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In order to identify my strength's and weakness I had done the tutorial activity i.e. The Concept of Self which makes me know few things like am Hyperactive which is useful in some cases but not all cases it means I'm highly active or excessively active, at that time I was sitting with a team and doing this task I got to know like when all doing the work suddenly if I get any idea I immediately make them listen to it and disturb all the people in their work so and this must be my blind area and I got to know at a moment that am energetic always and very responsible to the given task like in my team am doing presentation for that I gather the information and got new ideas to express and everything put in to the paper and gave presentation for Regency Hotel in Bangkok and when working with group I found in my team 4 members 1 doesn't agree that am helpful mostly because she known's me from few days so may be but in my own ability I think am helpful to person whom they need me. Most important two things I want to discuss and gone to know that my possible career will be Manager and not capable thing is two become pilot even my tutorial teacher got to tell go with your interests but I like aeronautical but my father doesn't even I discuss this with my team members they gave good suggestions.

How does this reflect the findings of your chosen self analysis toolkit?

After this I have done Johari window & Personality Test which was invented by Joseph Loft and Harrington Ingham and there is very useful resource to know what am and my team members answered the questions what they think about me by this people this is like there will be a list of 56 adjectives and the people have to take 5 or 6 on them and which gives the personality out, got to know my traits which are Helpful as the 2 people kept and doesn't and they kept the same with I'm energetic and friendly nature and 2 kept dignified and 2 doesn't so after they kept I want to see is they telling true or false so I took a copy from them about my johari window and checked it yes what they told and in johari the same qualities are printed as like helpful is low and I got with them that am hyperactive.

What are the implications for future career or personal development?

So for my qualities and my interest to be a manager the best trait in me is responsibility of work or any task that given should be done and energetic which makes me work for a long time without tired and makes others happy in my circumstances this two are my strength's as well I will reduce my weakness of hyper and helpful nature by making good friends and controlling my feelings.

This analysis made to know where i'm average and where I need to be improved and to develop my personality and skills and I will be updated myself and improve my cross-functional skills all the way. I'm interested in power of smile which is good for health and also which gives the people spirit to complete their tasks with happiness and I trust in that and positive thinking is needed and which is fruit to our life I always think in a positive way and we should good mood and instantly make others happy and being happy that type of character and I like people who surrounded me to be happy and do their duties in time and sometimes I be over excited in bothering either they done their assigned work or not this thing I will reduce and overcome from that.

Critical Incident - 2

Summary of critical incidents:

When I gave presentation for case study i.e. Regency Hotel in Bangkok we team sit together discuss in detail about the hotel growth and what to present we spotted the ideas from each other but the time I don't even get a single good point in my brain and I feel so guilty in front of my team because I didn't gave a single good point to them where as they already gave 2 to 3 points each person and but the thing I was following each and everyone's point of view and final conclusion I gave the words and at the presentation day I was pretty good and I told my views and ideas which not even I mentioned in the slides but I told so I got to know in this the time when I want to give something important I can't do it but after a few hours I will get a good ideas on the same thing I told the issues and problems of the hotel. After that I just thinking for a while and gave some recommendations for the problems which hotel facing and they take 2 recommendations and this was too delay and thought my thinking ability is too low and this effects my overall efforts.

How does this reflect the findings of your chosen self analysis toolkit?

I have completed the Personality test & Human Metrics Test and this used to figure out what character and principles, passion we can know, I got to know the few things very important which exactly suits my present situation, I took this personality test in my tutorials and got a good idea and which I can explore career options, this test covered all the aspects like propensities, attributes and the strong points this I take fast analyze on the internet and get an immediate result which decide which profession may suitable to me but I have to improve a lot with that, that is the result after I attending the personality test my personality states "ESTJ" in this Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging so in this my thinking level is very low and that too in right time at right place and my judging level is very good and thinking level which is low so the same thing happens with me frequently.

What are the implications for future career or personal development?

As well my interest to be a manager to a good organization now I got to know my best straits and my blind area's I will improve my skills in which manner am week and will updated myself and my thinking ability by taking few tests and will be up to date and will learn to work in new environment and I will keep a personnel goal to be improved myself and even any failures occurs I will keep it in experience and doesn't repeat and overcome it. Mostly am open minded and very good team player I like to be with friends and make them comfortable in my presence so in the mean time very responsive and very eagerly interested to accept new challenges, and very passionate to know about the new technological innovations and new factors.

Learning Journal :

Throughout the course I have done 12 sessions and covered many topics and I leant so many things with this modules helps me a lot in my career , leading and managing I did some things activities like personality tests, Human metrics test by all this I got to know my position and my character and how about my abilities and I did the strength's and weakness modules, where it states the which area's am good and which area's am week, in this I got to know few things if I see myself very confident but others see me like am arrogant and if I see me as humorous and others see me as frivolous and this happens so did johari window and got to know all this my known and not known in myself and the same way by others how they see me. and my best straits and my blind straits and feedbacks from them make me learning so many things.

Professional Management Objectives :

In Professional organization which I leant from my subject is we should manage self and at same time should manage work and the same time should manage relations with people and in any situations and like this 5 area's are key points and the another thing I lean is people skills i.e. non other then soft skills like communications with people where I gave few presentations in the tutorials and the time management it's like the managing the time according to the time to give presentation and skills which leant improved a lot .

By the course I have leant the listening skills and be enthusiastic to lean something new and communicating friendly and making them comfortable with my presence and team-building and interpersonal relations and be competitive with present environment.

Interpersonal Relationships



Presentation skills

As a Computer's background I have few technical skills and by this modules I learn the personality traits, negotiation abilities and presentation skills and this skills to push effectively and efficiently when communicating to customer.

In my team I managed in take team decision-making which helps me when I enter to new organization and the relations with people and adopting ethical values and two way communication and very responsible if we assigned any task to do we should be very responsible in doing and completing that task so that we can be more successful and can improve the performance. I learn how to encourage the ideas and suggestions given by team members and for this we take papers and write all their views on that piece of paper and at last we can take good points from that so as group or team our work will be easily completed.

Management with people:

Managing people or people management it is completely responsibility of people in the regulating body system of organization. In this I got know who to be related with insiders of the organization and outsiders of the organization like the insiders will be Employees, workers, managers etc and the Outsiders will be people like customers, suppliers & dealers.

Area's for Improvement:

Training for up-gradation of the knowledge and new technology , have to improve the business ethics and how to advertise a product in a creative manner and which people should be interested in buying it and very good friendly nature with the employees in an organization and be flexible and good communication with customers to do good business with them making decision as firstly and good one. and should be even team decision making.

Work with team together and share all the idea's and be more interactive with them in this accepts I have to improve myself a lot and my thinking ability is low and have to take few tests and improve myself a lot and make flexibility in work. Leadership qualities need to be improved and this modules makes the relationship status more then leaderships qualities so I need to be more stressed on that and in all lever should improve my leadership qualities, make efforts on new innovations with the use of technology by the way good communicator with customers this qualities need to be improved. Should learn to give good ideas in a team for overall ideas will be presented and recorded.

The major area if any problem arises I should be in a position to solve that problem and for this I need to improve the thinking level there should be a clarity and clarification of my thinking and should be learn in the way of creative thinking skills and I may improve this by my experiences.

My objective and passion for doing this module is to make myself understand the things like Personality, life planning ,Career , managing interpersonal skills and business ethics

by this I got improved in my confident level communication, attitude and knowledge.