Smart Schools In Malaysia Envisioning The Future Education Essay

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Smart School is an education technique which education tradition that remakes methodically teaching-learning and school control in order to ready kids for knowledge period. Smart school had come to be one of the seven flagships of the multimedia super Corridor (MSC) that will convey out in 2000 in Malaysia. Before time in 1996; the ministry of education was produced regulations of smart school notion. There was teaching and learning established on inventive thinking. Education as an significant part in smart school notion when a smart school project exists as one of the implementations that is section of Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) (Zain, Murugaiah et al. 2002).

Smart Schools in Malaysia: Envisioning the future

"Education in Malaysia is an on-going effort towards further developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner, so as to produce individuals who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced and harmonious, based on a firm belief in and devotion to God. Such an effort is designed to produce Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable and competent, who posses high moral standards, and who are responsible and capable of achieving high levels of personal well-being as well as being to contribute to the harmony and betterment of the family, the society and the nation at large." (Malaysian Ministry of Education).

According to Peow (2005).Learning institution of Smart School was created systemically reinvented in term of teaching and learning practice and school management in order to prepare student for information age. In information age, a Smart School will evolve over time continuously developing its professional staff, education resource and its administrative capability to adapt to changing condition, while continuing to prepare student life.

The benefit of Smart School

According to Hanan and Huwail (2008). The benefit of Smart School assessment is teacher; student and parents will be able to access on-line assessment items. It will causes increasing of living certification, which not only attest to student cumulative accomplishments but will also be open to continued improvement on a lifetime basis. The new teaching strategies will need teaching-learning materials designed that will accommodate student differing need and abilities .it is will lead students to take greater responsibility for managing efficiently and effectively when the primary objective were correlation with the resource and process that required to support the teaching -learning function. The smart School management will need strong, professional administrative and teachers who can articulate school goals clearly, led teaching at the school, and elicit strong parental and community support to fulfill its objective.

Finally, Smart School is important in education system in line with and in support of the nation drive to fulfill vision 2020 in Malaysia .At the same time , the individuals who are intellectually ,spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonious can be well produce(Hanan and Huwail 2008).

Goal and objective of Smart School

Based on Ali, Malaysia et al (2009).The goal and objective of Smart School contain five important agenda that need to be fulfill which is provide all-round development of the individual (intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual),provide opportunities to enhance individual strengths and abilities, produce a thinking and technology literate workforce, democratize education and increase participation of stakeholders.

One of the goals is to provide all-round development of the individual like intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. Intellectual or cognitive is focus on acquiring knowledge .it is also focus on searching, generating, and using knowledge with an emphasis on problem-solving and creativity. Then, about the physical its instill social responsibility and consciousness of health and environmental issues. In that cases, it will causes emphasis a global orientation and inculcate work place skills and attitudes.

Through another goals are to provide opportunities to enhance individual strengths and abilities. The strategies of this goal are to provide elective in the curriculum and allow for vertical integration. The vertical integration means that grade levels students for all subject in the school curriculum. Curriculum design for Smart School is will incorporate element of vertical integration that to allow high fliers to surf through their schooling years, without being kept apart from their peers in virtual express classes.

Another goal is to produce a thinking and teaching-literate workforce and the strategies are teaching thinking across the curriculum and apply technology in teaching and learning. In the smart school the use of technology like internet as teaching -learning materials is the best ways to produce children who are have different learning style that another school.

The forth goals of the smart school project is democratize education. The first strategies is the smart school program provide equal access to learning opportunities which we can see that in the smart school curriculum that can enable students to have holistic learning that the curriculum gives appropriate emphasis to all significant aspect of growth and all the types of human intelligence, helping students see the connection between the separate subject .plus the uses of technology as one delivery system ,examines the influence on student live, and gives students the skills they need to use technology such as internet to get more information ,Student can use all their local environment in school for enhance their learning process such as through intranet and internet.

The last goal of the smart school project is increase the participation of stakeholders. This goals involve a few strategies that can be done to fulfill the goal which is to create awareness of what happens in school .All the stakeholders must know their responsibilities and give feedback so that the smart school project can be know whether it is working or not. The participation of the five groups such as school stakeholders, community stockholders will allow the exchange of experiences and ideas for smart school(Bakar and Mohamed 2008).

Function of Smart School

In this step we will speak about the main function for the smart school that can involve inside the system based on the articles and scientific terms, the first functional for the smart school are:

Online Lesson

According to Bonk and Reynolds(1997), to increase the higher-order idea on the net , online learning must generate testing behavior that allow learners to connection new information to elderly obtain significant information, and utilize their met cognitive abilities, thus , it is the instructional policy ,not the knowledge , that influence the value of learning , Mayer, R. (2003) in addition , disagree that the exacting attribute of the processor are wanted to carry real-life model and simulation to the student, thus, according to Mayer, R, the average does pressure learning, Mayer claims to it is not the processor per se that make students find out, but the mean of the real-life model and simulations. The computer is just the medium that provides the dealing out ability and deliver the teaching to learner (Venter, Adams et al. 2001).

Online learning allow participant to give way time and space to connect the student and help learning. The liberation technique allows for give of contact, from anywhere and typically any time, but the learning have to use sound instructional aim values, According to Rossett (2002) online learning has many promise, but it takes assurance and funds, and have to be completed right. burden it right resources that online learning resources must be planned correctly ,with be provide Ring and Mathieux(2002) recommend that online learning must have high validity for example students must study in the background of the work-place ,elevated interactivity, and high teamwork.

Online Lesson benefits

Gradually more, organizations are adopting online learning as the major release technique to teach worker (Simmons, 2005) at the same time, learning institutions are affecting on the way to the use the internet for capture, both on university grounds and at a expanse. For organizations and institutions to create this often costly shift, there must be awareness that using online education provides main benefits. Some of the benefits for learners and instructors are in depth below.

Online Lesson benefits for learner

For learners, online learning knows no moment region, and place and reserve are not issues .In asynchronous online learning, students can access the online materials anytime, while synchronous online learning allows for real-time interaction between students and instructors.

Learners can use the internet to access up-to-date and relevant learning materials, and can communicate with experts in the field which they are studying .Situated learning, or the application of knowledge and skills in specific contexts, is facilitated, since learners can complete online courses while working on the job or in their own space, and can contextualize the learning.

Online lesson benefits for instructor

For instructor, tutoring can be done anytime, anywhere. Online materials can be updated, and learners can see the changes immediately, when learners are able to access materials on the internet, it is easier for instructors to direct them to appropriate information based on their needs. if designed properly ,online learning systems can be used to determine learners' needs and current level of expertise , and to assign appropriate materials for learners to select from , to achieve their designed learning outcomes.


Online exam is assessment generally reveal two schools of thought. Supported will often talk about the flexibility online assessment provides such that students are able to take a test anywhere and at anytime (Cann, 2005;Engelbrecht & Harding,2004) or they mention the decreased administrative and marking overheads associated with online assessments as a significant benefit(James,Mclnnis,& Devlin, 2002).

online assessments tasks can also assist educators to assess a broader range of skills, provide students with different types of assessments, including once not easily achieved using traditional assessments methods, they can also provide students with benefits such as timely and information feedback on their progress, as well as teaching students news skills and ways of studying and learning (James,et al , 2002)

the second group most frequently points to the difficulties associated with verifying the identity of the person taking an online test, or they express concerns about how to stop cheating and the problem with networks crashing during tests, they might also be understandably concerned with protecting the confidentiality of assessment material, wanting to be sure that assessment material is not accessed by unauthorized persons, that assessment data. including student responses and grade ,are not altered ,what is often missing in these vigorous and important discussions is an understanding of how teaching can be used to address some of the very valid concern associated with online assessments and what additional benefits it can provide if implemented appropriately.