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Biometrics is normally defined as "the automated utilization of physiological or behavioural characteristics to establish or affirm identity" . Physiological biometrics is a undeviating dimension taken from a measurement of the human body, and behavioural biometrics does not directly measures description of the human body through entity actions. A biometric system integrates biometric hardware and software to conduct biometric identification or verification.

Biometric systems changes the data roll up from physiological or behavioural characteristics into patterns, which are utilized for identification. During the first stage enrolment process, where an human being original biometric sample is collected, assessed, processed, and stored for helping and identification in a biometric system. The next step is the capitulation process, where a person uses the particular biometric possession tool to supply a biometric test.


  1. Technological, social and political factors that are shaping the biometrics market
  2. identix reaction to the environmental conditions.
  3. 3.Does identix appear to be acting in an ethical manner. Why or why not.
  4. Support or oppose the implementation of biometrics Based security.


Biometric authentication has a part in maintaining and defending our control of our own identity and personal data. This emerging technology makes it virtually impossible to assume someone else's unique identity. It is a method of presenting the similar type of safeguarding in the implicit neighborhood that we just the once had in entranced neighborhoods, where the uniqueness of individual identity was certain by neighbors authenticating each other during facial recognition.

The main aspect to evaluate a biometric system is its accuracy. From the user's point of view, an error of accuracy occurs when the system fails to authenticate the identity of a registered person or when the system erroneously authenticates the identity of an intruder biometrics and a database of violent criminals and sex offenders are at the heart of the police's use of technology to fight crime over the next five years.Biometrics will play a crucial role in the future of criminal justice and policing itself and will transform current standard practise in law enforcement.

People tend to use short and easy-to-remember passwords as they do not wish to be troubled each time they gain access to a system. Biometric technology uses one or more physical identifiers to determine the individual's identification. This may be a fingerprint, iris or retina scan, hand size, vein scan, signature, voice, 2D or 3D face. So which one is more reliable. Obviously biomterics.

This system will promote social exclusion through disability discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, and class discrimination among others. These forms of discrimination are inherent within the system since it is impossible to accurately collect the data of all people

Terrorism, drug-running, illegal immigration and an increasing throughput of legitimate travelers is putting a strain on immigration authorities throughout the world.It is essential for the authorities to quickly and automatically process law-abiding travelers and identifies the law breakers. Biometrics is being employed in a number of diverse applications to make this possible. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) are a major user and evaluator of biometric technologies. Systems are currently in place throughout to automate the flow of legitimate travelers and deter illegal immigrants.

Countries are adopting biometrics technology due to political intervenes .like European union doesn't need any delay in biometrics passports and all member countries have to comply with that. It is quite possible that legislation will come into effect in the near future to adopt new metrics technology in public and government organisations .


Identix is reacting to above the environmental conditions. Identix was the first company to discover the proper algorithms for facial recognistion. specialy due to terror attacks in 2001 these products demand increased and identix took over 30 million dollar market.Law enforcement agencies have been used these products to reduce the crime. Air port security have been increased to to tackle illegal immigrants

Tenprinter and fingerprinter cms have been installed at fourty air ports.identix is also working with police departments to tackle the criminals.


Biometric face recognition technologies are a new and evolving measure that governments and firms use to identify criminals and protect innocent people. However, the makers of this biometric face technology must contend with the inevitable ethical issues: what if the wrong person is identified or what if the technology infringes upon individual rights? Developers and researchers are constantly measuring and testing biometric methods to ensure that the right individual is identified, although the Civil Liberties Union asserts that the technology is, "outpacing our basic privacy rights." .

People believe that biometrics and finger prints are associated with criminals. So people have a perception problem regarding bio metrics. Identix delete the record from the data if it doesn't match the watch list from customer data base.what if the criminals reach these records. Due to cyber link crimes digital records can be collected by latest hacking techniques so customers records are not safe at all times.


I support the biometrics technology because nowadays our security is very important as biometrics are more effective then passwords .key and cards.password and keys are easy access to criminals.building areas and people information is protected more efficiently. Biometrics is cost effective as compare to keys and passwords and sometimes its expensive to upgarde system when you lost password.