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Every person has to have some skills, to perform their daily work in an excellent way. Skills are essential and very important in professional work. Every person has skills in them. The person who succeeds in bringing out those skills moves faster through their professional life and achieves the highest goal.

Today's world is very challenging and competitive, to go ahead; every person should have some basic skills in addition with transferable skills, which would take them even further in their future life. Communication, literacy and computer competency are the three basic skills, besides it there should be some exceptional quality that a person should have (solving a problem, working in different environment, developing your routine etc) to perform managerial work, which would be considered as transferable skills. Personal skills help in developing personal life and to overcome any personal problems. It also makes a person life easier, healthier and smoother.

Transferable skills are skills that could be applied in any situation, which have been gathered throughout a professional career. This skill also helps in career changing or someone who are facing different problems with the current job. Transferable skills could be identified through the career changes and every person should take their assessment test to know their skills and to recover from it. Managing time, performing multi-task, solving problem, managing accounts, knowing different languages, train-up other people and many more comes in transferable skills. These skills could be transferred at any stage and in any situation in daily life work. Transferable skills also help in planning and arranging a work, motivate others, taking responsibilities, evaluating a work and so on. (1 & 2)

1.2. You will produce a technical document that could be used in an organization using at least two appropriate transferable skills. [P 2]

I used to work for Nandos plc as a cashier. My duty would covered working behind the till, handling cash, welcome customer, maintain a healthy atmosphere on the floor etc. Working in Nandos I gained a lot of personal and transferable skills that I could transfer at my present working place totesport, which is a betting shop.

Nandos is all time busy restaurants and working behind the till means more interaction with the customers. Communicating with different languages customer and working with different people helped me to gain good communication skills, which is being very helpful in my present workplace. I learned how to approach a customer, handle a difficult customer, offer solution, make customer feel relaxed and at last but not least giving a good customer service. Coming from a restaurant and now working in a different environment made my working life easier. Now I am fully packed with knowledge and know how to deal with customer, what to do next and which steps to take to make a customer happy. Communication plays an important role in every working place.

As I mentioned earlier that Nandos is a very busy restaurant so every time we had to work under pressure. This is one of the other skills that I grow while working there. Working under pressure means to stay calm, relaxed and to cop up with pressure. It also shows your productivity in handling pressure and working faster. This skill is now helping me in doing my work nicely at my present job and in my study. Working part-time and continuing the study beside it proves my ability to cop up with pressure.

These two skills along with the other skills that I grew in myself till now, would help me to reach my goal in near future.

1.4. You will justify why it is important to have good transferable skills and the ability to communicate these across a wide audience. [P 4]

Transferable skills are skills that could be transferred from one person to another and good transferable skills are very important in daily life work. It helps both in study and at work place. Communication and working environment both are transferable skills, growing these skills in you and to utilize it in your daily life work would help you to go even further in every step you take. Having transferable skills is not the end of life; to communicate these across a wide audience is the challenge to take.

I have the ability to handle pressure, work fast and hard under any circumstances to fulfill the needs. I also have a good team building ability, leadership and to work as a team. I can interact, communicate with people very easily and can approach the person. I am growing my typing ability but have a good computing knowledge like familiar with MS office, Adobe Photoshop, illustrator etc. I can make a person laugh very easily that is one of my skills. I have good writing and reading skills. I am intellectual, honest, punctual and straightforward. One of the good skills that I have is I always maintain time and try to utilize it because I believe "time and tide waits for none". I am self motivated and can motivate others. I am very neat and clean.

I am not good in cooking and shopping. I am very impassionate and unsocial person, don't like too much gathering. I am not a very sporty and athletic person. I gets angry very often and very emotional. I can't differentiate people and not familiar with an unknown person. I talk very less.

I am trying to improve myself even better by getting the skills that I don't have and the skills that I am growing in myself.


2.1. You will provide evidence to support a knowledge and understanding of group dynamics. [P 4]

In one of our regular class we have been asked to form a group for our group activities for our task requirements by our lecturer Hashim Hirani for the module "Personal Skills Development". Mr Hashim asked us to form a group of four people (all four of different nationality) along with a group leader.

Few group leaders named have been called by the lecturer and he asked them to make a group by selecting the people. The group leader of our team named "A" selected four person A, B, C and D but unfortunately all the members of our team is from the same origin because of the less number of different cultures students in our class. The module tutor then asked to select a name for the individual team and to write down the group name, group member's name and the type of activities that the individual team is going to performed in a piece of paper.

The team member of our group tried to think a group name, the activities that we are going to perform but our ideas doesn't match with our team member, so the work remain undone. The next day our team leader seems to be irresponsive, we tried to communicate with him but him shown no interests in the activity. Few weeks passed but our activity wasn't decided and we discovered our team leader walked away from the team and asked us to do the individual activity.

Later we included another member in our team who is the replacement of the team leader and named member A. Than we all agreed to go to a restaurant "Nandos" for our group activities. We fixed a date to go there on Tuesday evening after the class and we made that possible. The following day after finishing the class we left for Nandos. After arriving there we wait to give us a table, while walking to Nandos we already decided what we are going to eat, so we didn't took much time to decide for the meal. We had to perform the given task quickly as one the member to catch the train for his destination. The other entire member asked me to order the food, so I left for the till, while ordering there I had to make four individual orders that means four separate transactions. The money was paid through by debit card.

After few minutes food was served to our table but we all received the food one by one. There was a time delay, by the time last member received the food the first member had almost finished. The member who had to catch the train finished his food left early; we stayed a bit long finished our food and then everyone left for their home.

2.3. You will assess your own learning style and apply to a group situation. [P 5]

In continuation of the above task I learned how to work in the team, the decision making ability and to sort out the problem. After our team leader walked away we fell in trouble to make the decision. Everyone lost their interests in the activity but we managed to come out of that problem by making a new team leader named B. We also included a new member who was the replacement of leader A. Still we had few more problems, we could not decide yet where to go and when to go. After forming a new team leader we managed to decide to go at Nandos. Still we couldn't manage our own time as everyone were busy with their work but anyway we decided to go on Tuesday evening.

In this task I managed to learn the time management, communications skills, leading skills and more.

2.5. You will document discussions, debates and other group activities as an observer and a participator and document it in this report. [P 6]

As an observer I managed to find out the mistakes of my other team member. After we arrived there my other team members forced me to pay the bill that was quite unexpected we decided before that every individual would pay their own bill. Than when we received our food there was a time delay in receiving our food. So we couldn't start eating together and no one waited for none, which wasn't a sign of a good team work. The other part which I found quite incorporated and lack of time is everyone left at different time, someone left early.

When they gave me the money everyone gave me less money so I couldn't accept it but anyway had to take it. Late after few days they all gave me the rest of the money. We took few snapshots while eating but I found it wasn't taken in the proper way.

All in all it was a good and nice group activity that we performed.


The group picture at Nandos


3.1. Apply problem solving techniques to a given problem, domain, document each stages of this process. [P 7]

Problem solving is a powerful human activity. The problem solving ability comes from doing it. It always pulls out together while solving a problem. In my daily workplace I face so many problems. One of the major problems that I face daily is working with inexperienced staff. Currently my restaurant has recruited few new staff as it gets much busier than before. Working with the new staff during the busy period is quite difficult as they are new in this environment. Initially it's going to take some time to cop up with them as they get to know everything day by day.

Firstly, the way I approach with the old staff, I am not allying to communicate the new staff in that way so that's why I am facing some problem.

Secondly, when I am working with them behind the till I had to look after them to make sure he is giving the good customer service. While doing it I couldn't concentrate on my work which is also affecting my performance.

Last but not the least; they are working at a slow pace which also affecting my performance as I had to take more pressure and working at a constant pace.

3.2. Clearly identify the stages taken in the decision making process to overcome the problem. [P 8]

To solve the above mentioned problem I tried to find out few solutions. The following solutions have been mentioned below.

For the first problem that I mentioned above the solution could be that the new staff shouldn't be worked more during the busy period and the manager should give them a good brief about the workplace and the staff. So there is no communication gap between the staffs.

By equaling the experienced and new staff in one shift the extra pressure could be reduced from the old staff to ensure all the staff is working relaxed and giving a good customer service.

The last problem could be resolved by putting one new staff with every two old staff in each department. The managers could also come on the floor when the restaurant is busy, so the pressure is divided equally to everyone. The managers could also arrange enough training for the new staff to work smoothly on the floor and behind the till.

3.4. Use appropriate methods to select the most feasible solution with full justification as to your selection. [P 9]

To my point of view the method I would apply is evaluation because it helps to solve the problem is by putting one new staff with every two old staff in each department. This would help in developing the skill of the new staff. Both the old and new staff could work relaxed and in peace mind. This would help them in knowing their duties and responsibility properly.

If the restaurant is busy the managers could jump on the floor to help the staff. In the meantime they could train the new staff by setting an example. This would help them in working under pressure and would also make them confident. The new staff should always work with the buddy trainer. So, if they make any mistake the buddy trainer could show the mistake and they could recover from it.

These are the few solutions that I have discussed here, if my organization approves these solutions then I think it would be beneficial for everyone.


4.1. Set realistic and achievable targets using standard action planning techniques.

[P 10]

By using standard action techniques I have set my realistic and achievable target. I wanted to be a network engineer and to be a network developer I have set up a goal. Where I have to reach at any cost?

Currently I am studying HND in Computing, which has 16 units and one of the unit is "Networking Concepts", which is a two years course. I am in second semester now. At the end of this year I would have finish HND. Then sometime in next year I would get admit in a good university for the final year (3rd year). After completing the year from the university, I would take a break from my study and look for a job in a related area to get to gain some knowledge. This is where I see myself in the next five years.

Though I know the upcoming years it's going to be quite hard for me but to reach at my goal I have already created a draft.

I know this is going to make my life shine in the future and would open my career path as it has a worldwide demand. It is growing very quickly. Any big or small organization needs a network plan at their organization. I need make proper use of my time.

These are all the primary reasons why I choose to be a "Network Developer" in the future and see myself in the next five years.

4.2. State any problems, difficulties, limitations and advancement made during the period of learning. [P 11]

Since i have set my target that is why I need to fulfill it. Because of my future i need to work hard on my goal. If I do not have any goal, then I could not able to do anything.

To get my destination i may get lot of problems or difficulties. To face the problems, i need to proactive. I have lots of positive things as well.

There is two kind of technique to find out everything on it. One is internal, another is rational.

Internal: internal shows the strengths and weakness. Now i am going to explain my strengths and weakness

Strengths: strengths mean positive points. First of all, i am well confident and determined. Hardworking is strengths of mine. I can work hard. I have a good knowledgeable background of this subject. I have a good financial back up to continue my study. I have good understanding power. I am a proactive person.

Weakness: weakness means drawbacks. I am little bit scary person. Sometimes i get absent minded. I can't concentrate a long time. This is the most weakness of mine.

Rational: rational means logical. In this part, I need to discuss logically about my goal. Rational includes with opportunity and threat.

Opportunity: Now a day this subject has demand all over the world. If i could finish this subject properly, then i can get a good job in this field. If i want, i can open my own farm.

This is very cost effective. I don't need to huge amount money to open a farm.

Threat: there are some threats in this sector. Such as, high competition exists in this

field. A person may be able to find good position after finishing the course. So he needs to give more time on it. And he needs to work more on it.

4.3. Providing an account of personal development during the period of learning and use a variety of tools and techniques to document this improvement in knowledge and skill base. [P 12]

Account of personal development means an account where i can put my personal information to develop myself. I can use personal account for my own personal needs.

In the period of learning time, i have created an account of personal development. In my account, i put all the skills of mine. By using these skills, i can get success in my life. My skills are general skill, time management skill, negotiation skill and some other important skill. So that i can take any skills from my account, if i need.

Group work is very important to get rid from any challenge. To run a group properly, a person need to lead the group. I found that i have a good leadership skill. I think i can lead a group by my leadership skill. I have another good skill, which is negotiation power. it helps to handle any critical situation. I put these skills in my personal account.

If a person wants to do something, then he might get problems. To get rid from the problem, i apply problem solving technique. There are some techniques to solve the problem. So i keep all the tools and techniques in my personal development account to solve the any type of my problem

I have a goal in my life and to reach there, i have created this account. This personal account will help me to find out which capability i have got so far.


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