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Tenrox is web based project management software. It includes powerful project planning, resource planning, workforce management, time and expense tracking, reporting, billing and cost accounting features. These features help to monitor and control projects in real time with user configured dashboards and reports tailored to meet your business objectives. It also helps to make fast informed decisions based on real-time project status, cost and revenue information.

Tenrox is a graphical workflow application built with pictorial icons to represent process and resources. It is very easy to use. Design and change the work flows of the business can do easily by drag and drop the icons. It automates approvals, routing, assignments, and notifications [].

All the modules in Tenrox are integrated with each other's and Microsoft Project. And they are easy to use. Reports also can generate easily from each modules.

The organizations which have more than ten team members will benefit from Tenrox. Especially if the team members are geographically distributed get more benefit from Tenrox.

Simple user interface.

Project Planning Software

It uses to assign tasks, resources, and budget. Gantt chart uses to graphically represent the task dependencies, durations and priorities. Resource Breakdown Structure uses to shows the resources which are assigned to the tasks. Each task can plan with budget. And this plan places on the user's timesheet to enforce the budget.

It helps to easily create a project team by looking on the required skills, availability, or cost.

Resource Management & Scheduling software

It uses to define the skill types and levels. Also uses to assign those skills and skill levels to resources. Workers can use the feature called self service skill update request to inform their new expertise, training, or certification to managers. Once these are approved by managers they will automatically update the employee's skill profile. Also the holidays and the approved leaves are automatically updates in the employee's work calendar. Employee's can use “my schedule” to view their color-coded calendar of current and upcoming work as well as their time off.

Tasks can assign with start and end dates. Shifting a project or task automatically updates bookings. Project and group managers can view team members' color-coded calendars, schedules and bookings before assigning work or making schedule changes.

Resources can book against unlimited number of projects and tasks. Project managers can view and modify the project's total booked hours, assigned resources and the project's complete work schedule. This avoids from scheduling conflicts, project overlaps, resource overloads or under allocation, or more optimal resource deployments.

Time Tracking and Expense Reporting Software

This reduces the time and cost of maintain the spreadsheet entries. It allows to configure timesheets for every department to look and work based on them. Seniority based leave time management allows to define rules for leave time addition and usage. It is also possible to auto import/export leave time to/from the payroll system. And Tenrox validate leave requests at the point of entry.

Expense reporting software uses to import credit card transactions and creates an expense report automatically. The scanned receipts can insert into this reports. It supports multi currency, currency conversion and tax. Also it is possible to track the expenses by category.

Cost and billing software

It is used to automate the billing, cost, and revenue reporting process.

Chargeback cost reporting: Accurate chargeback reports provide you with instant cost visibility so you can recover project costs, fairly charge back other departments for accessing your services, measure shared resource consumption and justify your future budget requests.

Billing: The most important document you send to your client is the invoice. Keep their trust and good faith by making sure it is timely, accurate and reflects your true efforts. With certified connections to your CRM and accounting system, an opportunity in CRM becomes a project in Tenrox where it is planned, budgeted, tracked and billed. Detailed or summary project cost and billing information is then posted to your financial system's accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger modules. Dashboards, reports and notifications provide instant status updates and improve collaboration with your sales, delivery and accounting teams.

Highlights of Tenrox project cost and billing software:

Tenrox project cost and billing software substantially reduces costs and streamlines the billing process.

Deploying simple and effective project cost and billing software is one of the fastest ways you can create tremendous value for your organization. Automating the project billing and cost reporting process, and streamlining chargeback and invoicing activities empowers your project and service teams to focus on more important tasks such as faster billing and collections, improving customer satisfaction and access to powerful project financialreports and analyticsthat leads to better decision making.

Work Process Management Software

It gives a common language to collaborate everyone who works in a same project and work flows. Dashboards use to share a real time view of the projects and work processes. It helps to identify problem areas, and their status, outstanding tasks, and requests. So by using this software it is easy to graphically analyse team, project, and work status.

Project Management Software Reporting and Analytics

Tenrox provides a facility to design own reports and dashboards using the built in designer. Also there are multiple templates available for them. This can share with everyone by using share point portals. So any one can review and make the decisions based on them. But in the case of security it is possible to define access rights for reports and data. Also it can easily embed any external reports and dashboard web parts into Tenrox dashboards and reports using our report connector interface.

This allows you to analyze cost and revenue to a more informative level of detail. Business units, teams, groups, sites, projects, tasks, milestones and user defined fields for any of your business entities; whatever you track, Tenrox will analyze. Data can be displayed in a variety of formats including static reports, pivot tables, graphs and charts. Rolling up and consolidating data into drillable executive dashboards and mash-ups.

Our OLAP-based analytics help your management team understand and measure resource availability, allocations; forecasted and actual time, cost and billing; operational budget variances; human capital utilization project requests and changes; across your organization, at granular levels such as by business unit, workgroup, resource type and more.

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