in education can also be increased in RMC College as some of their information can be spread through advertisement that can help in regaining high number of students enrolling in this college. On the other hand, study loans for the student can also be offered to those in need. Students with financial problems will be able to apply for the study loans and can complete the course that they desire. For the students who score high pointers in the exam would likely be able to convert their study loan into scholarship. Therefore, this information should be included in the advertisement of the RMC College so that more people will get to know the privileges of the RMC College and will encourage them to apply and enroll into the college.

4.0 Justification of the issue in the context of critical and creative thinking.

There are some of the critical and creative thinking. “The first step involved before assessing an argument of claim of a person is to understand clearly what he or she is saying. However, many a time this can be rather challenging because people often fail to express themselves clearly and articulately. This may be due to several reasons which can include laziness, carelessness or lack of assertive skill. There are also instances where this may due to a misguided effort to appear smart, intelligent or profound. Thus, by paying close attention to language, we can save ourselves from unnecessary miscommunications and disappointments.” Wittgenstein (2001) Creative thinking can be happened by combining our ideas and also some different group ideas by making them better not messed up into one idea. As stated by B, Mike,2013 “Often or almost always compromising on creative ideas leads to something nobody likes, recognizes, or thinks satisfies the original objective. Being able to dissect ideas leads to pull out highlights and put them together as something new, however, is entirely different, and a great skill to have.” Mike Brown(2013) There are also emotions that usually needed in order to consent to creative thinking which states to come into view. It is also important to be capable to handle with risk, misunderstanding, chaos and feeling which you would not progress quickly. By having those critical and creative thinking, we can solve the issue that is happening in RMC College with a formed team which is well experienced form their previous working life and they are high qualified.


Problems occur everywhere on most of the days in our lives. As problems occur in different states, solving it can be considered as looking for the source of the problem first which means finding for the state in which the problem occurs. So, problem solving has been fixed in each and every individual but not everyone will be able to solve correctly the problem they face. In order to ensure that the problem is solved appropriately, knowledge on problem solving strategies needs to be acquired by every individual.

As for this assignment, the problem identified is on education specifically on disapproval of LAN subjects by the government, decreasing number of students and the college is less publicized. To solve these problems in order to boost and regain the performance of the college, a few problem solving strategies have been taken up. The strategy that had been taken to solve the problem is subgoaling strategy. Subgoaling strategy is that we need to break up all those problems into sub problems and think of a way to solve it such as student decreased. Student decreased because of expensive courses compared with other colleges and also disapproval of LAN subjects which affect the RMC College.

In addition, there is also less publicity of the college which let to student decreased. In order to have more students the college, the staff of RMC College needs to increase the publicity of the college by advertising it in newspapers, facebook, or any websites which will attract the students and professional to get the information of the college. By getting the information, the students and professional would spread the news to other students which makes them to look up for the college. Therefore, the RMC College is also needs to get approval for LAN subjects as that is the main subjects which let the college as recognized college. By doing it, students and professional would consider about the college in detail and consult the consultant or the staffs of the college.

There is also ways to increase the students in the RMC College if the college makes many neither school visit nor company visits to get some intention and also it attracts the people over there. By finding all these problem and solution, RMC College would regain back the students and needs to keep the momentum with a good college reputation.