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This is the final report for the module of Core Business Skills. I will write about the achievement of my Academic, Personal and Career goals during semester 1 in this report. I had learned a lot in this module. It has total five assessment from this module including this assessment which is:

Assessment Element 1 : PDP Diagnosis and PDP Plan

Assessment Element 2 : POSTER

Assessment Element 3 : Journal Article Critique

Assessment Element 4 : Student Facilities Report

Assessment Element 5 : PDP - Final Report

2.0 PDP Diagnosis+ PDP Plan

In this assessment, I was wrote a resume. This resume included my personal particular, educational background, work experience and also language ability. This writing resume experience can use after I am graduation. Next is form A which is self assessment of my present university skills. From this form I know there are many things need to improve. For example skill and ability of communication, numeracy, computer, team, learning and problem solving. Form B is about personal development. It is areas for discussion with our tutor. In my opinion, personal development very important. Personal development is through our experiential learning. In experiential learning it is not just the immediate content of what you have learned that is important but your ability to think back to previous experiences and to make some sort of sense of what has happened in a particular situation(s) and then to construct plans for what you might to do if a similar situation were to confront you in the future. Kevin Gallagher(2010,pp.22) Form C is write about my own target in goal 1 which is relevant with academic and how to measure this will success. Second goal is personal target and what planned activities to measure this goal will successful. The last form is about my career in future.

3.0 Poster(Group)

This is second assessment and this is a group assessment. In this assessment, the most important skills is teamwork. Below is figure 3.1 why work in teams at university.

Team skills development

-process of how to work together effectively.

Why work in teams at university

Group assignment

-skills & knowledge development

Coping skills development

-Give help to others

-Accept help from others

Transfer to career & workplace

Self-concept development

-As a leader

-Team player

Social skills development and life as a university student

Figure 3.1 working in team at university : skills

( Skills Development for Business and Management Students,2010.p. 203)

Team skills development is start forming stage. We meet together discuss our purpose. As we know everyone have different characteristics. At storming stage, we learned to solve problems through discussion but not quarrel. From this assessment we learned how to norming our work with effective, and time management to make sure the assessment can finish on the date. Beside that, I also learned the process to edit and create a poster. After this is performing stage. The things I had learned in this stage is presentation skills and overcome the emergent phenomenon when presentation. When do the group assignment report we need to share and combine the skills and knowledge of our group member. Through this group assignment I already know the format of the group report. It is different with personal report. Next, Social skills development and life as a university student. For example: tackling problem areas, overcoming shyness when communicate with other and learning as a “Community of Practice”.

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

(Wenger 2006)

In self-concept development I know whether I am as a leader or as a team player, I must complete my role to make sure our group assignment can finish as well as we can do it. In addition, one of the advantage work in teams is we can help our member when he/she facing problem and solve it together. All this are the things that I had learned in this assessment especially teamwork. This is useful in my future.

4.0 Journal Article Critique

Assessment 3 is an individual report which is select an article from the journal that already list out. The article must published between 2005 to 2010. After that, I need to download the pdf file of the article in my computer. Then, prepare a presentation slide about the article in the format are given. I find the article from the website which is I need to read the article then present my own opinion. This is first time I used the website. This also the first time I look for the article and I know there are many types of article. After this is a presentation within 5 minutes with only one slide. This is my first individual presentation in Core Business Skills. I need to present the 3 things that I learned from reading the article and the usefulness of this article.

5.0 Student Facilities Report

This is the last two assessment. For me, I think this is the most difficult assessment. However, this assessment is the most more things that I had learned. Teamwork also is the most important in this assessment. Our group member are same with assessment 2. In this assessment, I learned to collect the data after do the surveys. Besides that, our tutor was taught us about collecting the data. So, I know the way to calculate the data in Mean, Mode and Median. Tutor also taught us the way to key in the data and step to do a chart that we need to do in this assessment. After that, we do some chart based on the survey result such as pie chart, bar chart, graph and etc. In this assessment our group still work together to prepare a presentation slide. This presentation slide is based on the finding result. In this case, I and my group member try to cover and support each other through this whole assessment especially when the presentation.

6.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, I think in my presentation I am not do very well. I can't handle my nervous. I get many experience through all this assessment. For example: create a poster with my group member. I will apply this skills in my future when I need to advertise some event. In addition, I also learned from mistake. I hope I can improve my weakness to become my strengths. I am happy work with my group member. Although there are different race and culture in my group but we still can finish the assessment on the time.