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Universities in United Kingdom (UK) are major attractions for the students all over the world especially students wanting to pursue higher educational degrees like MBA, MSc, PhD etc. A variety of options in the study courses adds to the value for a student in selecting a particular university in UK. Universities in UK have a world-wide recognition that helps students in getting better jobs and better opportunities.

In this report, we are going to discuss about the various aspects of studying in UK from a student's prospective. We would have a look at the various stages of a student life in UK, how it starts, how it progresses and how it finally concludes with the aimed degree. Also, we would look at the various facilities and the resources provided by the universities in UK to judge and evaluate a student and how the knowledge of these facilities can help students to develop themselves.


Getting an international degree from one of the prestigious universities abroad is a dream for many students (Tom Barron, 2003). Following US universities, students generally prefer to study in UK universities. One can study a range of subject including business, literature, law, history etc in UK. Any where you go in UK; one might find education is the key link. Every international student will have a lot to learn in UK.

Many well known authors like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin etc. were born in UK. It would be a dream to study in UK for any international student.

UK has got prestigious universities like the Oxford and Cambridge to its credit. Over and above there are approx 3000 Universities where in international students can take admission and receive first class education (Hotcourses, 2008).

Studying in UK is totally different to studies in India. In India, studies are all about book oriented. You can see a child learning in 1st standard carrying a bag full of books on his shoulders. Some time it will be difficult for the child to carry the same. Comparatively, in UK, one only sees the child carrying his lunch box. The studies are done in classes with the books being kept in the schools. Teachers in UK try and make the concept understood to the students in classes. Students have to do research from Internet, books, journals, articles etc. for gathering the required data for studies. In a country like India wherein you address your teachers with "Sirs/Madam", here in UK one can call the teachers by their first names. The general ides of studies in UK, makes individual more creative and they start to think independently at a young age.

It would be easier for international students to feel at home in England, because of the friendly personalities among Britons. England not only provides good entertainment to students in terms of world famous sight-seeing, closeness to nature, latest technology displayed etc. but also ensures that students learn a lot from their studies in UK and be self centred, self confident and independent in every aspect of life.


Studying in UK for a student opens up various aspects of student life. Student here studies as well as manages the local expenses without any major assistance from their families particularly in case of international students. To look into the environment that prevails in a student life is a very interesting subject.

Let's point down some of the findings of a student life studying in UK:

Working in part time-meeting your expenses

As a student, one has to take care about the daily expenses, it could be regarding studies, food, Rent, travelling or in any form. It gets difficult for a student, especially from Asian countries to manage expenses, reason being the much difference in currency values of UK and one existing in their country. Sometimes, their families are not able to afford monthly expenses as salary can't allow them to do so. One the other hand, student that have taken student-loans has to bear monthly interest on the loan till he/she is able to start the first EMI, that would be possible only after completing the course and starting a full time job. One can say it gets tough for students to manage expenses without a job in UK.

As such student look for a job, part-time mostly, to cover food and rent expenses at least. Such a desperate situation is sometimes exploited by some employers, particularly some goods making factories, making them to work physically hard or work in hard conditions. This condition drops the morale of a student drastically; as such they face some mental tensions and obviously can't concentrate on what they have come for. Some of the students, we can say, are lucky to get good work environments, like Costa, McDonalds, University Office, and Shops. In general, the aim is to cater to the needs living here in UK and carry on with the studies as well. No doubt, it is hard to do, but till now students have managed to do it, with some suffering on study as well.

To conclude, there is no option for a student than to look for a job, how well it is doesn't depend. What depends is at the end of month, he/she gets salary to meet his expenses. At least, on salary day, a student could be happy to get his salary and continue to work hard till rest of the days of month.

Time Management

Time management is one of the important areas where a student should be alert or be in line with it.

It could be taken as a discipline activity to manage your activities as per the time. Every activity would have its time of doing it; one could be perfect in finishing up the work on time. This quality helps a student in the long run as well, when they would be in the jobs or anywhere (Carol Rivera, 2007). Any failure in this aspect would be clearly seen from the student in respect of some characteristics like running away to finish some work, late submissions of the assignment, incomplete study of the topic assigned, not understood and get in with what was learned in lecture classes in previous week.

Time management requires some hidden skills as well e.g.; planning the activity, assigning it, defining goals, keeping track, scheduling the task as well prioritizing it as well. A student, as it is a natural behaviour, tends to avoid it due to some priority tasks which they spent (waste) most time on, like enjoying too much, no study or any considerations of it, entertainment stuffs and recreations that make them happy about it.

A good student would be a having time-management done in a right way. Enjoyment is a must for a student, but that too should be limited by time constraints. To be progressive in life, one must be able to master this skill and be successful with it results (Sherrie Nist-Olejnik, Jodi Patrick Holschuh, 2007). Every activity, whether personal or work/study related, should be planned and prioritized well before and queue up in time-managing activity to make sure it gets addressed in proper time and done when it is required.

Strategic of persuasion and how they differ in the UK

Persuasion can be defined as an art or act or social influence that leads to persuading the other person with your beliefs and ideas in different cultures (Dave Lakhani, 2005).

People follow different ways or methods of persuasion and some of them are successful and some may lead to failures. It depends the way you present your ideas or pick up the appropriate methods to fulfil it to the need.

For e.g. In India, persuasion precedes a good relation i.e.; Presentational style between the individuals or groups who would like to share ideas, discuss in groups, come to a general conclusion approved by everyone and then finally implementing the same in a right way. Comparatively it could be different in rest of the world depending on where the person is, whom they are going to persuade and how they behave in their common lives (Johnstone B & Lustig M W & Koester J, 2003).

In UK, in general, persuasion differs as already said above. Quasilogical style of persuasion is followed in UK. It takes another form, may be direct approach, research based on existing ideas of experts, renowned authors or publishers, statistics, facts and figures. Relationship values do matter, but it is confined to a small extent in this regard. People present their ideas or beliefs in a very straight or direct way which are based on proven ideas or some existing researches that supports their presentations (Johnstone B & Lustig M W & Koester J, 2003).


We have seen that in universities in UK, students have better advantage to develop themselves, learn new areas of development, develop skills and start using those in a job or in business whatever is the option available in their hands. A student learns how to deal in difficult and challenging environments and be ready for the real world challenges in various areas of business and organisations.

Also, it is up to students to utilise the resources available to develop themselves by using better time management, persuasion techniques, motivation techniques and knowing about how their work is assessed and finishing up as per the assessment rules. Only then can a student be in good list with good grades.


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