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Starting in my early childhood,I have had a strong inclination towards trying to understand natural phenomena which are continuously occurring in our surroundings. I became fascinated about life and the interactions among different organisms. My interests encouraged me to pursue science for my academic study. However, there is a deeper reason for my interest in science, and my dedication to research is founded on a personal tragedy in addition to my aforementioned fascination in science. In secondary school, my closest childhood friend and classmate, Tausur Rahaman Sibli, was in the top of my class. His parents were my high school teachers, and had always loved me as a son. But to my shock and devastation, a few days after completing high school, his unfortunate death stopped my heartbeat. His death was due to his immunological weakness coupled with a rare form of dengue virus, a form which classical treatment had almost no effect. I made my decision then to be a scientist.I yearnedto uncover the truth behind his death, and dedicating my life to research would enable me to strive to help others in remembrance of him. Furthermore, the lifelong work of my father in the Public Health engineering department of the government encouraged me to make my decision to dedicate my life to scientific research.

After completing Higher Secondary, I participated in the admission test for the University of Dhaka; our largestleading public university of Bangladesh. Also called "Oxford of the East," this university has obtained a positive global reputation. I qualified in the top 1.2% of among 24,370 participants anddecided to study in department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in an attempt to fulfill my desire. The excellent course structure of the university has given me a broad conceptual basis and stimulating academic environment with hands-on research activity which further augmented my level of confidence in my research abilities. I have completed both my Bachelor's and Master's with decent grades. My keen interest to learn new ideas combined with my aspirations to gain a degree of distinction enabled me to acquire knowledge on various aspects of science and nature.

Besides theoretical work, I gathered practical knowledge of bioscience through internships and research projects. My first hands-on laboratory experience was in a summer internship during my third year of my undergraduate study in a Molecular Biology Lab, University of Dhaka lead by Professor Hasina Khan. This laboratory is an outstanding research facility of Bangladesh and is specially famous for playing a key role in the genome sequencing of Jute. My second laboratory experience was during my MS thesis work entitled, "Role of untreated hospital waste water in the emergence of multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria" at Molecular Genetics Laboratory. International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR'B). This laboratory is lead by a renowned and skilled scientist, Dr. Shah M. Faruque, who is famous for his unique research in Vibrio and Vibriophage. Furthermore, I also completed part of my thesis research at Nutrition and Environmental Biochemistry Laboratory, University of Dhaka and was mentored by Professor Yearul Kabir. I have found these experiences both intellectually stimulating and satisfying. They have formed a window through which I was able to glimpse the frontiers of science and technology.

As well as the theoretical and practical experience, I have continuously tried to improve my intellectby reading research periodicals and attending various seminars and conferences. I was selected as an invited speaker in 112th American Society for Microbiology (ASM) General Meeting 2012 which was held in San Francisco, CA, USA. My invitation was due to my innovative research work in Bangladesh, a resource-limited country. My presentation was titled, "Antimicrobial resistance and what should we do"given at June 19, 2012 (Symposium 232). As the only participant ever selected from my country and as one the youngest speakers of the 2012 meeting, I gained valuable experience speaking in front of such a large audience, and enriched my scientific background by both sharing my research and learning from others. With 9,323 attendees from 87 countries at the conference, I was able to share myresearch with a diverse scientific community. I have presented poster in the Conference of the Bangladesh Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BSBMB) 2012, 4th Biochemistry Olympiad 2012 and also selected for poster presentation at Conference of the BSBMB 2013.

My dedication to scientific study is illustrated by my academic records. My keen interest in research and outstanding academic activity has enabled me to earn various awards throughout my academic career. I have received the. ASM International Travel Grant 2012, National Science and Technology Fellowship 2012-13 from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh and the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Fellowship 2005. Aside from my academic life, I have participated in different extracurricular activities. Participation in these social endeavors has improved my interpersonal skills and also enhanced my confidence todeal with members of different social backgrounds. I am also very keen on giving private lectures to junior students to help them in understanding tough subjectsand formulating their future careers. I am an active member of national and international scientific societies. Lifelong observation of my mother, who is a teacher, has encouraged me to love fall in love with sharing knowledge. Although I have no formal experience, my tutoring experience with students at various school levels during my university studies has enabled me to gain practical teaching skills, and I hope my naturally strong communication skillswill help me considerably in future.

Despite the academic rewards of obtaining a MS degree, I feel that a master's has not satisfied my appetite for learning and contributing what I can to this world. I feel that the master's course has not given me the satisfaction of savoring it with the rapid growth of science, and that it is imperative to increase one's research expertise by gaining in-depth knowledge and making contributions to innovative research. I feel that only a PhD degree would furnish me with the intellectual depth along with the specialized training for a career in research and most logical extensions of my objectives. I think my coursework along with my extensive bioscience background have given me the academic tools to succeed within a PhD program.

I believe that a PhD study will provide me valuable experiences and skills that will help me to become a successful, innovative scientist as well as enable me to provide assistance to serve my society as a whole. I am very confident that with my sincerity and dedication, I will be able to contribute to the research work at your university and maintain my work abilities to keep up with the expectations of your faculty. I believe that the graduate program of the University of Southern Mississippi is fully suited to my needs and since your university offers such excellent facilities, reputed faculty, technical advancements and a tradition of academic excellence, I endeavor for admission to your university, which would be a golden foundation for the rest of my scientific career. I also appeal to the Graduate Admissions Committee for the consideration of admission with possible financial aid. I am confident that with my academic standards and strong motivation, positive attitude, and with the aid of your graduate program, I will be able to make a significant contribution to the research endeavors of your university, as well as gain valuable knowledge and skills that I believe your facilities can offer to me.

Name: M A G Rabbani

Applying for PhD inBiology-Graduate studies.