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Executive Summary

The aim of this report is to present the survey and different procedures which are being practiced in the United Kingdom which will reveal the different role expectations. The main idea of this investigation is to share the responsibility of learning between teachers and students and to maximize the power of interaction effectively. Furthermore, this paper will also focus on various aspects which international students should take into consideration while studying in the UK such as Ethical issues, referencing with providing proper evidences and negative effects of plagiarism. This paper will also concentrate on the importance of ethical issues and its practices which international students might not have experienced before, followed by the assessment strategies which essentially evaluate the strategy and new innovations along with technologies. Subsequently, this research will also emphasise on time management factor which will highlight as to how students work on part time basis and therefore meet their expenses along with getting an opportunity to obtain work experience. Moreover, Culture shock is the process of uncertainty in which the people are not sure what will happen around them .Similarly, the purpose of persuasion is to study the process of persuading.


Study in United Kingdom defines safety in technology based on students; self reported practices and information on technology. They have noted several aspects related to plagiarism, cyber-bulling, internet chat rooms, websites and e-mails. (Klein, 2007).

United Kingdom has been creating innovation in designing new building and urban planning. They have also making architectural practices and making it attractive across the world. For example London based Wilkinson Eyre won international design competition in January 2008.United Kingdom also plays a vital role in environmental planning and design. (Hotcourses, 2008/09).


Teacher-student role expectation:

According to tony an English language teacher at university, he observes some teachers of French, Italian, and Spanish in three different schools. According to him regarding discipline level and teaching practice there is no problem in England. Teachers are very friendly to students but there is still a distance, therefore in Spanish system there is lack of classroom display and there are lots of differences in primary and secondary schools in both countries. Training is more hypothetical in Spain as compared to United Kingdom (Claxton, 1996). In UK there is an achievement in profiling, portfolio. Students do self assessments and conciliation in target setting. Broadfoot et al. (1998) as cited in Kellaghan, Stufflebeam (2003,p.559) find students of secondary school get difficult in self assessment because assessments criteria are very unclear and they are not used to it. Self assessments are beyond the student perceptions. Furthermore boys are more aggressive to challenge the teacher's assessment and they have a keen interest in doing the assessments but girls only wants a discussion. Additionally it appears that students are showing their self empowering and Teachers will have to make the new ground and rules for students and also to persuade them in such a way that their evaluation should be valuable by explaining them the positive and negative aspects of their work and motivates the students in a very challenging way so that they do their work with lots of creativity and answering in a very logical way.(Kellaghan,Daniel 2003).

Ethical Issues: Referencing and Plagiarism:

Assessment Strategies:

Computer based assessment strategies is a useful case study related to logistical and technical problems. Similarly, Leeds metropolitan university has created a new undergraduate scheme entitled to data modelling and database design. These are the module which comprises of entity -relationship modelling, logical design related to their background and there past development of database with their legal and ethical aspects. However, this strategy was examined carefully and has been considered efficiently. Furthermore, these assessments have taken two forms namely a total creativity of an entity-relationship diagram followed by working which is heavily based in determining the design and building of a database (Williams and Mackinnon, 2004).

Online summative assessment strategies and their impact on students play a very vital role it has a basic affect on students learning it provides a learning outcomes in such a way that the students get more manipulate in making the conception of some innovative assessment practices in increasing their stimulus in learning. The important thing is that it offers a under research literature that how technology is being used successfully for assessment purpose. Additionally, it improve student performance in such a way that student get benefits self-assessment and consideration, criticism, motivation and time management. This case study comprises evaluation and preferred methods of learning that how to phase online assessment and this is use by faculty when moving towards adopting e-assessment strategies that what students want to learn and how they spend their time in searching (Remenyi, 2007).

Working Part time and Meeting your Expenses:

Part time work it means reduce the working hour from the full time working hours on weekly basis or it may be average under the employment working hour in a year. (Lyonette, et al.2010).

According to Carney et al.(2004) In United kingdom mostly student do part time work for meeting their expenses, such as pay their rent, bills or may be University fee or occasionally to fulfil their luxuries of life. There are many reasons for the student to do part time work, some works to get the practical knowledge in their field and some works to fulfil their basic needs .But part time work also create problems for the students like absent in the lectures, no time for study and making assignments on time and also feeling tiredness. Working part time not only provide the financial benefit the students but also giving the opportunity understand the working culture of the United Kingdom and it will help them in building the career in future. Working part is also important for the students to develop their skills and make them self dependent.

According to geert hofstede, (2010) India and Pakistan is a poly chronic countries and there part time work is not taken very significantly because in India and Pakistan students should not allowed to work during the study and it's taken as considered rime and it also effect parents reputation and considered as poor who not able to pay child fee. But the education system in the United Kingdom is totally different and it favour's the students and University and colleges allow the student to work part time beside your studies which is not allowed in India and Pakistan.

In United Kingdom working part time given as an encouragement to the student and shows good management system among education and employment and give equal opportunity to every students no matter which background and what nationality they are having.

Source: www.geert-hofstede.com (2010)

According to geert hofstede (2010) in India youngsters are not ready to work under the new person because of the hesitation and not able to work for a long time as they are not very familiar with that person. But if we talk about United Kingdom due to the high degree of proportion of individualism youngsters are more accurate with their work and not get any hesitations and try to get to get success in their life and meet all the expanses at individually. Due to high degree of power index individualism students are feel relaxed working with stranger.

In United Kingdom all the Universities help the students who working part time job and permit them to work 20 hour in a week, So that the student meet their expanses along with their studies. But India and Pakistan students are not allowed to do part time work along with their studies.

In United Kingdom government also help to the student for providing several types of part time job which help students to meet their expanses and also help to gain some experiences in their field. There are several big companies in United Kingdom like Tesco, Farm food, Sainsbury, Asda, Mark and Spencer which create several part time work to the student which help the students to get UK working experience and lead them how to emerge for giving interview , which is hardly seen in India or Pakistan.


Ethics is one of the important elements in having cultural difference. People come from different countries and different backgrounds to study in UK, which makes it one of the biggest educational hubs. Students coming from different cultures have to face many challenges as they have to interact with people from diverse cultures. In spite of these problems reports shows that student enjoy high level of satisfaction with their course and helps them to interact with multi cultural groups more effectively in the future that's helps them to build a good career. Wessel(2007)cited in Ross Lewin p.497

Plagiarism is use of another's work, word or ideas without a proper credit (Richard H.McCuen, 1996,p.172).With the growth information technology the tendency of students to plagiarize is becoming more. But growth of information technology has also helped universities to prevent plagiarism. Software's like turnitin.com, catchit first.com etc have not only reduced students plagiarism, but also have helped students to do appropriate research and make them aware of the consequences they have to face by doing plagiarism as they may be coming from different countries where academic punishments are not so harsh. (Jeffrey L. Buller, 2010, p.184)

The one way students can avoid plagiarism is to use referencing, students have to site the source from where they have taken the information. If students fail to give proper reference will result in failing the course or expelling form universities But in most the cases students coming from outside the country do not use this technique and they get plagiarized. (Peder Jones and Jay Farness, 2002,p.386).


The management of course commitments with other activities is one of the important aspects of time management. When students have to deal academics with other obligations they find it very difficult. They feel isolated from their families and friends when they cannot manage the time between academic activities with other commitments.for example it will take an average of six to seven years for a part time PhD student to complete and submit a thesis, during this period students should have a proper balance between academics with other commitments. There is a possibility of students dropping the courses if fails to bring a proper balance. (Caroline Gatrell,2006,p.3)

Culture Shock:

The term "Culture Shock" defined as to adjusting from well known or familiar environment to unfamiliar environment. According to (Pedersen 1995), he has mentioned some facts about culture shock that it is the state of anxiety in which not to know how to do and what to do or it is the process of uncertainty in which the individuals are not quite sure what is about to happen and what they do expect from the individuals around them.

The culture shock can be further manipulated in following elements for the international students who wish to study in UK:

Environment: some of the students will find that United Kingdom climate is affecting them a lot. Many of the students belong from warm countries or regions so it will be very difficult to very used to of it especially in winter.

Cooking: some students may find that British food is very tricky or bizarre. The way the cooking is totally different and its taste is bit changed. If you are unfamiliar with cooking and living in self-catered accommodations then you should rely on the junk or fast food to get your daily basis nutrition's .plus you should also eat lot of fruits and vegetables for maintaining your daily diet.

Verbal communication: if English is not your first language then constantly speaking and listening will be very tiring. You may miss your mother tongue at that moment. When you will arrive in UK you may discover that English language is very hard to understand even your English speaking is very fluent. British people speak English very fast and frequently .it may be very disappointing to ask them to repeat it.

Outfit: some students may find that it is uncomfortable to wear heavy and warm clothes because they belong to warm countries, some pupils may find that British dress is very awful and funny.

Communal performance: In large cities you may find that peoples are often walk fast and look cold and distant, or you may surprised by couples kissing in public and holding each other hands and their behaviour may offend you sometime .you may also see the relationship is quite different in British as compared to you country. Sometimes the relationship between man and woman is quite formal.

Policy of manners: British people are very strict about their punctuality in Academics and as well as in Business life. Student must allocate time for seminars, classes, educational visits, tutorials, groups meeting with friends, students and institution's staff also. Make yourself active all the time and indulge yourself with an activity or sports.

According to (university of Warwick website) they survey the culture shock in international students and found the following problems and symptoms:

Unhappiness, aloneness and miserable

Worried about own health

Allergy, aches, sometime pains

Sleeplessness or oversleep

Sadness and feeling weak

Losing the identity


Desire for family

Ignored or feeling so lost

Strategy of Persuasion and how they differ in U.K:

Significantly, it has been observed that in the field of health and social care various pattern of style and culture of public policy are up-and-coming which basically has got very pluralist approach and apparently involves more actors than earlier. However, increase in 'public' signifies more than state and importantly it has been noticed that administrative planning to a great extent coming into view from outside professional, government or commercial quarters. Therefore this kind of approach is being implied to that governance which is broader in comparison with the state. Noticeably, this approach is being practiced as 'Third Way Politics' in the UK policy perspective (Bunton and Macdonald, 2002).

Management is considered to be as a group of one or more entities which shows as to how organisation supervises in order to be successful in inner as well as outer communication explaining particularly in persuasive way and in a clear way. According to Hargie, Dickson and Tourish (2004) as cited in Hargie (2006) explains that the three most significant factors which influence the organisational communication is power distance, usage of language and cultural diversity. However research done by various authors such as Hofstede (1991) and Javidian and House (1999) presents various outcomes worldwide in Power distance which is also known as status along with uncertainty avoidance and assertiveness followed by commitment to individualism- collectivism and finally attitude to masculinise-feminism. For instance, managers in the American MNCs are comparatively meant to be high on assertiveness along with individualism whereas the managers operating in the Hong Kong and Taiwanese multinationals are more focussed towards status along with collectivism therefore latter concentrated in order to avoid assertive strategies. Consequently, all of these have a clear influence on success of explanations along with the understanding to the members of various cultures (Hargie, 2006).


Studying in the UK is a huge experience for us. It is the perfect epitome for us to learn what's going around the UK. According to above findings, we observe education as a new experience related to teacher student expectation. The main aim is to give the motivation to students regarding their assessments strategy. Additionally we get better knowledge as students conduct better research as they are very strict on plagiarism and referencing. Furthermore time management also play a very crucial role in student's life style. They have balance between academic routine and recreation. Similarly cultural shock has a great impact on international students regarding the U.K environment. Working part time they get knowledge and they gain work experience about U.K economy. It is really a huge experience for all of us to know about the U.K.