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My education background is law and now I am postgraduate student of business management. My family business is grocery wholesale so I am involved in the family business. I have business experience but I did not study business management. When I involve in my family business I feel lack of knowledge about the business then I want to study business management so I came UK and now I am going to study APDMS course in LSBM College. My personal object is to made a good manager who can do manage of any kinds of work or business. I have many kinds of skill but it is not sufficient to any kinds of work. I want to made a good manager so I need to improve my personal and professional skills according to my job. It is most important to improve our personal and professional skill to get the success of our work life. When we chose of our future work then first we need to find out what kinds of personal and professional skill to do that work. Then we need to choose the easy way how we can improve our skill to do that work. When we are going to develop our personal and professional skill, what need to our job, certainly we can do good job. In the professional life there is so signification role of personal and professional skill.

2. The Organization where I will interested to work

I would be interested to work in Tesco supermarket as Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager (see appendices-1). Because i am so impressed of Tesco business progresses and style. Tesco get this success by the hard work of their staff. There is no easy to prepare a good staff in every organisation. Where more challenge there is more success also. So I am interested do work in Tesco supermarket as the post of Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager. Under the Tesco supermarket there is many kinds of post to do work but I am interested in that post.

The main duty and work Tesco supermarket as Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager is this following:

doing recruitment administration and audits

sourcing Trainee candidates direct to Tesco and screening candidates

supporting assessment centres

collating and reporting on weekly and monthly KPI information

liaising with professional suppliers - arranging interviews and providing candidate feedback

coordinating temps and work experience students

doing ad hoc admin including room bookings/ project work

Personal skills

There is an ability of each person to do certain things so well that is their personal skill. In my research minimum this personal skill need to the Tesco supermarket's commercial HR-Trainee Resourcing manager:

Commutation skill,

Teamwork skill,

Problem-solving skill,

Personal effectiveness skill,

Numericacy skill,

Informational technology skill.

Professional Skills

There is different between general skill and professional skill. Professional skill is that kinds of skill which need to particular professional. When I am interested to work in Tesco supermarket's Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager certainly i need a some professional skill to do work in that post. We use our general skill every day of our life but professional skill we used only our earning work. There are no same kinds of skill in each person. Who have special types of skill those only can made professional skill. For example each person can play football but who has special skill and knowledge about the football they only can play professionally. The main requirement provisional skill of Tesco supermarket's Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager is this following:

Planning skill

Counselling skill

Mentoring skill

Decision making skill

Supervision and management skill

Time Management skill

Leadership skill

Negotiating Conflicts skill

Ethics and Integrity skill

Fairness skill

Discretion and business ethics skill

Delegation skill

Team building skill

Operation skill

The above Personsl and professional skill is to need the Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager of Tesco who have not that skill he did not do the work in the Tesco's as Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager post. I am graduate in law and till now I am studying the business management in postgraduate level in UK's college. There is need know the knowledge of Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager about the law and business management theory is necessary. Therefore my academic qualification has help to me do that job as a professionally. In the another side my personal goal and object also same if I will work as an Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager my study, skill and knowledge is used in the right field . Therefore I chose the post of Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager in the Tesco Supermarket. If I get the job of Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager in the Tesco supermarket my professional skill and my personal goal and object both are going to fulfil in the same time.

3. Learning styles

Human learn every time new thing from the many thing and method. We can learn new thing to see, to touch, to hear, to test, to study, to experience etc. Study and work is main two things from where we learn in our life.

About the learning style Kolg's preferred the following four things. They are:

Accommodating (feel and do-CE/AE)

Diverging (feel and watch-CE/RO)

Converging (think and do-AC/AE)

Assimilating (think and watch-AC/RO)

Diagrams of kolb's learning styles [1] 

Accommodating: The Accommodating learning style is related to doing and feeling. According to this learning style people use other people's analysis, and prefer to take a practical, experiential approach. Who can feel about other problem and going to help them he can learn new thing. For example when man help to other person to solve their problem he can success to manage his own problem to coming future. So the accommodating to other is one important style of learning. Who accommodating other these people are information and always attracted to new experiences and challenges. People with this learning style prefer to work in group.

Diverging: According to Diverging learning style People prefer to learn by watching and feeling rather than doing. Who can look things differently they use diverging learning style. According to divering learning style learner gather information and use their imagination to solve the problem. These people perform better in situation where there is need of idea generation like group work, brainstorming and art works like painting, dancing etc.

Converging: By the converging we can learn how choose best options between many alternative options. It is related with doing and thinking. So Kolb preferred the converging a kinds of learning style. Converging learning style focus on practical things. Who is interested in technical aspects and less with people and social or interpersonal issues. These types' people are best at finding ideas that can be practically used and able to work with practical application. They really can solve the problems.

Assimilating: Assimilating is related with watching and thinking. To learn new thing assuming is so important. By the assimilating we can learn everything about the subject. It is deep study style. Assimilating is deep searching every field so this is so important style of learning. Assimilating learning style prefer to think logical approach. In assimilating learning style is less focused on person and more on interested in ideas and logical theories. Generally these people need clear explanation and prefer to excel at understanding wide range of information and organize it in clear logical format.

More effective Ways to Learning

To get that skill and quality accommodating is my preferred learning style because the will of to help other work I can reach the so near of them. When we reach near of the problem that time automatically came the idea to solve the problem. When we feel to other we can do more effectively. This style is more practical style. I am always attracted towards new challenges and want to experience some new. By this style we can learn to new thing practically. According to accommodating learning style we can use the other information and carry out analysis which results in best output. To hear many people problem and try to solve is this kinds of work certainly learn new thing. So who want to learn new thing he must be not back the accommodating to other. In my life when I accommodating other I have learn new thing every time that help to me solve of my own problem. This is my successes learning style. So I thing accommodating is more effective learning style.

4. My personal skill audit (Own SWOT analysis)

Nobody is prefects in all things. Every one has strength and weakness both aspects. We do our work easily when we can recognize own strength and weakness. Everyone have some special strength, skill and quality. When the man can recognized their own strength, skill and quality he must do their work easily as well as he can perform his duty also easily. Without knowing the own strength, skill and quality who do any work it is hard to get success of their work. When we are not success in our work our life is not good. To identify the skills and knowledge that I require, as well as the skills and knowledge that I currently has is the main purpose for conducting a personal skills audit. In this situation now I am going to explain my own current strength, skills, and qualities. After that I know who is am I? I can know what types of work suit to me. And what should be doing in the coming day? It's all things going to clear. A SWOT matrix is a framework for analyzing of my strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that I face. This helps me focus on my strengths, minimize my weaknesses, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to me.

(A) My strength:

I have many kinds of strength, skill and quality but now I am going to explain my main strengths, skills and qualities. I am always sincere of my work so sincerity is my strength. When I am start do work I am fully committed to my work. I think every work can do easily when we fully sincere of our work. I have those kinds of skills I can divide the every aspect of work and do easily. I have that kinds of quality I am positive of all my works.

Another strength is I can do work in the team. I can do work well with other. I did not give any kinds of turcher to other when I am working in a group. I have that kinds of quality if any people do to me bad treat I think there is some may also mistake so he do that to me. I have not done never bad behaviour with other.

I have good communication skills. I can put my view in front of all my gays and lesson to other view also. Therefore in the group's all people like to me. I can easily take other bad behaves. I have ability to learn from mistakes and I am good learner as well as listener.

Adaptability is my strength. I keep myself flexible every time and situation. I am punctual. Punctuality also is my strength. In my work place expectation of extra situation I am always punctual. I do every work under the time table.

I keep positive every work and situation. I have those kinds of skill I saw some good thing in every bad thing also. I can destroy the every problem and take the good thing and leave the bad thing.

Willing to learn new thing is also my strength aspect. I have creative thinking skills. By this skill I love to learn new thing. I have also good analysis skill every situation. I can explain the think deep analysis after then I am intemperate the situation logically. I will not speak anything without logics. Logically speaking is my skill.

(B) My weakness:

There are not only my strengths. I have many kinds of weakness also . I am very flexible so I did not take stick stand of my work this is my weakness. Some time it there should be need to take stick stand but I could not do that and the opportunity gone from to me.

I can not easily frankly of new people. This is another weakness. With new place and people when I meet I could not made friend immediately. First I am going to fully understand to him and in the slow motion I made frankly with him. By this my weakness I lose some opportunity.

I have not quick decision power this is also my another weakness. I take more time to do any decision of work. I also get stressed when there are too many tasks to be done Sometimes I get nervous when presenting/ putting forward my views in public and these results unclear among audience.

(C) My Opportunities

I am always ready and willing to learn and experience more challenging and new things where I believe this is how I will be able to get hold of opportunities that come my way. This will give me a competitive advantage when it comes to employment. I am well educated person of law and business and I have a own business experience as well. I have knowledge of business culture of developing and developed both types of countries. This is my opportunity to do any kinds of managerial work. Now I am studying in UK. UK is more developed country so I can learn more things to stay in this country. This is my great opportunity to learn new and latest thing.

(D) My Threats

I am Nepalese citizen. Nepal is developing countries so there is no more opportunity to work and study about new thing. I want to do more challenging work but develop country like UK is not giving me a visa easily to do the work, it is my threats. My English language is not good, to improve the language is another threat. To update myself about new technology, business, law etc are my other threats.

5. The key skill and qualities of Effective management and Leadership in business

There are many kinds of skill and qualities are need in the effective management and leadership in business. To prepare the business strategic, to recognized the demand of market, sincerity, communication, negotiation, motivate the customer are the key skill and good planner, provider, protector, inspires a shared vision are quality of effective management in the business. Courage, integrity, sincerity, passion, determination, honesty commitment, compassion and sensitivity are the key quality of effective management and leadership in business. There is a some key skill of effective manager they are [2] :

Creative problem solving skill

Communication skill

Conflict management skill

Negotiation skill

Self awareness and improvement skill

Who can understand the changing patron of time and changing himself their rout is the essential skill of management and leadership. Understand other thing as fast and give the own vision as soon as fast is the quality of leadership. Mainly there is a seven key leadership skill in business management [3] . They are:



Inspiring followership





The business environment is not going to same root in the all time. In the critical situation we need effective management and leadership in business. Improving their own effectiveness and efficiency, the effective Management Skills is going to help the organization.

A. My preferred learning style

To gain effective management and leadership in business's key skill and quality i preferred the practical base learning style. We can learn many things from study, watch, feel and think but we are not sure if we did not use that skill in the practice. We need work field to now our real skill. Those kinds of skill which we can learn perfectly after the practice only. Therefore the practical base learning style is so profect to gain that kinds of skill.

Among the David Kolb's learning style the accommodating learning style is more good learning style to gain those skill and quality. "hand-on" and relies on intuition rather the logic is accommodating learning style. This learning style is taking a practical experiential approach. It is suitable to work teams and to complete task. So to gain the key skill and quality which are required for effective management and leadership in business, which I have explained in the above subtitle, I have preferred the accommodating learning style.

6. Conclusion:

When we start to does the any work we should analysis of own personal skill and qualification. Which skill and qualification am I having and which is not. What kinds of skill should need that job? And we also know the learning style which is suitable style to me. If we analysis of this all quotation and fine own answer then we know who is I am and what kinds of work shut to me. In the job what my personal skill should be improve myself. When this all thing is clear our work is so easy and we can give good contribute in the work. After this my professional skill analysis I learn my real skill and determined the place where I do improve near future.

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Vacancy details

Commercial HR - Trainee Resourcing Manager

Tesco is a great place to work - whether you're planning the layouts of our aisles, sourcing products in Thailand or improving our supply chain in Turkey.

We have become a market leader by doing the little things that really matter for our customers and staff.

We believe in treating each other with respect, giving everyone an equal opportunity to get on.

It's our people that make the difference every day - helping us create value for our customers and earning their loyalty for life.

Job Specification:

My job is:

To support the Resourcing Manager in the sourcing of external high calibre candidates to fill vacancies through the most efficient and cost effective methods.

I spend:

50% of my time doing recruitment administration and audits

20% of my time sourcing Trainee candidates direct to Tesco and screening candidates

10% of my time supporting assessment centres

5% of my time collating and reporting on weekly and monthly KPI information

5% of my time liaising with professional suppliers - arranging interviews and providing candidate feedback

5%of my time coordinating temps and work experience students

5% of my time doing ad hoc admin including room bookings/ project work

I know I've done a great job if:

I support the Resourcing Manager to fill 80% of vacancies with excellent quality direct candidates within the agreed timescales

I support the Resourcing Manager in advising line managers on appropriate assessment and interview techniques and promote Interview Skills and Assessor Skills Workshops

I ensure the functions attraction and selection processes are consistently legally sound and Tesco is seen as a fair and equitable employer

All job applicants have a positive experience of the recruitment process and remain loyal customers

I maintain the accuracy of the information on Bond and Tesco Careers website

I manage the end to end process for all appropriate vacancies

I can confidently describe the Unique Selling Points and benefits package for a vacancy

The people I need to work with are:

Inside my function

Personnel Managers WL3 in the Office

Personnel Managers WL2 in the Office

Resourcing Manager WL2 in the Office & International

Personnel Administrators

Outside my function

Recruiting Line Managers

Professional Service Suppliers

Tesco Professional Services team, 3rd party venues, Universities, Job Centre Plus

The skills I need are:

Leadership and General skills

Customer Focus

Personal Integrity

Drive and a self-starter

Team Working

Developing Self/Others

Analysing and Decision Making

Managing Performance

Managing Change

Gaining Commitment




Ability to multitask

Use of initiative

Operating skills

Live The Values

Organisation skills

Delivery of commercial KPI's

Candidate Specification:

Suitable applicant must be a graduate with previous recruitment (in-house or agency) and/or HR administration experience.

You will need an Undergraduate degree, and a result of 2.1 or higher.

Strong IT skills particularly MS Office.

Experience with dealing with telephone queries in a customer service environment.

Experience of working in a fast paced environment and managing multiple tasks.


Competitive salary, 22 days holiday, Award winning pension scheme, Shares in Success (after 12 months service), 10% discount card after 6 months service, Save As You Earn and Buy As You Earn Share Schemes.