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Employability skills are the skills that each person needs or should strive for in order to match the needs of the current economy. As economies change with time and technology, the skills needed in industries also change. Someone who had the right employability skills a decade ago probably does not have the employability skills for today. To put it simply, that person may not have the skills that would make him employable.

Today's employers are not just looking for technical skills, they are looking for employees who can read, write, do basic arithmetic and other basic skills including problem solving, decision making and other higher-order thinking skills. They are seeking employees who are dependable and cooperative and have a positive attitude. Employers consider that employability skills are as important as job-specific or technical skills. Employers will seek those employability skills that are most important to their business and will choose workers who are strong in these areas - leading to improved matching of jobs and job seekers, better job satisfaction and more productive enterprises.

There are two facets to employability skills: 'generic' skills and 'personal' attributes (for example, loyalty, enthusiasm. motivation and sense of humors). The key generic skills identified, and how they contribute to the enterprise, are:

Self-management - readiness to accept responsibility, flexibility, resilience, self-starting, appropriate assertiveness, time management, readiness to improve own performance based on feedback/reflective learning.

Team working - respecting others, co-operating, negotiating/persuading, contributing to discussions, and awareness of interdependence with others.

Business and customer awareness - basic understanding of the key drivers for business success - including the importance of innovation and taking calculated risks - and the need to provide customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty

Problem solving - analyzing facts and situations and applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions.

Communication and literacy - application of literacy, ability to produce clear, structured written work and oral literacy - including listening and questioning.

Application of numeracy - manipulation of numbers, general mathematical awareness and its application in practical contexts (e.g. measuring, weighing, estimating and applying formulae).

Application of information technology - basic IT skills, including familiarity with word processing, spreadsheets, file management and use of internet search engines.

Underpinning all these attributes, the key foundation, must be a positive attitude: a 'can-do' approach, a readiness to take part and contribute, openness to new ideas and a drive to make these happen. Employers also value entrepreneurial graduates who demonstrate an innovative approach, creative thinking, bring fresh knowledge and challenge assumptions.


There is a big family in Muar Johor; they are corner the market which is selling the medicine. In that state, no one didn't know this family which with the first name' Liow. Liow's has three sons and a beautiful daughter; they are running a very beatific life. 10 years before, their youngest child began to become very rebellious because their parents are too busy in his regular business and cannot care about their child. The youngest child always troubles everywhere only in order to get the attention of parents. After some days, he finally received the attention of parents, but he has been lying on a hospital bed. He was regretted very much because he let his parents burst into tears. Out of the hospital from that day onwards, the child to change into a man's children, academic performance have also begun by leaps and bounds, that there is no longer a child of bad trouble.

The child's name is Liow Cher Jie and he is 20 years old now. He is studying degree in one university in Malaysia, the university name is INTI-UC and he took BFIUH (Finance) program. He is a guy who fond of sport, such as swimming, play basketball, and play badminton, squash and so on. Sometimes, he would like to have match with his friends.

When he is sad, he would like to share his feeling to his bosom friends, and he is very happy and thanks the god because that he is lucky to meet and become friend with them. Other then, he is not a good listener for his bosom friends because that, he always cannot understand what they talk to him. By the way, he is study hard on that, and he is trying to pay more attention when people share feeling with him.

As for his future, he can only choose the only option, he must obey his parents decided to inherit the family business. As for his own dream, it will be moved to after his success in the business which the family business entrusted by his parents. By the way, he also hoped that after his graduation, he can be a good son and let his parents enjoy the good life in elderly.

Skill Audit

I will do a self assessment and SWOT analysis of my current study habit and skills. It was related to my current academic performance.

Study habits on VAK self assessment

After I finished do the VAK (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic) self assessment, I have fall into the auditory category in my study habits on this assessment. When I wanted to learn something I choose to reading and then repeat them again and again, this will help me easily to memorize the thing in a short time. Through listening, I will easily to memorize and this is very useful in my studies. Next, I will try to talk to myself to help me memorize back the important point and then solve the problem. I like to listening news radio, television or video clip rather than reading newspaper or magazine. This is because listening really can help me a lot in my study especially memorizing. I hope that I have the freedom to control my own time, as I will be able to easily complete the work which I have to do, and the exercises will be very good.


Based on SWOT analysis, the main strength is friendly and helpful. I can communicate well with my friends and my classmates. For example, my friends always ask me to help them about the assignment and I am also willing to help them. By the way, they will also help me when I am in trouble. In addition, think critically and positively is my second strength. When I am involved in something I will solve it carefully and think it in the positive way. So that I won't get influence by other people whether their decision is right or not right. Lastly, I am also good in time management. I have create my own time table so that I can follow the task which written in my timetable. This will help me become more discipline and also can manage my time carefully especially in my studies.


According to the SWOT analysis, my weaknesses are losing confident, lazy and easily get influenced by the noisy sound and easily to lost self-control. I am a lazy person and I don't like to prepare earlier for the exam. So, I always get bad results in my final examination. I will try to change myself so that I won't be so lazy in the future. Besides that, lose confident also is my weakness. Because of this weakness, I cannot perform well in my studies and also in any presentation. I always losing the confident when I am performing the presentation, I will stuck and nervous and cannot remember and speak English well even a sample would word. Next, I am a person who easily gets influenced by the noisy environment. When I was doing revision, I cannot concentrate very well so I like to do the revision at night then I wont get influenced by the sound. After that, easily to lose self-control is my biggest weakness. To overcome this weakness, I have to learn how to control my own. Therefore, I should overcome the weakness in turn to accomplish in my studies.


According to the SWOT analysis, my opportunities are good study environment in INTI and life is easy. I think that I have choose a correct University which is INTI International University College in Nilai because there have a good study environment and also many facilities which can be use for us. So, study at here I can become more discipline and also won't get influenced by any entertainment. Next opportunities are life is easy. Because of this, I can handle all my things very well and I won't feel any stress in my life. This will make me more comfortable in my life. If I want continue my studies, INTI is my first choice because of the good study environment.


In my SWOT analysis, my first threat is easily get influenced by friends. When some of my friends asking me to go out and I will promise and go out with them. This is because I don't know how to reject them if I don't want to go. Next threat is hard to graduate because of my laziness and my English is very poor. I am a very lazy person and always postpone the study plan to next day then I can go to make extra money from do the part time job.

Career goals

I think that every student have to set their own goals because if we have set our goals, we have to try our best to achieve it within 1 or 2 years. So I would like to share my short term goal which I need to achieve it within 1 to 2 years.

For my short goal, I would like to try my best in my English first because that, now a day, English has become the official language of the world, so I have to improve my English if I want to be success in my business in the future. To achieve this short term goal, I have few steps to go. Firstly, I would borrow more storybook from our school's library. I will read more storybook because study more can help me to improve my poor English vocabulary. Then, I will read the news everyday through newspaper and internet. So, I can easily improve my English Grammar and also vocabulary. Besides that, I will try using English to communicate with my friends so that I can improve my Communication Skills and Pronunciation Skills. Ultimately I hope that, I can get a good result and also get a degree certificate after I try my best to study hard in improve the English.

For my long term goal, I have promise myself that I need to achieve after graduate my degree in Nilai INTI which is related to my future career. My long term is open a painting exhibition beside that have a cozy coffee shop, then my guests can have a comfortable environment to enjoy the arts of glory. At the same time, I have to carry on my family own business first and make it successful then I just can achieve that my long term goal.

This is all my long term goals and short term goals which listed in my assignment. So, from now I will work hard to achieve my short term goal first then to gaze towards my long term goal. Therefore, I am going to create a time table to layout my time then I can achieve my goals in the future.

Task 2

Resume & Cover later


Block C, level-3-15

Desa Palma Apartments

Jalan Persiaran Perdana

71800 Bandar Baru Nilai, NS.



To contribute my capabilities and knowledge to society. I expect to exert what the skills and knowledge I have learned and reach the target which can carry out my dream and get the outstanding achievement on my works.

Education Background

2009 INTI University College (INTI-UC) BA (Hons) in Finance, University

of Hertfordshire, UK Expected Graduation Period: May 2009

2002-2007 Chung Hwa High School MUAR

High school diploma and unified examination certificate (UEC)

Skill / Attributes

Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Be accomplished in UBS accounting system, SPSS, My Info Safe, and Market Browser.

Strong analytical skill in financial.

Much good at management.

Fluent in English, Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese, Chinese-Hokkien, Chinese- Hakka dialects, Japanese (not fluent) and Bahasa Malaysia.

Working Experiences

2008-2009 Custom agents (full time) in TANASHIN, Malacca

2000-2008 Salesman and sales manager (part time) in ON FOH MARKETING SDN BHD

Extra-Curriculum Activities

2008 Certificate of promotion in ELS language centres.

2007 Captain of ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2006 Certificate of cadet training course given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia

2006 Certificate of citizenship given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2006 Certificate of lifeguard given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2006 Certificate of cookery & nutrition given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2005 Certificate of survivor training camp given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

Cover Letter

Liow Cher Jie,

Block C, level-3-15

Desa Palma Apartments

Jalan Persiaran Perdana

71800 Bandar Baru Nilai, NS.


Human Resources Manager

OCBC Centre Pte Lrd

65 Chulia Street,

Singapore 049513

Dear Ong,

I am interested in applying for the Sales Executive. I'm a degree holder of INTI international University College in 2010. As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, resume.

The employment offered in this listing is very interesting and remarkable, and I am challenged to be creative, nurturing and most of all, patient will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. I have an important skills and knowledge suitable in this position include:

I have communication skills which easily for me to deal with the customer and supervisor.

I always pursue to be better and excellence in any type of my job.

I have a ability in advertising and promotion method.

With a B.A. (HONS) degree in finance, I know the exact position about management and also have experience in learning and have skills in Microsoft Office and others IT knowledge.

Please perceive my resume for further information.

I can be getting in touch anytime via my cell phone 012-6057999. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to you about this employment opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Liow Cher Jie

(Liow Cher Jie)

Preferred Advisors

Advertised: 30-6-09 | Closing Date: 29-7-09

Preferred Advisors is a subsidiary of OCBC group with strong, stable and a well-established financial background.

We are offering highly motivated individuals to join our exciting career with unlimited growth opportunities.

Financial Sales Executives




Candidates should have the following traits: -



Goal Orientated



Team Player

The Right Candidates will be trained to provide the following Services: -

Professional Financial Advise to Clients

Assist Clients in:

Area of Investment

Risk Management

Cash-Flow Management

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Business Succession Planning

Wills Planning and other related services


Accelerated Management Career Path for candidates with prior experience in financial services

Training programs will be provided to qualified candidates leading to professional certifications

Annual overseas incentive trips and conference

Basic pay between $1,500 - $2,500 (*Conditions Apply)

Basic Requirements of Candidates: -

Minimum Education Level: 6 'O' Level credit

Diploma or Professional Degree in related fields

Fresh graduates are welcome

Available Job-Offer:

(i) Sales Positions X 3

(ii) Financial Positions X 3

(iii) Management Positions X 1

Interested candidates, please send your applications with full resume

(preferably with recent I/C photograph) to