Team Work Is A Process Of Working Together Education Essay

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Moving to my group introduction, I have chosen 6 members in my group. We have got the case study 5 Victor B that provide healthcare services to people. My team members choose me as their team leader. Because I have got lots of experience to work in a group and I have adequate knowledge to complete this project. We had to research on the Victor's company to solve the problem and give best solution to this company and implement the new strategy.

Setting Agenda: I called the meeting and discuss the problems in the case study. I set the agenda that what things we need to use and what strategies we are going to use in this project. I had gone through the forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning stages. I have divided the work to every team member. We have planned first to work on project proposal. I set the time that we all have to prepare it into four weeks. We were doing our proposal almost in class but if we need help any of members then we call to everyone or email to them. I gave the different task to everyone to find out the problem and issues. I found three of members were not doing anything to find the issue (Anita Devi, Jaspreet Kaur, Parminder Singh, and Gurpreet Singh (A279).

Group task goals: After completion the proposal I called a meeting again to go through the project report. Everyone has found the issues and problems. I divide the issues to the every member in team. I was researching on the behavioural issue, Gurpreet Singh (A279) and Jaspreet Kaur doing the Code of conduct, Shikhal was doing the dismissal process and Anita Devi and Parminder Singh was researching on Sexual Harassment. Everyone was doing good effort to their topic. If we did not understand something then we all go together to discuss it with our class tutor. Jaspreet Kaur, Anita Devi was not good enough to find the issues but I help them a lot in it.

Group dynamics: I was the leader of my team. So it was my duty to lead my followers to reach on our goals to complete the project. During this project my leadership style was Democratic but in some situations I was straight to all. Because of members that I mentioned above did not know about their work to analyse the problems so in this situation I was helping a lot of to them. Sometimes these members in my group were not participating so I encourage to them. I always said to them that this is the key to your success. You have to learn everything now then you can find your path to reach on your goals. I have researched on decision making process and techniques that we were using in this project. I was motivating my team to complete this project and we all were going together to the coffee shop and had lunch together. In the third week we do not have the computer to use then I have decided to bring our own laptop in class so that we can complete this project in given time.

Group relationship: I often discuss the matter with my team members if I got stuck in some researches. All team members gave me good feedback to confront this situation. We were all helping to each other and we had never gone through any personal conflict situation. My team always encouraged me well and said that you are a good leader. We did always respect to each other and sometimes we talking about our personal lives. We all were sitting in a separate room and we were discussing, sharing our ideas and how to implement the strategies. I was using my class teacher's computer and Shikhal brought his laptop in class and all members were researching from secondary resources turn by turn.

Significant factors: There were some significant factors to complete this project in a team such as trust, collaboration, commitments, face to face interactions and group processing. My team members have trust on me because they know that I am only a person who can work with great enthusiasm. I always trust on my team members because they were doing what I said to them. I have never felt that I am the only guy who doing the project. I have never created ego in myself. I always listen to my team members. We all were cooperative and positive interact to each other. We all were communicating face to face in group and debate on the discussion and give feedback to each other. Our teacher was always involved with us in discussion.

Improve performance: We do not have enough computers for use to complete the project in class. But I often went to internet café and sometimes I helped from my roommate to use his laptop. When I saw the some of the members were not participating then I encourage them and give fear to them that they will be fail if they do not do anything. I have gone through the primary researches and I always ask help from my class tutor. Jaspreet Kaur and Anita Devi did not have the laptop and they had written all their discussion on the paper then I use the computer to type it all.


To be conclude this all, I cannot complete this project without my team members. They had my strength to complete successfully this project. I have never seen me performed as team leader. Some of the difficulty we have faced during this project but we had tackled all difficult situation. My team members gave me all kind of support that I need. My team members and I have taken part with great morale and enthusiasm. It is said from past that unity is the strength. Team members work with great enthusiasm; create new innovations, share ideas to approach to the goals. We have spent lots of time and did great effort to complete this project and all the credit goes to everyone in my team.

Section 2: Project Evaluation


I and my team made a project report and gave oral presentation to the audience on the basis of XYZ healthcare company. We have tried to solve the problems and research through the primary and secondary resources and gave the best solutions and implement the new strategy. We had gone through some techniques, procedures and set the goals to solve the problems in this company. I am going to describe what goals we have set and how we had gone through the all process, what strategies we had used and how we could do it better to complete this project.

The processes: As a team leader I and my team set the goals within the timeframe. We have set the time (4 weeks) to complete the project. The goals were to research and analyse the problems and give best solution and implement and evaluate the new strategies and submit this report to the Victor (Manager of IT department) in this company. We have gone through the Problem Solving Technique to find and analyse the problems. We have got some cause of the problems and how to overcome these problems through the strategy. We have set the code of conduct for the company to the every one of employee. I have implemented the new rules to every employee such as time management, motivation strategy; obey orders of superiors, appropriate behaviour, and respect to each other. I have suggested to Victor to review of every employee after two weeks. This might have done through the project maintenance department.

I wanted to go through the change management process. Because of there has to be making some changes in management. I wanted to use fishbone technique to research and analyse better and implement the best strategy in this company. Then we can compare these all results what we can get it from these strategies. These strategies will give better outcomes and best solution to this company. I wanted to go more deep through the all issues so that we can get more knowledge and apply the best solutions to company. I wanted it to more challengeable for us so that we can think well than past. But I had not enough time and did not have the computers to use and find out more about this company.

The Solutions: After the research and analyse the problems, we gave the possible and all alternative solutions to the company. I have done it through the problem solving technique. These solutions have met the all requirements that need to use in this organisation. The strategies which I have used to overcome the difficulties under decision making process are very useful and results helpful for the entire project. I have collected all the data then split the data into various small parts in order to get more into the matter to find out core problems. Then I have written in front of problem its possible solutions and at last have selected best and better solutions. These solutions I have chosen because I have found the causes and weakness. So I am also working in the restaurant where I have seen also happened these types of problems and I have learnt how to solution to the problem from my employer. I have given these solutions based on primary and secondary research. These solutions are well consistent with the managerial theory.

I wanted to go through the brainstorming and SWOT analysis because these techniques can be used to find out more appropriate solution with alternatives in order to improve organisation. It can be giving us the more solutions to deal with these problems. I have got some short comes in our project. I think the Problem Solving Model is best for the solutions.

The reporting: I have completed the reporting well but in some cases I have left some short comes. I have gone through the scope as well but I could not make it professional one because of I did not have the enough time and the computer as well. I felt it is easy to make it but it was actually very difficult.

Then I had prepared and make slides for presentation. My team members were not really good enough in presentation then I help them in presentation. I delivered my speech to audience well. I had gone through the all issues and go through the act of object. I make understand to audience everything that I have researched and analysed. Then audience and teacher asked me some questions but me only able to reply some of those questions. Some of the team members presented its repost orally good to audience and some were just not good enough. Some of the team members have not able to answer the questions.

I wanted that my all team present their topic in a good way so that the audience has no questions to ask. All the team members should prepare their topic and practice a lot it before presented. I was prepared well and had enough practice before presented it to the audience. I need to research more about my topic but I couldn't. I should to go through it more professionally but what I have done I am happy about it. I wanted to go through and find out more future for this company so that I can learn lot of from it.


At the end of the project I want to say that, I did many projects but it was my first project from where I got the knowledge about management. I used the best strategy to research deeply on it. I gave many possible solutions and have chosen the best solution for the benefit of company as well as employee. I have learnt a lot from these management concepts and I had researched everything and go with the primary and secondary researches.

I have learnt communication skills to give the presentation well. Some of the strategies I wanted to use to analyse and give more appropriate solutions but the lack of computer services I could not illustrate it more. But what I have researched to complete this project, I am fully confident and happier about my work.