Service Learning An Investigation Education Essay

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Service-Learning is an approach that used to integrate concept of Theory in classroom with relevant community service. The idea of Service Learning program has become popular in 1980s, with the increasing awareness that provides value to the higher education improvement, when the classroom experience push the Service to achieve educational goals. According the Derek Bok ideas (1982) described the issues of Social and responsibility of higher education, and the principles required to implement Service-Learning Model in the academic way. As a lecturer should have a sound theoretical and conceptual Service-Learning. also have value and ideas about learning and teaching, and these influence your teaching and learning style (Bender, 2005). With respect of Service-Learning understand, the pedagogy of service-learning seeks to: Enhance students sense of social role and responsibility and commitment to the greater good. Service-learning pedagogy is less individualistic than traditional pedagogy, based on that social responsibility is valued over individual responsibility. Initiate a learning synergy for the students, whereby institution or university learning is valued along with community partners based experiential learning, which is inductively orientated. (Bender, 2005).

Based on the research, there are some types of Service Learning, which is, to make Service-Learning components as a regular class, and become one of the necessary parts of the semester class work, to be an hour a week being involved at a program for which the teacher has to made arrangements. Also some universities use Service-Learning as one of their curriculum part; some does not belief that Service-Learning can be part of the curriculum, because it's an a ctivity based not subject based (Robert 2008). Others used Service-Learning as course work, it means that, they use as to apply their class work to community service problems with limit hours for each semester, in each faculty. Others have one time Service-Learning for whole the course with limit time, therefore student will not allow to graduate until participate the Service-Learning activity with scheduled time. The course should focus on Service Learning that have some relevant to the field of study of which each the students are a part. (Lingard, 2008).

Literature review

Service-Learning In Computer Science

The aim of Service-Learning in computer science is to have the student's interaction with organizations or community partners outside of the academic field, the research might have to be made to identify what groups might be most amenable to work with students (Lori Carter, 2005). There are numerous opportunities for serving the community while also learning Computer Science concepts and skills, Based on this understand and experience, most activities that Computer Science students can participate in a Service-Learning is the service that related with Information Technology (IT), and can be categorized into the following parts: 1) To develop an information system for an organization's administrators. 2) To develop a web site for an organization's Database or school website 3) To develop classroom software for a Public schools. 4) To enhance the network of the Organization's computer resources, And 5) Tutoring and other instructional activities that gives more beneficial to Organization or Community Partners. 6) To create Central database for the none Governmental or Governmental agencies by using SL Concept.

Based on the successes projects, the academic will consider only the projects that provide students a clear picture and full understand for their education purpose, and goals. Also having full idea about The module of the program will help to the students to understand mission and vision of the program and how the program become an integral part of the course. It is important to give the students with what they going to develop a clear understanding of the link between module content, service activity. (Allen, 1999). Thus, whenever the institute tries to integrate Service-Learning with the existing curriculum contents it's important to consider the following terms: Develop Curriculum Infrastructure, check the existing Curriculum resource, evaluate whether the Curriculum is overloaded or not, and which semester is suitable to add the program in the Curriculum. Estimate your capacity and scope of Service-Learning participation. Design collaboration with community partners, by defining the role and responsibility of every participant. Explore an appropriate Service-Learning approach.

Formulate Relation with the Community partners and give them full explanation of the program to get confidential power to participate the program successfully. Program implementation, review the proposed model by looking the compatibility of the current curriculum. Moreover; Prepare number of Credits can be added to the Curriculum, and where to add. Incorporate meaningful Collaboration by designing the Service Activity required, plane logistic, budged, and create some guides to follow. Assessment and Reflection of the Program, check the interaction of the Participants in Structured Reflection, conduct, formative and summative assessment of the students learning and communities Service and Asses or conduct the Reflection Interaction of the program.

Moreover; conduct Evaluation of the Program Performance, prepare closing ceremony end of each project, to celebrate the students, become encouragement for the student, present their achievement in order to deferential students understanding and their role and responsibility. The lecture or coordinator will mark them during the presentation by looking multiple perspectives. On the other hand, to success the program performance with achievement of the vision and mission of the institute, it's important to know certain terms that facilitates the model stability and program objectives. The activities required to do is clarifying and organizing all learning activities: It can be classroom-based learning activity, as well as site-based activity. Schedule time of the classes and service-learning events; declare expected Reflection activities with respect guideline explanation to the student.

Model of Service-Learning

Implementation of Service-learning Model in the institution's Curriculum, requires to complete first the infrastructure of the Curriculum. Also is very good to have integration plan for the current curriculum to the Service-Learning program, because the failure of the program may causes to miss the style of the whole Institutions study, sometime it's important to keep based with the description of Service-Learning as an expressed goal, Include the explanation of the nature of the Service placement , Specify the roles and responsibilities of students in the placement and Service Learning projects, check whether or not the Service Learning projects or experience is mandatory. If it is mandatory, offer an alternative for students who cannot do, for any reason, the specific type of service you have identified. Include time requirements by declaring how many credit hours total per week (Hatcher, 1999). Identify the needs of the community that will be met through this Service Learning placement. Identify how the course assignments link the Service-Learning placement to the course content give details, if appropriate, the expectations for the public dissemination of the students‟ work. Prepare the program activities before the beginning of the semester, don't wait to determine which Community Partners will be served. Do not allow student to do their own choice for program activities without getting approval from the institute. Also try to conclude the program before end of the semester in order to get chance for the program.

In order to confirm the success of the program, analyze it by looking multiple prospective. This Model designed to be suitable for any institution needed to apply Service-Learning program in their Curriculum. The model have shared with some experts interviewed by the researcher to get their ideas and perceptions to confirm the evaluation of the model. As shown in figure 1.1, the model consists of four parts. The first part is the infrastructure of the program, it's the main part of the program. The Infrastructure contains the factors that the program is based on, which is Students. They are the main factor in the Service learning program, should expect to participate the activities that designed them to do so, to actively engage in service delivery in the community and to reflect upon the meaning of the experience to them personally. Students can be local, International, part time and full time. Each one will have its own role and importance.