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Part A of this report will discuss and analyze about my personality and learning styles preference, through several tests and questionnaires to more understand my strength and weaknesses. Base on these tests results, it have give recommendation of some strategies for improve my weaknesses and strengthen my competitive advantage.

These tests which I have done were VARK questionnaire, Honey and Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire (LSQ), Jung's Typology questionnaire and Belbin Team-Role Self-Perception Inventory.

Who I am as a Leaner?

How can I become the best?

How can I become the best whatever in my learning preference, personalities and also in my future career? There are some several findings that I had found which related to my individual learning preference and personalities.

VARK, Learning Styles Questionnaire, Jung Typology Test and The Belbin Team Role Perception these four tests and questionnaires have showed different results in my individual learning preference and personality, it used as a guideline for me to learn more about myself no matter my strength or weaknesses and improve it. Therefore, continuous improvement in my preference and styles is useful for makes me become successful in future.

However, for these four types of result, it not totally 100% valid, just only 60% and in the following parts I will discuss and justify. Hence, in order to make validation of these four tests to prove my real preference; I invited some friends to give me some open comments (Appendix E & F).

1.3 Previous and current learning experience

In the past to now, my learning preference and style have distinctively changed. In my past life learning especially in secondary school, I was lazy, and always did the assignment very hurry due to deadline. Not only assignment, also examination too. However, when I started from pre-associate degree and associate degree program in these three years, I thought I have changed myself in learning preference as I more initiative to do anything no matter assignment or learning. Except the lecture notes, I tried to use textbook to find something that useful in assignment and examination. Also, I did the work early than before. This was very surprise for me. Until now, whatever lectures notes, textbooks, reference books, ask lecturer, class mates or internet search, I use all methods to make my assignment become the best.

1.4 Application of several tests and its accuracy

1.4.1. VARK Questionnaire

The first test I had found was VARK (Appendix A.1 & A.2) developed by Fleming. VARK Test is one of the good references for me to know more about my personality and learning strategies. According to the VARK Test, I got 9 scores in Visual, 14 scores in Aural, 11 scores in Read/Write and 7 scores in Kinesthetic. Therefore, I have a multimodal learning preference for (VARK) Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic ( That means I use different strategies for my learning and communicating depends on situation.

For Visual component of my multimodal learning preference (VARK), I very surprised of the score was relatively lower than I expected and my boy friends, Louis was agree with me (Appendix E). In all of my study such as lecture notes or presentation, I use my good creative mind to utilize all Visual strategies such as pictures, graphic, underlining, different color pens to highlight some important words, which are useful to help me studying and remind the important words and sentence, also make the presentation or report more perfect.

Besides that, the test result showed that I have the highest score in Aural this component which my boy friend, Louis (Appendix E), friend, Queenie (Appendix F) and I were agree too. I am a good listener which prefer listening and discussing from other people rather than reading words from book since listening and face-to-face meeting were more persuasion for me to understand the meaning and then I can write down some points and hints in notes to expand my knowledge; written words from book can as the reference and extra assistance for me to more understanding.

The next component of my VARK test result was Read/Write. This component was the second highest score and I have no comment on it since I think I have done both of them. But I more prefer writing rather than reading and my friend; Queenie was agreed in it (Appendix F). Since I did not like reading book usually, but I will find reference book and textbook to find information that I want related to my assignment when needed. Also writing is common use for my studying such as report and assignment. For the comment of my boy friend, Louis, he said 'She always takes a lot of notes during the lesson; she likes to write down all the things on the note sheets. However, she does not like to read the English book, she had bought few English book, none of these have finished' (Appendix E).

The last component was Kinesthetic and I got the lowest score in it. For the result, I have 50% agree and 50% disagree in it. For agree part, I will put a lot of effort on all the assignment, presentation in college to make sure all the things is perfect. I have a strong creative mind to do anything such as use different color pens to highlight important words, before exam I will drop down some important terms in paper etc. In the previous part-time job working, I also put lots of effort in it too. However, for my disagree part, in daily life, for my boy friend, Louis said I relatively lazy since I don't like to do any exercise, and clean my house (Appendix E). But if I have times, I will do it.

1.4.2. Learning Styles Questionnaire

After VARK test questionnaire, another test both related to my preferred learning style was the Learning styles questionnaire (LSQ) (Appendix B.1 & B.2) developed by Honey and Mumford. The purpose of Learning style questionnaire is

'discover general trends or tendencies running through a person's behavior and does not place undue significance on any of the items.' (Honey, P & Mumford, A, p.6)

The questionnaire contained 80 questions of learning habit and the result showed that my score for the dimensions of Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist were 8, 19, 11 and 11 respectively. Therefore, I have the strong preference on Reflectors and the least preference on Activist.

Regarding the reflector style, I believed that I'm the strong reflector preference and my boy friend, Louis, and my friend, Queenie are also agreed with it (Appendix E & F). For all of my group coursework, I stand in cautious position to try my best to make everything perfect, well organization, preparation of power point slide and presentation, and arrange group meeting etc. I like generating new ideas to the discussion, and also willing to listen the ideas from the others so that to make over the better. Sometimes I will stand in a leader position to lead my group mates to complete the work and analyze the information we get. As I tend to strong reflector preference and too cautious, therefore, I don't to like take any risk.

Base on my result from Learning Styles Questionnaire, it showed that I have the least preference on Activist and it had no surprised to me and my friend, Queenie (Appendix F). Although sometimes I act as a leader to lead my group mates to complete the group project and make everything perfect, but I prefer to stand behind for support rather than initiative especially in Q&A section when the presentation was finished. For my boy friend, Louis comment showed that ''I'm traditional, don't like take risk and just follow former (Appendix E)''. I just only provide the answers for my group mates to present. Until now, lack of confident is still my weaknesses, but it must be better than before because I have put more effort in it to enhance my confident such as speak loudly when facing many audiences especially in presentation, initiative communicate with foreigners or lecturers.

VARK and Learning Styles Questionnaire these two types of tests were used for measured my preferred learning preference. And the results of these two learning style tests which I have 70% agree in it and it can reflect my learning style preference.

Now, I introduce several methods that to measure my personality types and preferences which were Jung's Typology Inventory and Belbins Team-Role Self-Perception Inventory. For these two types of questionnaires, I have 85% agree the results of questionnaires said.

1.4.3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

I have done the HUMANMETRIC - Jung's Typology Test by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) by Briggs-Myer and Mary McCauley (1998) to determine strength of preference, personality types and occupation, educational institution ( (Appendix C.1 & C.2).

The finding of Humanmetrics Test showed that I was type ISFJ which I have 11% in Introverted, 25% in Sensing, and 62% in Feeling and 33% in Judging. That means I have a strong expression in Feeling personality and the least expressed in Introverted.

When make the decision, I always base on my feeling, experience and logical to judge which same as the test result showed that I have the strong preference in feeling and judging. I have strong emotion especially in heartbreaking people or news, I will influenced by them and feel sad, unhappy. This agreed from my boy friend's comment (Appendix E) and Queenie (Appendix F). From the comment of Queenie showed that 'she usually shows her happiness in front of people, I barely (or I could even I had never) see her sadness on her face. Thus, it is very happy to play with her, accompany with her, she always bring the happiness to others'. (Appendix F)

For my communication, I become a shyness girl especially to speak in front of large amount of people since my communication skill is not fluently. I prefer stand back to support everything no matter on my learning style preference or personality. I hope the mistake will not occur in the presentation process, I need to be perfect! But now, I thought I have improve my weaknesses in it at least I have more confident to speak loudly and steady because I have good practice in these four years college life. But for my boy friend's comment and Queenie were different from me. My boyfriend said 'I'm talkative and active person' (Appendix E) and Queenie said 'I think extroverted is better, if people who can be with Christy, she is willing to share to feelings to them. And she makes lot of friends too' (Appendix F).

1.4.4. Belbin

The last test I have done was the Belbin Team Role Self Perception Inventory that used for explore my contribution and weaknesses, my preferred roles related in my future career and development. The Self-Perception Team Role Profile showed the nine Belbin team-roles and reported which types are your strongly preference.

According to my Self-Perception result, the most preferred roles was Co-ordinator and the least preferred roles was Completer Finisher which I try to make a contribution and try to avoid performing it (Appendix D.1 & D.2).

I like to do the communication work and same with my boy friend and Queenie describes me (Appendix E & F). In all my group projects in these 4 years college life, I act as coordinator job which I arrange group meeting and guide the group mates into discussion to generate ideas and design the power point etc. The score of this co-ordinator was the most preferred roles which were surprised for me since the contribution requires mature and confident, it was different from my personality. But I will try my best to make it better.

However, the least preferred role was Completer Finisher was disappointed to me and I totally disagreed on it. In all assignment and group project, I want to be perfect. Therefore, I put lots of effort and give pressure to my group mates to do it hurry and more effective and efficiency. But sometimes my close friends especially my boy friend said that I am too worry on the project and remind me to relax more (Appendix E). Hence, the result was different from my real personality.

2 Implications for Career Choice

2.1 Life long learning

'Lifelong learning as the combination of processes throughout a lifetime whereby the whole person - body (genetic, physical, and biological) and mind (knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, emotions, beliefs and senses) - experience social situations, the perceived content of which is then transformed cognitively, emotively or practically (or through any combination) and integrated into the individual person's biography resulting in a continually changing (or more experienced) person.'(Peter Jarvis, p.1)

Nowadays, life long learning are become more important because we need to adapt rapid trend and environmental change especially technology in 21st century. Besides that, the change in global society, working experience and education also make people need to have life long learning to improve ourselves.

Therefore, continuous upgrade or learn new skills and abilities are necessary to strengthen our knowledge. When we have the newest and update knowledge, it can face and handle new, different challenge or problem. Also it can gain the competitive advantage in the market. Keep the newest skills and abilities can keep stable in your work condition no matter your age are young or old. If we haven't follow the new tend, environment or skills, we may be eliminating in the market since we have not enough abilities, education to compete with others. Also, people are aware that employers try the best to find out the best applicants who have the new skills and knowledge.

Besides that, initiative to learn is a good preference for you to develop your future plan whatever working or studying. Try to find some aspects or field that you are interesting to learn more for future career use is more valuable and useful. As I know the life long learning is become important and necessary, so I need continue to prepare and upgrade myself for my future use no matter in working or studying. Therefore, I have design a plan what I need to do in the future no matter short-term and long-term.

For the short-term, the primary goal is complete my bachelor degree in Business Management in Northumbria University. Since the contents and assessments of degree program are very difficult, so I must put more preparation, attention and work hard in it. Hope that my writing and communication skills can improve a lot. Next, I need to consider the career after graduation next year.

After graduation next year, I try my best to apply the jobs that I'm interesting. Before apply the job, I need to know more about my career. Therefore, I pay more effort to participate some career talks and seminars which useful for my future. Besides that, join some short-term course especially English course to improve my communication abilities no matter speaking or writing, also some specific software skills like graphic design, thus, to strengthen my competitive advantage.

For the long-term, continue improve communication skills are absolutely for me to communicate with different kinds of people, even my clients. Moreover, if I have time, I will learn more other languages especially the Japanese continue again. Next, I intend to join the student member in The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM). The member can enjoy their networking functions and join the member activities and training course in different organizations. Besides that, I try to apply some diploma of design programs to study some programs such as PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Freehand MX, to learn more about the basic information.

2.2 Transferable Skills

Nowadays, many organizations are seeking their applicants have both academic qualification and abilities because it can make sure the working performance of all employees. Therefore, continue professional development and lifelong learning is necessary to strengthen your competitive ability.

Ability work as a team is very important in organization as they are more focus on team-working which employees cooperate together to complete the work. There have some skills that useful for a group such as communication skills.

'Communication is sometimes defined as the process of sending and receiving messages' (Thomas Cheesebro, Linda O'Connor, Francisco Rios, 2007)

Most of organizations especially customer service companies need applicants who have well in English and Cantonese, Mandarin and other language will most prefer since employees may be work with some people who have different countries or face to different clients. Besides, the good communication skills between employees use due to work more effectively and efficiency.

Besides that, other generalist skills are useful in organizations which are computer skills. Many organizations need to use computer to process all the business transaction. As the technology continuous improvement, people need to know the newest, and update knowledge and software. Moreover, the Microsoft office such as excel, word processing, power point are essential for people to know and use.

Moreover, applicants' attitudes are most important to organization in order to increase working performance and loyalty especially in willing to learn and initiative.

2.3 SWOT of me

To conclude and analyze all the Learning Style tests, SWOT (Table 2) has been done. SWOT which is Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat, and point out what transferable skills or personality I should take advantage, what problems I should avoid and also what opportunity I should get in.









Graduate Schemes

Master Degree





Low learning preference for read/write and visual learning

Poor preference for implantation


High cost of Masters Degree

High number of graduates therefore more competition in the job market

Table 2

2.4 Past Working Experience

Started from my secondary 5, I have done several part-time jobs and continue to gain working experience especially in Customer Service Company. At first, I worked as volunteer to do some administration in my secondary school in summer for 2 years. The objective of administration was to organize, prepare, design some activities and tutor class for Form 3 students to adapt secondary 4 HKCEE school lives. Then, I had worked as a salesperson which works in a boutique to sells some clothes and it requires some communication skills and techniques, and now I also work as part-time salesperson.

After salesperson, I worked in Maxim's Cake shop as a production assistant. It requires work as one part of a group which have different tasks to make the job complete. Working as a team can help me to learn some cooperation skills, and ability to cooperate different people to complete task, so that increase work productivity and effectively. I like work as a group because it can learn my strengths from the others and find out what were my problems or weaknesses and then to improve it. As the result of the Belbin Team Role Perception, it showed that I'm strong preferred roles in Co-ordinator (Appendix D-1).

Next, I had joined the MTR internship program from associate degree to work as a Customer Service Ambassador for two months. In this job, I had gained many experiences especially communication skills. Since the job nature was handle all passengers' enquiry to solve their problem and monitor the environment of concourse. Therefore, I needed to use different language such as English, Cantonese and Mandarin to communicate different passengers. This job was very useful for me to improve and enhance my communication skills, it also strengthen my confident. Besides that, crisis management was learnt from this job. Sometimes the station has some sudden incident, my responsibility need to arrange passengers and reduce their anxiety.

For this summer, I had worked as a temporary marketing assistant at Hong Kong International Airport for two months. For the job requirements, I needed to work in team to do some administrative promotion counters for premium redemption, conduct customer survey and provide guidance and assistance to visitors and passengers. It was very useful for me to learn how to work together and cooperation. Also, communication skills was improved a lot since everyday I met different kinds of visitors and passengers.

2.5 Justify my career choice

When I was studying at secondary school, my dream career is get into Airline Company and working and be a flight attendant and customer service officer. Therefore, I chose to study tourism in Pre-Associate degree at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. But after found the job requirement I finally knew that I have some requirement can not match in flight attendant such as height. However, I will try to apply and hopefully will have good outcome.

After I come to associate degree, I studies in Marketing and it change my career. In these two years college life, I had learnt different subject that related to marketing such as, marketing management, marketing research, consumers behavior and advertising and promotion. All subjects are very important to my future career choice as marketing is very critical step in every organization. Each organization needs to analyze and predict the market environment and then design some strategies such as marketing mix to solve the problem so that the company can successful. These are my interest reasons of entry marketing industry and work marketing job no matter in which aspects.

Brand Management (FIELD)

Brand Equity (ASPECTS)

Marketing (AREA)

Table 1: Structure of my future career

Getting into administration or executive position is need lots of requirements, and there has some recent job advertisements show that marketing executive requires bachelor degree in marketing, business administrative or other equivalent, 2-3 years working experience in luxury industry, specialist knowledge and skills such as script write-up, computer software application , good communication and presentation skills these core competences so that to handle all business transaction and manage all employees (Appendix J). Besides that, interpersonal skills and personalities such as pro-active, innovate, pleasant, cheerful, friendly, open-mind and ''can do'' attitude are also necessary in work as marketing executive. To entry the threshold of this industry is very difficult. What I need to do?

Firstly, prepare my CV and application letter are needed to apply different job. The styles and format of CV contains personal information, education, working experiences, school/ social position and skills. It makes the CV more employer-friendly, easy for employer to read and also sell your strengths (Appendix G). And the cover letter is like 'summary', summarize all important point such as the job you want to apply, latest education etc. It also make employer can easily select the qualified applicants and I show the example in the Appendix part (Appendix H). When apply the job, Company will provide an application form to fill in all of my information (Appendix I). In application form, there are different parts such as Personal Data, Education and Public Examination results, Employment Records, Language Proficiency, Other information and General information.

Secondly, I try to find some junior or assistant post that I am qualified to apply and learn more about the background and knowledge of the industry. I have found some job advertisements that some companies are recruiting some Marketing Administrative Officer in marketing department (Appendix K). I think this job is suitable for me since the job requires applicants who have degree holder in marketing or equivalent, and I have associate degree in marketing and bachelor degree in business management in future. Also, I am the good coordinator which I can self-motivation and able to work under pressure as I like do some challenge job, I like to enjoy the feeling of success when the task is completed and finished. When the company using the right strategies, it can gain the customers' attention and increase the sales volume and improve brand image.

Finally, I know that to be a marketing executive this future path is very difficult to walk, as there are some constraints on job requirements, such as software skills like ''knowledge of graphic design'' , but I hope that my future plan can be achieve successfully and in my expectation.

Section B: Literature Review


The Brand Equity of MacDonald's in Hong Kong

3 Justification for topic choice

'The Brand Equity of McDonald's in Hong Kong' is my selected research topic and the topic also related to my future career choice. As I mention in part A - Personal Development Project, brand management is my interest future career I want to get in. In Hong Kong, there are many local or international organizations and brands enter to the market. Every organization tries to differentiate them so that to take advantage of other competitors. Therefore, brand management is very critical ways for organizations to strengthen their advantage. How can the organization know that the outcome if they using brand management? One of the methods is Brand Equity. Brand Equity is caused by Brand awareness and Brand image, and both are created by customers. If the strategies of brand awareness and brand image are done very well and can capture all customers' mind, the brand equity will increase. Therefore, brand equity which I selected to my research topic

Besides that, I choose McDonald's this fast food restaurant as an example of brand equity because McDonald's is a famous brand in Hong Kong, even in the world. Therefore, the awareness and image of the brand should high as McDonald's was established a long time. So in the following parts I will explore how famous of McDonald's in Hong Kong and also what extent of brand equity McDonald's have.

3.1 Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of this research study are:

To explore the extent of brand equity of McDonald's in Hong Kong

To compare the actual performance of McDonald's in Hong Kong and current academic literature