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Executive Summary

Studying in United Kingdom is comparatively more prominent than any other countries it provides a unique study methodology which enhances simultaneous development of an individual with ample of opportunities in itself and internationally. This paper focuses on overall scenario of the environment of studies and other issues such as scholarships, health safety, insurance, infrastructure and counselling. This paper elaborates the rationality of the overall scenario and the argues through political, environment, social and technology (PEST) analysis, follows suggestions and recommendations.

Terms of Reference

Today, Education is not a mere qualification. It brings with it an opportunity to step outside the boundaries of the four walls of a classroom. George Savile, Marquis of Halifax rightly opined, "Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught."

Education as per my opinion should be such that brings new people of different cultures.

It provides one an option to develop amidst various cultures, thoughts, perceptions and experiences.

I work in my company as a director, my company is an education consultancy, As the director of my consultancy AEC - Abroad Education Consultants, it is my wish that our team achieve a common objective with our various university partners in making a project that depicts a truly open and wide-ranging industry of ideas, insights and view about the versatile realm of education overseas for students.

Our consultancy's main goal and objective is to get closer to the students in India, the opportunities of various demanding courses and study programs which are being offered in the premier education Institutes foreign. It is our top priority and duty that our students do not only get what they desire but also we try delivering the best alternative for their career. We provide counselling service to those of our students who look for a professional guidance for their future and we guide the students as per their interest in a particular sector or industry, We provide full assistance and work in coordination with our all students' ability, comfort and their future aspirations as well as whenever we choose a university for our students we have our main aim that our students are well satisfied with their education and have a better platform for starting of their careers.

Even to the universities to whom we send our students, we have a full faith in the universities abilities to make our students shine and emerge as fore-runners there. It is thus our main objective to provide excellent services in order to bring contentment to everybody we work with.

Our organization has completed 9 years of excellence in our field and during the tenure we have developed our brand image for the quality of service that we provide and have developed faith among our clients family and nearby for the abroad education services.

AEC Education Consultants is one of the fastest rising globally educational consultants dedicated to providing the Indian students with all essential information pertaining to the learning opportunities in UK. As from the recent years UK has been a place where there is a perfect blend of various traditions, culture, international exposure as well as global competition which makes a student not only makes his education complete in a perfect environment but also enhances a student's persona which helps them in their long run career as well, students after having a year or more than in the country are well versed with international environment but also due to such mixture of various international students, they even inherit the way to think differently and innovate some new ideas in their respective filed. We are authorized Partner of the British High Commission promoting education in the U.K. We have our several branches in India and are providing the best counselling and assistance to guide to choose and pursue a student's dream career. We at AEC help our students with scholarships and loan as well. We help them in obtaining an education loan from nationalized banks.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Career Counselling - We help our students to find and choose a particular course which will suit their interest and background. Comprehensive information on the International education system and lifestyle.
  • University Selection- In this step we help our students to choose the best suited University for their course. After process application for all the Universities in U.K, and then we can suggest you which one is suitable in your field.
  • Application Producer -The next step is to concern the selected universities. We guide our students in filling the Universities form; assist in preparation of Recommendation letter, Statement of purpose. We send our recommendation letter with your university application form to the University emphasizes the strengths of the student and why she/he should be permit. The admission administrator considers this letter in their judgment making. We keep maintain the touch with the universities to ensuring the student a swift response.
  • Financial Support- We also offer our help in apply for bank loan and other scholarships.
  • Visa Assistance -We assist our students in applying visa and other legal procedure. We prepare their visa file. We can help our students in arranging all required document for visa application. We also verify all the papers in our file and submit it according to the high commission/embassy requirements.
  • Accommodation & Airport Pick Up- We also manage and book the accommodation in the overseas country. We will also organize the airport pick up service for our students. Our student's safety is our first duty.
  • Travel Arrangements-We will also assist our students in travel arrangement, foreign currency, all type insurance policy, opening a bank account in overseas country, cellular phone services in overseas country and other services as well.

From the recent years, as UK has become increasingly a place where education is one of the best throughout the world. Our clients are student who are interested in study in aboard.UK universities and colleges having thousand courses at various levels of education.

Most of the student who recently completed intermediate course and graduation degree prefer to go aboard for their further studies. The Student these days prefer UK degree because it take only three years and postgraduate master's course only one year compared with four year in most other countries.


  • Various qualifications offered by UK Universities and Colleges
  • First Degree (Bachelors Degree).
  • Sandwich Courses: Where the assignments is accompanied by the practical work.
  • HND (Higher National Diploma)
  • Vocational Courses.
  • Postgraduate.
  • Research (Doctorate.)

There are many questions strike in student mind regarding aboard studies. The most of information required by our client is related to education sector. There is following of question

  • Why study in UK?
  • The UK is swift emerging as one of most demanded study place for student in this world.

  • Which university should i choose in abroad?
  • It depends on study background and the financial status also should influence your choice of the university or college.AEC team will be helping you with selecting best course and university for you.

  • How long does the admission process take?
  • Actually, it depends on the university to university and college to college. But most of the cases it takes 5 to 8 weeks hardly.

  • Is there any entrance exam?
  • There is no entrance test for any course as such. However; you need to score in IELTS or TOEFL with minimum band is 6.5.

  • How much does it cost to study in aboard?
  • It depends on the universities, college and country. If student pursue a Master course in UK University it cost around £6000 to £9000 pounds.

  • What is kind of hostel service is available?
  • They are various option are available firstly, the universities provide on campus accommodation. In university accommodation consist of single and double room and you can have self catered facility where you need to prepare your own food. But most of time student hire flats or house outside which is cheap and best for them.

  • Can I pay my tuition fee by instalments?
  • Yes you pay your tuition fee in instalment base and few universities also offer students to give huge discount on if they pay whole tuition fee in.

  • What is the availability of work in the UK?

Every student is permit to work 20 hours per week.

Overview of the situation

There are unexpected problem will be arise with our client and us. In case when we send the all document of student to the universities for the registration but it will be refuse by the universities due the incompletion or wrong documentation. The UK universities want know the financial status of student for the living purpose many of the student face this problem to arrangement of cash on their account it's a very big issue for us and our client. There is an English exam, TOFEL and IELTS which conduct for the student who want take admission in UK there minimum band score is 6.5 but unfortunately student achieved that score, so it's very bad for both us. Most of the students are not aware of foreign country about their living standard, culture, custom and transportation, so it's possible for student they faced difficulty over there. Some student faced problem with due to technical issue like swift transfer (Online money transfer) the fee is transfer at that time to the university, so this process the slow down the other activity like apply for the visa, it's not possible for students to apply for the visa without getting unconditional letter from the universities. If the not join his classes from day first it very difficult for cover up the previous lecture. The first time when we met our client we put a applicant form which consist of many thing related to his/her past and exiting education background if they not fill the form correctly so its big problem for us in further producer due to the invalid information we can't do the right thing .

PEST Analysis:

The PEST Analysis is stand for "Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis."

Marketers find many opportunities by identifying trends (direction or sequences of events that have some momentum and durability) and megatrends (major social, economic, political, and technological changes that have long lasting influence).

Within the swiftly changing universal pictures, marketers must examine six environmental forces, demographic, economical, social-culture, natural, technological, political -legal. In demographic environment marketers must be aware of population characteristic; the age mix of population and literacy and education stages.

In the Economic field, marketers need to see on income allotment and level of savings, debt and credit accessibility. In social cultural pitch marketers must be aware of influence of religion, languages and customs that shape the values and attitudes of consumer preference, habits and behaviour. Whereas in accepted atmosphere marketers require being sensitive of public's interested concerns regarding the situation. Many marketers are at present espousal sustains ability and Green Marketing Programme that offer enhanced ecological results.

In technological arena marketer should take account of accelerate speed of technological change, opportunity for improvement; verify R and D budgets, and the improved governmental parameter brought about by technological change.

In the political authorized atmosphere, marketers must work within the many laws regulating big business practices and within various special interests group.

Before producing a good pest analysis it is of primary importance to firstly brain storm the relevant factors that applies to the organisation or to its business environment. Second requirement is to identify the information that applies to these factors. And thirdly to draw conclusion from their information it is however necessary not only to describe factors, but to think through what they mean and how do they impact the business. PEST analysis is only to a strategic starting point and has its own limitations emphasizing the need to test the conclusion and finding against the reality.

POLITICAL: - It includes legal and regulatory actions employment law, consumer protection, and environmental protection, inter country relationship attitudes, like political trends, governmental leadership, taxes and governmental structure.

BUSINESS LEGISLATION: According to the World Bank any company can establish in thirteen days compared to the others countries.

TAXATION SYSTEM: - The top corporate rate is twenty eight percent that accounts smallest in the G7 and less than of the U.K.'s mainstay competitors. There is fall down in corporate tax over 50% in earlier 1980's, it reflecting down fall in industry sector. The highest percentage of personal tax goes up to 40% which is lowest in the Europe.

EMPLOYMENT LAWS: According to the World Bank the Denmark is in the first position and the UK is come to the second best position.

GOVERNMENT POLICIES:- The UK is least corrupt country by transparency international. It has better ranking in compare to France, U.S.A, Germany and Japan. The number one city for business from 19 years still maintaining the position and controlling in 2008 by the European monitors and they find London is one of the biggest economic important sector in the world.

ECONIMICAL ENVIRONMENT:- The household belongings to the middle income and above categories constitute the bulk of consuming class, has been increasingly steadily over the years. The urban consumers have to incur has a great cost of living while the rural population has higher disposable income. It includes following points:-

PRODUCTIVITY:- Swiftly rising historically the U.K. have lesser production than its core competitor but this is altering and the U.K. has congested the space with several countries and conquer others.

SAVING RATE / DEBT: -United Kingdom successful achieved the goal in 2008 to merge the 501 new investments and also expand the existing investment, which is highest than Europe.

TRANSPORT LINKS:- The U.K. offer globe class transfer links, HEATHRO' s new terminal 5 is now open publicly and functioning effectively, further growth is designed for international airport at STANSTED and London city. For sea containers terminal at Felixstowe and London Gateway and for train system with venture in London. Cross train and train freight road and rail network has improved.

CREDIT AVAILABILITY: - More foreign companies establish their European headquarters set up there in the U.K. than somewhere.

OLYMPIC OPPERTUNITIES: - The Olympic Games in 2012 is held in London. The procuring stage is started in 2007, contracts are offered for big company of all sizes and the entire estimated financial plan will run in industry.

SOCIAL CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT: - It comprise of various elements which are as follows:-

SOCIAL MOBILITY:- The U.K. has largely wide range of broadband sharein compare to the G7 countries and establish a strongest I.C.T. infrastructure in the globally.

CONSUMERISM:-In London the top level financial service centre are present and which is top in Europe also.

LEVEL OF EDUCATION: - In the latest research by TIMES Higher Education in UK show the UK have Six top level universities in Europe. U.K. research produce sixteen research papers per U.S. one million dollar of research budget (compared with 9.2 papers in the U.S. and 3.6 in Japan).

LIFE STYLE CHANGE: - In U.K the living standard of people is high they are well educate and recreation because government introduce good policy for UK citizen's. They have pay low personal tax, government is also provide fund fitness and its free to all.UK have a rich cultural heritage and wealth of leisure facilities.

POWER DISTRIBUTION INDEX: - Distribution of power is very complicated in some places. Racial discrimination is more and some societies are unequal to some extent.

INDIVIDUALISM: - Basically GEERT HOFSTEDE has mentioned cultural dimensions in which individualism is basically self dependent and collectivism means living with uncle, aunt, natives etc.

TECNOLOGY: - In technology the is maintain the second position after U.S.A.In UK there are many huge industry and many innovative company establish his plant. There are following points:-

PACE OF CHANGE: - As new innovations are there in technology which is very rapidly adopted by the city which helps them to do work more effectively.

INTERNET:-For students it is essential to have a knowledge about internet specially persons who have migrated from one country to another because everything is computerised in this global era.

VERIFYING R and D BUDGET: - With the use of new M.I.S. system it has changed the face of working pattern. Everything is calculated and E.R.P. also helps in finding new ways to explore better opportunities and find potential customers for their organisation.

INCREASED REGULATION OF CHANGE: - As new technology comes which helps to do business in different manner like C.R.M. software etc.

ENVIROMENTAL TECHNOLOGY:-The United Kingdom has one of the most effervescent and globally esteemed renewable energy and environment technology area in the world. The UK government targeted to reduce the level of CO2 emission by 60 % by 2050 offer a healthy support for continued deal in the UK.

NANOTECHNOLOGY:-The UK has famous and well repudiated in world for his nanotechnology, there 1500 research scientists which are focusing on the development of nanotechnology. Recently UK government invest £90 million pound for six year program to R&D department of nanotechnology.

Overview of UK

According to my point of view quality of UK which should need to think when student deciding to study work or live:

  1. Culture-Every culture is good and bad part in view every different person and there is different type of exceptions to theses stereotype.
  2. Diversity-There is broad range of mix cultures in United Kingdom. The most of the foreign communities in London.
  3. Tolerance-British public are generally liberal to foreigners, and respect the liberty to have different opinion and attitude.
  4. Freedom-The citizen of UK are very free minded and they can express their feeling and thought to the foreigners and respect freedom of life.
  5. Humour-They have great sense of humour, it's very difficult.
  6. Creativity-In UK individual ideas are encouraged. British citizen are frequently not as comfortable with working as cluster.
  7. Modesty-British citizen are quite unassuming.
  8. Language-The United Kingdom is the place where the English language born. In UK the many people are using English as their first language and other country except the US (If you see the most English speakers in all these country such as-, UK: 60 million, Ireland/New Zealand/South Africa: 3 million), US: 230 million, Australia: 15 million, Canada: 20 million, .The British accent very famous in world and people like it and it's easy to understand.
  9. Travel-In travelling in UK is easy, you can in railway station any many mall the help centre is available. There are many flights from the London across all over the world. There are various transport but they are not efficient. But can having no problem with them.UK is a quite small country, so it's not difficult take a long trip to beach or spending vacation to various place in UK.Among several countries in which are close to UK of Europe continental. If student come in aboard and doing study otherwise work in the UK, they have chance see and understand the various cultures of Portugal, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia Belgium, France.
  10. Healthiness. Most of the student comes for study in UK if their course is more than 6 month. They get the benefit of free health treatment if you cause by any disease. Just need to register with NHS that all.
  11. Work-International national student are allow to work part-time because they have restriction of 20 hour in a week. In UK the cost of living (ex-food and accommodation)is high,

Solutions and recommendations

  1. An education in India is more theoretical base rather than practical base. Hence clients should consider this option.
  2. Studies in abroad are application base rather than theory base. Application base studies includes apply the theoretical language in to case studies, assignments based on recent global trends.
  3. International exposure enables a student to have knowledge about different tradition and culture and lets a student know about different types of people around the world this enhances their communication skills and make their way of thinking a little flexible.
  4. Being a Doctorate, Masters or a graduate from Uk universities is more valuable and acceptable throughout the world. This means there are ample of opportunities for a student who has passed from UK.
  5. After studies from United Kingdom a student not only gets a degree which is internationally accepted but also a student attains personality grooming, a good communication skills, and highly analytical abilities.
  6. There are a lot of scholarships for students who are deserving, these scholarships can vary from a £1,500-£2,500 and even some universities give hostel accommodation for full 1 year or even throughout the duration of course.

Forecasts and outcomes

  1. The economy is coming out of recession and UK is a fast growing country which will potentially promote the opportunities of business and services.
  2. Graduating or mastering from UK enhances international exposure which assist in getting the desired designations.
  3. After analyzing PEST analysis we can say future prospects are very wide in U.K because in all the field weather education, business it has its name, fame and immense opportunities to work on like we studied it takes 13 days if you want to set a small business here.

Reference Section and Bibliography