Study into Academic Skills and Personality Development

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Academic skills are necessary to do well in an educational setting. They include reading, writing, math, research, computer and study skills. Academic skills are necessary for being successful in school, and in many cases, in a professional career. Older students learn computer and note-taking skills. Time management, study skills, and organization techniques are taught to almost all students.

Basic academic skills, such as reading, writing and math, are the cornerstone for a complete education. Knowing these three skills allows a student to study history, science, advanced math, literature, and all other subjects. This area of skills is essential for further academic success, allowing students to better learn the material presented to them, as well as giving them the opportunity to learn new things on their own. Being computer survey is the most recent necessary academic skill. Computers are used for almost everything, including work and learning. In order to compete in the global marketplace, students need to be able to use computers, especially popular software and the internet. Computer skills are essential for studying, research, and writing, as well as for communication.

Preparing for tests and other assessments is a large part of what academic skills were designed to do. Knowing how to take good notes, study skills, organization, and time management are all important for students.

According to Learning Development Unit (LDU) provides some guidance in following areas:

Time Management

Effective use of resources

Taught session

Reading, writing and collaboratively and


More on good academic skills are vital, if we wish to be information literate. Another important set of academic skills relates to test taking, knowing how to prepare for test. Such as proper sleep at night, breakfast at time, etc.

For each and every individual, personality development is an important factor. Using this people can act or react with others. Person's personality depends on his/her attitude, expression, face-value, etc. Whereas doing something well from previous place is development.

Learning Process & Forgetting:

Learning means to know the definition of any object. It may be several. If we can apply whatever we learn from object then that will be called perfect learning. We use eye, ear, hand, mouth to know any object, which directly comes to our mind, is the initial stage of learning. There is many other way of learning like job experience, real life, training development program etc. From these sectors we can learn two-third, where few come from feedback and observation and rest from formal training. Sharing information widely is also a learning process. Opportunity, time, money, quality are also an important for learning. So to say, learning is process to gather new ideas and information from particular things and that will be successful, when we can use it. Unless, we will lose it. From here, the theory forgetting comes.

Process of Learning

Educational Materials

Service in Education

Classroom Practice




Team building

Team building is a process of improving performance. If objectives, techniques, groups and strategies work properly then that will be called appropriate team building. There is model of team building (Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing) which first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. In order for the team to grow, to face challenges, to tackle problems, to find solutions, to plan work, and to deliver results these phases are all necessary and inevitable. This model has become the basis for subsequent models of Team development and team dynamics.

Short description of Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing Model:

Forming : When team members meet and start work together.

Storming : when members start to jockey for position.

Norming : when rules are finalised and accepted.

Performing : when the team starts to produce through effective and efficient working practices.


Leadership is the capacity to establish direction and to influence and align others toward a common goal, motivating and committing them to action and making them responsible for their performance.

Normally leadership means to lead a team. Some people might declare him-self leader. Declaring leader on this way will affect the team strengths. The person who can give importance to individuals, able to take risk and decisions called leader and thus the way leadership come.

My personal definition of leadership would be-being able in a time of need to guide people to safety, to help build and grow healthy situations for all .Never lie, cheat or steal anyone (a very trustworthy person) someone to look up to, someone to learn from. This would be a good person with leadership qualities.

Skills: Skills is the technical capacity or ability or it may be said learned activity, to do something well. Skills can develop through practice. Skills are various type like; interpersonal skills, communication skills, intellectual skills, etc.

Communication: Communication is the process to share and exchange information with other person, society or it may be said all around the world. Every platform for communicating is an event. Formal meeting, seminars, workshops, trade fairs, briefing, induction these are internal communication. Whereas radio, TV, newspapers, mail, advertisement these are type of external communication. Effective communication depends on trust and negotiation. Negotiation is a dialogue to solve problem or to set up an agreement between individuals or professionals or it may be with different organization.

When a person can identify himself or herself accurately, he or she can increase strengths, skills and qualities. That person then easily can justify what's his current status.

SWOT Analysis: Upon analyse the above topics and self evolution, I found that, without those things, it will be tough for a business person to advance as well as real life. Though, every single person has their own strengths, skills and qualities. As per my concern, I am reliable and responsible person and always try to keep peace whatever the atmosphere is and always working hard. Peace mind is my main strengths, which helps me till now to take decision easily. I have the ability to meet people from different culture and background, as well as nation and help others to achieve goals. Whereas, computer literacy, word processing, making decision on a special project, how the system will work is example of my qualities.

But still I, need to improve my confidence and communication skills which I learnt from my lecture session. Because, business deals impossible, without that.

I want to run my own business in my country like chain-shop after finish my study. Where people can buy their households like grocery items, fresh foods, frozen foods under a roof with competitive price. Like Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco. Basically these kinds of shop usually called Departmental store in our country. So, to run these business effective communications necessary.

There is no limit of improvement or it's tough to justify that I've improved. But my concern suggest me that if I do some work like discuss or practice with my friends at this stage about business skills or concentrate on my job where I am working then I will definitely say that I am improving.