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This paper presents a research proposal to offer new and useful methods of teacher training such as how to use the smart board and the projector to deliver the information. A questionnaire will be used to elicit teachers' perceptions and feedback about techniques of teaching. This questionnaire has taken place in public schools and institutions. I expect to find in this research that not all of the new methods could be effective for the students. Also, applying the new teaching methods will be difficult in the beginning because it will need a revolutionary reformation of the teachers' mindset.


Teaching methods in Saudi Arabia is a failure. They are old fashioned and unproductive. As a result, education in Saudi Arabia hasn't improved much to match the local level of education nor national development objectives (Al-Dakeel, p. 1). Moreover, teachers play a great role in the learning process. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teachers who are not reliable and they are not teaching due to their interests. They are teaching due to financial reasons. However, the Saudi government offers training opportunities to teachers in order to be good tutors. The demands of learning new teaching methods are required nowadays to motivate students to study in Saudi Arabia. (Stone).Furthermore, teachers are an essential link in the learning process in which they have to give a clear explanation for the students. This research will discuss the results of applying these techniques such as making presentations and working on laptops during the class in the following educational systems in high schools which are The General System, Courses System and King Abdullah's Advance Learning.

Literature Review

Educational supervisor and the developer, Msa'ad Mohammad Zeyad clarifies the meaning of the new methods and how they have a major influence on the students.

In Saudi Arabia, in 2005 they applied a new system in high school which is the Courses System. This system is a useful one in which they applied it not in all high schools. Some researchers has made some researches about the educational system in high schools and the purpose of their research to attract the attention of the education level in Saudi Arabia especially in high schools. Furthermore, the Educational supervisor and the developer, Ibrahim Al-Obaid has made a research about the education techniques. In his research, he talks about the teacher techniques and he emphasizes the necessity of using them during the class. Students started to depend on these methods such as using pictures or making a presentation to understand the content of the lesson. Also, the Prof. Tamer Al-Hadidi has made a research about the teacher's methods in class and he mentions the significance role of these techniques to the teacher such as reduce the effort for the teacher, helps in delivering the information easier and faster and attract the attention of the students to understand easily.

The purpose

Teaching is a creative, intellectually demanding and rewarding job, so the standards for joining the profession must be high too (Sharma, 2009) which means that teaching needs to be on a high level, so the teacher has to be a creative person in order to attract the students' attention. Moreover, the teacher is facing many problems while he/she is explaining a lesson and these problems are concentrated mostly in the learners' lack of understanding the content of the lesson, so the teacher was able to produce or use teaching aids. As a result, I'm researching this topic due to several reasons. First, I want to confirm whether the current teaching methods are effective or not in high schools. Second, I'd like to identify the drawbacks in the educational system in high schools in Saudi Arabia. Third, the procedure of teacher training in Saudi Arabia is a topic that has not attracted the attention it deserves. Finally, schools and universities should provide the best faculty of full trained teachers to deliver information to the students in a higher standard.

Education and teaching in Saudi Arabia

Education has been a main goal of government in Saudi Arabia since the late eighteenth century, when the Wahhabi movement encouraged the spread of Islamic education for all Muslim believers. Because the purpose of Islamic education was to ensure that the believer would understand God's laws and live his or her life in accordance with them, classes for reading and memorizing the Quran along with selections from the hadith were sponsored in towns and villages throughout the peninsula. (Metz, 1992) And from that time, education has started to achieve a higher level due to the main reason which is to know God's laws and know how to communicate better with the whole world to spread Islam.

Recently, Saudi Arabia started to change some of its educational systems especially in high schools in order to give a higher education to their students. These systems that have been applied received good reviews from the students. Despite these systems were complicated at the beginning but it became easier and desirable to the students. These systems are, The General System, Courses System and King Abdullah's Advance Learning. "Professional development is a critically important element of any successful learning organization" (Brown, 1995 ).

The General System is the traditional one. It depends on the government books and the power of memorizing a lot of old information that didn't change for a long time. This system doesn't prepare the students for universities. Moreover, it doesn't add anything to the student's personality. There is no direct interacting or communicating with the instructor. Also, it doesn't give the students the space to share her/his ideas about something related to the subject due to the old procedure of the class. There were many suggestions about allowing the students to choose literary or science from the first year in high school. High school education lasts for three years following upon three years of intermediate education. Pupils can choose between general secondary and technical schools. In the first year of general system, pupils share a common curriculum. At the end of this year, they are divided into the scientific and literary tracks for the final two years. (Educational System in SA). In addition, in the General System, the students take 18 subjects in the first year and 12 subjects in the second and third year.

Courses System is the second system that has applied in 2004 and extended officially in 2005 (Ministry of Education). The Courses System is a good preparation for the students to universities and colleges. They are studying the government books but they are more difficult. In addition, it looks like the university process of learning such as doing researches, making presentations, and working on projects. The main point, it builds the students' personalities and their confidence. This system has worked effectively according to the number of students they joined it and the achievements the schools received from their students. This system has many goals which are; reduce the amount of subjects the students take in high school in which the students can take not more than 7 subjects and not less than 3 subjects in the first semester, offer opportunities for optional practical training for the students. Moreover, the students of this system can check their grades from the internet via the website of the central system of the ministry of education of their school.

There was a survey conducted to confirm the successful of this system in high school. The results were most students like this system especially from the female side and they get benefit from this system. This system not all the students can join it unless they have high grades due to the effort and the hard work of the student they are going to face during their study in this system. However, the special thing about this system is that the students can finish it in two years and a half instead of three years. They can study during summer to finish earlier.

In 2008, according to the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia , stated that the number of the students who graduated from the Courses system have high grades and more professional comparing to the number of the students who graduated from the General system.

These are charts to show the number of male and female graduates from the Courses System in 2008 according to the Ministry of Education either government schools or private schools:

King Abdullah's Advance Learning is a system has applied in 2009. The learning process consists of not using the books as much it concentrates on the usage of computers. The students in this system will do their assignments on the computers and send it as an e-mail to their teachers to interact more with the teacher in order to give her/his feedback about the assignment. This system is new and there are no results whether it is a successful program or not. The disadvantage of this program is that the teachers have to be all the time connected to her/his e-mail to check the students' assignments before the class besides the number of students is a big number from 20 -30 students in each class. (Ministry of Education).

This system is still in progress and there is only one class who graduated from this system. In King Abdullah's Advance Learning website, they conducted a survey about the best way to enhance the individual skills of the students and the results are according to the votes at the website which are 1578 on the table below:

The best way to enhance the

individual skills of the student


group learning


group projects




extra-curricular activity




And this is a bar chart to show the percentage:

The Methodology

Research questions:

Developing teaching methods has numerous ways to develop it. Some of these ways are questions in which they are helpful to support this research. Certain questions could be asked as these:

Do you think the teaching procedures that have been used in Saudi Arabia are still effective?

What are the problems do most students face in the classrooms?

Do you think the changing style and adding new techniques will be more supportive?

In your opinion, what are the methods that should be available for the students in the classrooms?

Which system would you recommend for a high school student, The General System, Courses System or King Abdullah's Advance Learning?

Do you think that teachers and students in Saudi Arabia should do extra effort to achieve higher education?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new systems that have been applied recently such as digital smart board, making presentations or depending on laptops?

I distributed these questions in an institute and some schools in Al-Khobar and Dammam. In these questions it has a recommendation for which system people would recommend for a high school student, The General System, Courses System or King Abdullah's Advance Learning. And the chart below shows the percentage of 200 students and teachers.

In addition, most the answers about these questions show that teachers and students as well should do extra effort to achieve a higher education. Also, the problems rely on the illustration of the teacher and the way she/he is delivering the information or the content of the lesson. Moreover, the suggestion of the methods that should be available for the students in the class were, having a digital smart board, reducing the amount of subjects the student takes per semester. Also, using the internet in the class and making competitions during the class to motivate the students to do better and receive better grades.

I have found in this research that not all of the new methods could be effective for the students. Also, applying the new teaching methods will be difficult in the beginning because it will need a revolutionary reformation of the teachers' mindset. Moreover, the teachers should be motivated towards new techniques to create a great average in education. Furthermore, the purpose of higher learning is to develop the skills of criticism, thankfulness, to respect the thoughts and emotional states of others, to present own views and find clarification (Puri, 2006)

Moreover, teachers' point of view about adding new techniques was helpful. Most students who answered the questions have common problems like and mainly it depends on the illustration way of the teacher. This would help to offer a training course for the teacher to be a model one and to apply all the new training techniques to have better generations.

In conclusion, teachers are an essential link in the learning process in which they have to give a clear explanation for the students. This is why people should concentrate on the role of teachers and offering them techniques in which they would help to motivate teachers to be good tutors. Moreover, the government wants all students to reach high levels of academic performance, a goal that calls for the participation of everyone involved in educating students, including teachers because teachers have a major role in the education system as Albert Einstein said "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."