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The relation between the teacher and student is for the purpose of knowledge. To convey the knowledge to the students the teachers adopted different ways. With the introduction of multimedia and graphics technology in the educational system gave second thought as it was a need of the near future. Internet and web resources have increased significantly the expansion of online teaching and learning which has major impact on teaching and learning. (Kramer, 2000 as cited by Zhao, 2003).

Overall environment of the education has been changed with the introduction of multimedia. The concept of a physical classroom has been vanished, with the help of internet the distance between a teacher and student is just a click away. The main purpose of the paper is how multimedia technology can effectively train a student as compare to that of old style of learning. With the help of multimedia and internet any one can get more knowledge but here I totally disagree with the writer that yes it is true that he will get knowledge but on the other side with no physical interaction with the teacher, do not let the student to develop his respect for him, personality growth and also attitude towards other people and even miss a chance to observe other people feelings towards certain points and their view not only orally but also expressional.

Higher Education - Ideology of learning:

The higher education concept has been changed in the world because of doing international trade, development in the field of information technology and its globalization this caused high run for higher education because of which the costs of universities and unemployment ratio went up and this constant change in higher education institutes across the globe. (Taousanidis. N, 2002). The increase demand for higher education was noticed by some of the private institutes so they avail these opportunities by opening offshore campuses, some franchised campuses and also distance learning concepts. According to Barnett. R (1992) Higher education is a race to clear the concept. It does not give any advance education just increases mental level. Barnett also says that higher education is just a different way or approach to attain an improvement and quality.

Technology is helping to expand higher education as it is people friendly and comparatively easy to understand. This is also not that expensive to me because in past to get higher education one had to travel to certain place now with multimedia and internet technology this possible that one get education at home by saving the travelling, living and many more expenses. By making the access to knowledge so easy can make many people to educate themselves and understand many things which eventually will help the people to make the world a better place.

Conventional Learning and Distance Learning:

Due to the advancement in the technology and its implementation in the educational system has helped individuals and groups to enhance their quality of learning. Both conventional and distance learning are different in nature but have the same goals Hardy and Boaz (1997 as cited by Sundar. I, 2004). I think if a comparison is made in between the distance learning and conventional learning then we can say that distance learning is good by one mean that a student has freedom to manage his own time according to his own connivance but on the other hand he needs to concentrate and focus more to understand things.

Nowadays there are many universities in which they offer online courses like Harvard, Stanford and Phoenix universities etc. There are some virtual universities which are totally relaying on the multimedia and internet technology. I think that it is good thing that virtual education is helping many students but they lack experience what a regular student is getting which some time can be seen in practical life.

Different tools of multimedia for higher education:

All the interactions which are through computer have got different applications of multimedia like sound, video, text, animation and graphics. For this purpose both software and hardware are used to run the system. (Multimedia technology, Anon)

Multimedia and graphical technology has positive effects on the education system e.g. There are certain things which are hard to understand without any proper demonstration so with the help on this technology it is now easy to do so in less time and easily.

Multimedia based education is more helpful to train managers and people who they have jobs and cannot leave it to attend seminars for training purposes abroad or away for the work space. This is known as Computer Based trainings (CBT's). This adoption of technology in the higher education may be some time be very risky so it need solutions so that to higher education. (McPherson. M.A & Nunest. J.M, 2008).

Contents of multimedia and higher education:

As multimedia has already defined above according to which it is consist of video, sound, images and text each and every component of which is important in different fields of education. Nowadays it has been observed that multimedia technology is influencing the education sector very much therefore new demands are coming up for new innovation in the field of multimedia some of which has already developed to fulfil the needs of teachers and students. In different cases different applications of multimedia are used so that the need or requirements are to be accomplished. Some the applications which are used in different fields of modern education are as follow.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE):

E-learning is also known as Virtual learning Environment (VLE). This is a very popular concept of education which is used in higher education in virtual learning environment all the materials are process spread and store. This is also used as communication tool in between students and teachers alternatively which is known as WebCT. The WebCT is commonly used in universities which contain all the course contents and other supporting tools which help both the students and teachers to communicate and share information. World Wide Web and online education is available for both teachers and students so distant delivery of education is easy. (McGill. T.J & Hobbs. V.J, 2007)

Computer Based Training (CBTs):

In this type learning methodology there is no need of any tutors, teachers or that of trainers. Computer Based Training (CBTs) is that type of online education in which a training program is run on computer. This type of educational system is more effective when the learner know different application of the computer because some time it offers some practice exercises.

In early days it was an expensive way of education, because there was need of some special hardware to run the programs. But with the advancement in the computer technology and specially CD-ROMs has made it easy and cheaper to use. In this type of education multimedia and graphics specially play a vital role because most of the explanations are done through this technology. Computer Base Training (CBTs) is also known as tutorial or computer-assisted instruction (CAI). (CBT, 2003)

Virtual Classroom:

In this type of education the classroom is similar to that of a conventional classroom everyone can lesson and can watch each other with the help of computer by using multimedia technology. (jukka, H, 2000). According to Rajasingham (1992 as cited by Jukka. H, 2000) that in a virtual classroom there is an illusion that if one is in real classroom. I will support this type of education but at the same time I will disagree with some of the points of it. I will agree when the distance in between the learner and the learned but if the distance, time and money is not a problem then I would prefer the real classroom rather than virtual classroom as i already stated that beside knowledge a students need to learn something more from the teacher which is only possible with the physical presence.

Distance learning and open universities:

Distance learning or open universities is a way of learning for those who they don't enjoy face-to-face education or can't access to universities (Sundar. I, 2004). This type of education style is famous in those countries where population is high and people are poor. I think that this is good for both the people and for the universities because people cannot attend the regular classes because it is more expensive for them and some people work and do part time study and at the same time for universities where they do not have enough space to accommodate so many people. Not only this style of education is helping locally in populated areas but some people who they cannot afford to go abroad can get the same standard of education with the help of multi media technology

Multimedia Learning and its benefits:

To learn through multimedia technology it is very much important that you have got whatever is required in the form of technology to retrieve information or put information on it. Therefore I can over here that it is good way to get knowledge but it is very expensive way of getting it. This technology engages the potential learner actively but many people do not agree to use the multimedia technology because they think it does not help to make the learning environment (Cairncross. S & Mannion. M, 2001).

Benefits of multimedia technology:

For students:

Students it is easy to have access to their study material anywhere and at any time. For distance learning students it provides an opportunity to take classes anywhere or some time record it and can watch when ever want. This also helps a student to communicate to the tutor at anytime from anywhere.

For managers or anyone else:

Multimedia technology is very beneficial for international projects as time is money so to save time most the time meetings are held through multimedia in international projects. As already stated that some managers use this technology to educate themselves or demonstrate a particular situation to others.


We can say that multimedia technology as a whole has a lot of contributions towards the education sector to make it more qualitative and easy for the learner. It was an expensive mode in start but with the passage of time now it is much cheaper and easy to access. It not only helped the teachers and students in study process but also to communicate each other without any barriers. Not only in the education sector but also in almost every sector of life multimedia is nowadays playing a big role. In simple words we can say that by spending a little amount we can make some huge benefits. But as this has been seen that worlds is nowadays very much relying on the multimedia technology so it might be very dangerous for us also because we have also seen that because of some natural disasters this technology is of no use most of the time. So before adopting this technology is serious sectors of life there should also be a contingence plan if multimedia technology fails.