Technology And Innovation Management Education Essay

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My experience enabled me to recognise the extent to which training e-learning are important for the employee and the range of improvements the employees may achieve in terms of skills enhancement, knowledge sharing and most importantly in terms of strengthening the morale that the staff feels and the self esteem incentives that makes the employees confident in themselves and perform better and stimulated to show continuous improvements, in accordance with the objectives and targets of the training plan which is usually designed to satisfy the training needs and to fill the skills' gaps. As well, it is worth to note that through training, the organisation can make emphasis on its vision, goals and aspirations for the next phase, whereas the employees should understand and recognise these basic principles and adopt them while implementing the work plan, because if the employee think and perform as the organisation aspire, it would ultimately be the highest degree of success. However in contrast, from my experience the reduction and restriction of the training opportunities affect the employees performance and productivity negatively as it makes their morale down and make them disappointed and subordinate and they may lose their loyalty to their organisation, while when nominating me for any training course I feel that my supervisors appreciate my work and that they aim to enhance my abilities through training sessions.

I have gained considerable benefits from this course and learnt valuable skills and knowledge from the lectures throughout this course, it was really informative and constructive concepts and information that we, as post graduate students, need to gain and understand, because it provide us with comprehensive knowledge about some concepts that are essential for our future career and that have considerable effects on our performance when we return back to our institutions. Through the basic skills of e-learning and training I have learnt in this course, I have achieved knowledge and become acquainted with the real and new concepts of e-learning and training based work, in this regard, I feel that my ceiling of knowledge about work concepts has been expanded and my views is becoming more mature than before, as the scattered information about e-learning, training, work and other concepts I used to know without in-depth understanding have now been well organised by the scientific knowledge I gained from this course, and even I feel that this knowledge will be enhanced with scientific evidence through further revision of literature, research, articles and studies about the concepts we have learnt in this course. This achieved knowledge and concepts have not only enabled me to understand and learn new ideas and to enrich my views, but also to learn from the others' experiences as well as the ways to utilise this knowledge in raising my performance and improving my skills and to replicate the best practises and successful methods and experiences in my work as a way of transferring this knowledge to my country and to share the skills I achieved with my colleagues, which in turn will enhance their capacities and improve their productivity and improve the organisation. In general, this course was a real opportunity for me to improve my knowledge, enhance my skills, expand my thoughts and perspectives and correct my vision about the feasibility of the outputs of training and e-learning.

In spite of some difficulties we, as overseas students, sometimes experience such as the language problems, in addition to other problems of adaptability that may face any overseas student with the culture, weather, communication, .. etc. as all these difficulties in addition to others affect the student's performance because it may obstacle the learning process; such as the access to the right books or articles in the library, or even if we find the appropriate books it may become difficult to understand everything since English is our second language and I used to have got a stereotyped idea about training and e-learning and work concept in general, that inaccurate ideas made me doubt to understand this course or benefit of its contents. However, we didn't find any difficulties to harmonise with staff member who taught us this course, I personally was very interested and comfortable with the way he delivered the subject and demonstrate its contents, because of the sincere way he dealt with us until we feel that he is one of us, he was really successful to attract us to understand and not to feel shame when we don't understand or need more explanation, he was keen to deliver everything to us very easily and smoothly and was keen to have each and every one of us understand everything he mentions in the lectures, he was also cooperative with us greatly. All these positive effects helped me to get familiar with the course and with everything in the academic environment around me, and that provided me strong confidence in myself and enhanced my tendency to learn and encourage me to accept the challenge and bridge the knowledge gap that I have faced at my earliest stages of my studies in the United Kingdom, where I was afraid not to be able to perform well in a totally new academic and social environment.

One of the valuable benefits I achieved from this course is the practice of team work. I used to think that working together in research may limit my opportunities to learn and may lead to unorganised work, however, working together with a group of three colleagues was a wonderful experience which taught me that the ideas of different people can possibly be integrated to reproduce a solid idea, where everybody in the team has the chance to provide his own contribution while participate in discussing the others ideas and share knowledge with one another. I have enjoyed a lot in the research writing as a team where the members of the team have their different way of thinking and writing, but we agreed to adopt a unified and useful method of implementation, as such we discussed the work as a whole and commit everyone in the team to perform a specific task and collect information about certain part of the subject under study, while we meet everyday during the research period to discuss what we have carried out and transform the data collected into information using our different wording to come to an agreeable phrasing, with continuous discussion to the ideas of the team members whereas, each one of us suggest his ideas and information on the subject and we discuss these ideas which might sometimes contradict one another but after discussion and brain storming we usually used to come to consent about these ideas and agree on how to phrase it and how to present it in our research, the contradiction of the ideas was happening as a normal result of our different thoughts and due to the fact that each one has his own style in the formulation of the ideas, however, everything used to be sorted out as soon as we sit together and discuss these ideas. To conclude, I am totally satisfied with the idea of working in group because it provides the opportunity to share knowledge and integrate ideas.