Securing A Job Role On Graduation Education Essay

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I have been asked to write a 1000 word individual review on a preferred job role, and how this links to my long term career aspirations. In my review I am going to talk about a preferred career path and making reference to specific job role. Secondly I will provide two methods in how I will use this to find and secure a job role on graduation. Finally I will provide an action plan showing the steps I will take leading up to graduation to prepare for pursuing this chosen job role.

Preferred career path open to you, making reference to a specific job role

A preferred career path which is open to me are as follows I could be a social worker, I could organise charitable events or I could pursue a career in teaching. My preferred career path would be in teaching, which will enable me to teach children in a primary school aged between 5-11 year olds. I want a career in teaching because I enjoy working with children, I want to teach the children new skills or knowledge and I have a lot patience to undertake this career path. Before I could teach I need to undertake post graduation course in teaching. A PGCE is a course which will increase your understanding and the ability to teach. This doesn't focus just on the course you have intended to study because you should know about this subject already. TDA states that 'A PGCE course mainly focuses on developing your teaching skills, and not on the subject you intend to teach. For this reason, you are expected to have a good understanding of your chosen subject(s)'. This is very important technique when you teach in a primary school because you don't just teach one subject; you teach a lot subjects that are in the curriculum e.g. Maths, English, P.E and History etc.

Two methods you will use to find and secure this job role on graduation

The two methods I will use to find and secure a job on graduation is the prospects website which will give me information and advice on how to apply for a post graduate course and what I need to know before applying. This will also give me information on what universities are looking for. They will give advice on why it is relevant to do a postgraduate course. Prospects state that 'I need it to pursue my chosen career some career areas do require a professional qualification, for example, law and teaching. Research the area of work that interests you to identify whether a postgraduate course would be necessary or advantageous'. This is very useful but in my case I need to do it for teaching purposes and they give you support on the interview process this takes places after you have applied for a PGCE course.

GTTR Graduate Teacher Training Registry this is a website which will help me to apply for a PGCE course and it will tell you the availability in different universities; whether there are vacancies at the universities to study the PGCE. This source will give me information on deadlines for applying for a Postgraduate course. GTTR deadlines to applying for a PGCE are as follows: -

Early September 2009 start of the application cycle for 2010 course entry

Mid-September 2009 we start to send applications to training providers for consideration

1 December 2009 if you are applying for primary teaching courses, we must receive your application by this date to guarantee that your first choice training provider will consider you

Mid-January 2010 we start to decline offers for places on primary teaching courses if applicants do not make replies by the deadlines shown on Track

20 January 2010 Final date for training providers to make decisions on all applications they received by 1 December 2009

An action plan showing the steps you will take in the time leading up to graduation to prepare for pursuing this chosen job role

The steps I will take leading up to graduation to prepare for pursuing a job role is that I need to work hard towards getting good grades to undertake a PGCE course. To do this I will need to look at the marking criteria for getting a 2:1 and trying to implement this in all or most of my assignments. I need good time management to enable me to spend more time on my assignments for planning, researching, constructing the assignments and I will have more time to improve the assignment if necessary. I can ask a friend or a critical person to proof read my assignment, I will be able to correct any errors made on the assignment and get it proof read again until I am satisfied with the piece of work. I will need to learn to contrast and balance different viewpoints and arguments for assignments called critical analysis. I will need to get an overall mark of 2:1 classification in my degree; GCSE Maths, English and science with grade C and above to enable me to enrol on a PGCE course in primary teaching at Newman. The skills required to become a teacher is that you will need to be a good communicator, you need good listening skills and you must be motivated to teach the children because if you are not motivated the children won't be motivated to learn etc.

I have spoken to some students undertaking PGCE courses at Newman they said that it is good, interesting and hard course to do. One person said that some nights I need to stay up until 3.00am in morning completing the work needed, but then I said to her no matter how many late nights you have at the end of degree you will be relieved when you passed and got your qualified teacher status and you can teach she said that's true.

Work placement is very important because it will help you get experience of the world of work in a specific setting. For instance I did a placement in a primary school working with reception children, the experience of this was great and I enjoyed it very much. The placement has motivated me to follow my career path of becoming a teacher.

Steps I need to take in next few months to work towards my goals of getting onto a PGCE course and becoming a teacher are as follows

I will need to get support from the career services on the different teaching courses that are available to undertake. Finding out how to apply for a post graduation course

I need to look at the marking criteria for getting 2:1

I need to apply for a PGCE course in September and the final deadline for applying for PGCE this year was 1st Dec 09


In conclusion to fulfil my aspiration I will need to do a PGCE in primary teaching to enable me to become a teacher. To do this I need a 2:1 degree classification to enrol on this course at Newman. I need to work hard to achieve this by allowing enough time for doing assignments. I need to make sure that I apply for a PGCE course in September 2010 and to follow the deadlines.