Teaching Of Science And Mathematics In English Education Essay

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My name is Cheong Kar Mun, study Diploma in Business Management at Olympia College Ipoh. I am support teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. Early learning science and mathematics in English to children are extremely important.

2. Nowadays, English used widely and can be founded in everywhere. English are considering as the most important language of the world. Teachers teaching Mathematics and Science in English since student are young age, it will continue accessing knowledge even they after graduate their high school, especially in sector of science. Learning mathematics in English since their young age will give students ability to learn advances subjects like physics and chemistry. Knowing English can helpful for scholars can communicate ideas and research finding peers in their field. That is a lot of information are available in English from library or internet. Scholar interested in doing research at an academic level on new scientific developments so that the prime minister should consider the Science and Mathematics teaching in English. They can search their scientific knowledge to foreign people through internet. Students will find a lot of the latest science information. Furthermore, if students do not understand the teacher explanation and they faces the difficult question on their lesson, revision or project works so that students can search more information of science through network. Many of network those are about scientific information will use and explanation in English. I am support using English to teaching Science and Mathematics because student can more understand and solve their problem and research easily when they search information through network. Education in English since they are young age is easily for them continue their higher studies because many of universities are using English in teaching include local university and some of parents send their child to overseas like United Kingdom, United State and Australia so that they can easily get their teacher explanation and teaching. They would no problem if they are taken in subject in engineering, medical, IT and accountancy fields.

3. The Star (2008) states that Science and Mathematics in English can help increase proficiency. Ministry of Education supposed to teaching Science and Mathematics in English when student Standard One. The aims of teaching Science and Mathematics in English can motivate students to learn English language efficiently and students will be used to English while communicate with other people and can speak fluent in English. Malaysia can improve their English level. The Star (2007) states that more of the people will speak in English than any other language, is the native language of more than 350 million people. Using English in education not only can motivate student speak English they still can learn more English words and proper grammar, new words and also focus on the scientific vocabulary. Students will improve their pronunciation. Some of the family they are using their mother tongue to communicate, if the school still using other language like Malay or Chinese to teach science and mathematics that would not be only cannot improve the standard of English and motivate them to learn English language, scientific vocabulary and also cannot speak fluent in English. If teaching in Malay language, student only can speak fluent in Malay and used to communicate with people in Malay, this should not be improving the ability of students to communicate in English. Lim Kit Siang (n.d) informed that the study found that fewer than 15 percent of teachers were fluent in English, and that most teach using a combination of both languages. Government should first train the teachers who are lack in English language only can improve the young generation English.

4. Teaching English and Mathematics in English not only pave the way for the youngest generation for student also very useful in their future, especially in science development. English language will help us and give us have confidence after graduate and it will bring for youngest generation a lot of challenges. Learning English language also is the key to our success. If we do it well in Mathematics and Science foundation in English language will have a lot of chances in job market are related Science and Mathematics because English is international language. Who are interested in accountant and having math foundation and higher math in English is useful of seeking accountancy job. In a business view, a international companies or corporation company will first consider and hire a employees are best, can speak well and write well in English and also dual language because they will easily communicate and doing a report with their clients those are in other foreign countries which they are do not know speaking in Malay or Chinese. However how excellent in the result is, if do not know and speak in English, that will always miss the job opportunities. Many of documents, report, projects, contracts, memo and emails are written in English, peoples are known in English it will easy to handle and understand the project or the job. The language of English has become internationally across the world especially daily communicating, business, science, technology, banking, medicine, computing, tourism and engineering. Speak well in English language in addition to native language can be beneficial if people are seeking job with international companies. They would not be communicating problem in workplace when they working. English language has become a basic requirement for students and job seekers will increasingly in globalised world. If can speak fluent in English will get the great job easy.

5. In addition, speak well in English like can much closer and more connected with the world. If when we going for travel at foreign country like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia and so on so that we can get the travel become easier communicate with local people that may not speak any other language and it will be more enjoyable. Most of the banks, airports, and restaurant and hotel employees will communicate in English with customers and using English sign to guide you, especially 5 stars and above or high class restaurant. And the signboard of foreign country will write in English. Nowadays, not only in foreign country, it also in local country will communicate in English language in particular places like banks, high class restaurants and hotel.

6. In conclusion, my opinion teaching of Science and Mathematics in English must be continued for the betterment of future graduates and will practicing students English skills. Students will communicate in Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese language with their friends in the campus but they less using English to communicate so that I support using English to teaching Science and Mathematics because it will very helpful to train students used to using and learn English in the science and mathematics subjects. English language is the internationally language and would easy to search information of sector in science and mathematics. This is also a best way and the easy way to sew up the gap between the foreigners with us, especially science and mathematics development. In Malaysia, Malay language is the language to unite us while English language is important for us to stay relevant, intelligent, wise, positive, survive and successfully.

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