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In this part of my individual development plan I have been ask to search on the graduate attribute and skill in the labour market: however, when doing my research I came across many reports claiming what employers want. Most of the reports from employers about graduate attributes indicated that, the new graduate has an understanding of a complex body of knowledge, some of it at the current boundaries of the subject, as evidenced by the course modules.  Collectively, course learning outcomes contribute to the development of the graduate attributes. The graduate develops a range of cognitive and intellectual skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application) and a range of transferable skills.  The processes of developing and practising cognitive, intellectual and transferable skills will develop graduate attributes in addition to a range of practical and technical skills specific to the subject discipline(Source: londonmet). Graduates student bring benefits to their business in the sense that, they are challenged people, and they try to understand how things were done. They are questioning people, when it comes to duty work that they have not yet come across or do not know what to do, they assimilate things quicker than non-graduates student does. There are flexible and see things from a different perspective, graduate students are good in problem solving, bring new ideas as innovation, they are more energise at work, used their own initiatives, and acted without waiting for instructions. In the other, hand the graduates' skills demonstrated in the labour market is at follow:



willingness to learn

independent working/autonomy

working in a team

ability to manage others

ability to work under pressure

good oral communication

communication in writing for varied purposes and audiences


attention to detail

time management

assumption of responsibility and for making decisions

planning, co-ordinating and organising ability (Source: londonmet)

Now when relating these components of graduate students in the labour market, within the top major employers in the UK, the list comes certified by Britain's Top Employers where 67 of the leading employers in the country offering employees a work environment of opportunity, development and reward.

Among the 67 employers (Source: britainstopemployers), the starting salaries for undergraduate will depend on what job you have been prompted to do or on which sector you are located: however, the minimum salary for under graduate in my chosen sector of Marketing Analyst goes from £20000 to £40000 a year (Source: michaelpage).

The growing industries here in the UK are mostly Retailers' companies, which are owned and run by entrepreneurs (Source: fasttrack).

Base on my future job's role, my aspiration turned to be working as a Marketing Analyst and the requirement needed for this role are to support the sales and marketing function by providing competitor analysis, market research, pricing strategy, forecasting, database manipulation and general market analysis. I should be able identifying patterns and trends, modelling target clients and industry sectors and interpreting data to identify opportunities. As most organisations requirement, I should have some commercial marketing experience within a similar analytical marketing role and skilled in data manipulation and trend spotting.

This job's role also requires to earn at least a bachelor's degree in marketing research or a related discipline like statistics or math, my coursework should include business, marketing, statistics, mathematics and survey design.

To be an effective market analyst I must be able to communicate well in writing and orally and be detail-oriented, I also need good critical thinking and analytical skills.

Now base on these requirement of Marketing Analytic, my usual objective is to see myself as somebody useful in the society, having my own business ruining, where I will be working as a sole trader but in the other hand, I also ought to hold an undergraduate certificate to push myself forward to be a Marketing Analyst in the future.

My self-assessment knowledge & Current skills

In my current role at my working place, as a line manager that I am, I mostly engage myself with strategic thinking on how to please my superior and not to be let down with the team I am working with, I therefore design strategic action plan ever since we are all working in a busy environment with long hours of standing.

I always work with my team just to keep them focus and remain optimistic and bring my objective at the end of the shift, as I am an open person I effectively balance personal and work life to the people I work with, this is where I am more open, relax and critic could be done where improvement could be applied by adapting behaviour and work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.

I am not always right but I rapidly adjust to new situation and resolution, by creating and sustain an organizational culture which encourages others to provide me with their personal thought. I also enable my team with self-awareness to perform well by showing commitment to each over, I understand that the work is not easy when you have to stand for 12 hours and some people are not physically fit to stand for that long, this is where the work force is reducing the effort to work toward my objective as I always monitor the work every hours regarding what we have produced so fare and when I perceive the work not at the standard he has to be I quickly take action to find out what went wrong with my team how to improve the work, I improvise action plan to prevent potential situations that could result in unpleasant before my superior and I.

I sometime deal with confrontations among my team where as a Line Manager, I tend to solve conflicts and disagreements in a positive manner to minimize negative impact on my work. I mostly motivate my team and guide them toward goal accomplishment.

I consistently develop and sustain cooperative working relationships with everyone from work place to everywhere I go, when it comes to working with someone I have never worked with. I encourage and facilitate cooperation with friends at the University and with my team.

At my work place, I tend to identify and analyse problems; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions, I exercises good judgment by making sound and well-informed decisions; by perceiving the impact and implications my decisions; I then schedule it on my paper note where I always keep record of what I have to do each day when I am at work by making effective and timely decisions, even when my solutions given to them seems to be unpleasant consequences; but always tend to make sure that what I am doing is proactive and achievement oriented I also make clear and convincing oral presentations to individual in the group I work with because we all have languages barrier where most of us including I, English is not our first language. I express myself effectively and clarify information as needed; I facilitate an open exchange of ideas and foster an atmosphere of open communication where at the end I provide solutions to the team where each individual member of my team will be working based on my judgment or decision which will come to solve the problems. Now when looking the external influence that has impact on my future career and my current skills and knowledge at the work place, it leads me to be up to date with national and international policies on how to be at the stage I want it to reach. However I should by now evaluate myself with et good development plan to achieve the requirement skill and abilities to be qualify as a Marketing Analyst and here is how I am planning to build myself up to reach my goal at the end of my educational career. When using Gibbs' reflecting guide theory (Source: Gibbs), I have come to identify where I lack the most as it has been described on the requirement criteria to be an effective Marketing Analyst. I have felt to do something about it in order to complete the standard requirement. When evaluating this experience of mine, I have understood that based on my current knowledge I still need more to do if I want to be a Marketing Analyst as when highlighting the specific keys area it says, I should be able to provide competitor analysis, market research, pricing strategy, forecasting, database manipulation and general market analysis. I should also have some commercial marketing and skilled in data manipulation and trend spotting. With careful analyse of these requirement I came to conclude how I should tackle my objective to be, by bringing an action plan to help myself achieve it. I will use the SWOT analyses & SMART objective; the two types of analyses are both useful individually but also help when they are used together since it is more relevant to internal and external factors influence.

Method for Taking Action

Strength: My strength is that as a Line Manager I mostly cover the range of skill needed at my current stage and because I am still in the academic year in International Business which will be due in 2015 I will still gain more advance knowledge in the near future to combine with what I have so far. However, a placement it also given to us students which is an important opportunity to apply for a position in the working environment that suits with my future role to be.

Weakness: My weakness at my current stage that I am not really sure that thought I will be on work placement I will come to fulfil all these requirement needed to effectively be a Marketing Analyst.

Opportunity: My opportunity is the hand given from the University to apply the work placement base on our personal objective or future career and also because I am a student in the business environment I will still come with module that mushes with my future role to be

Threats: The threat to me will be I am in the right path to achieve my goal and will I have much time to be focus on my study while working and try to cope with the aspiration role requirement.

Specific: My specific aspiration to me will be working hard in order to be a graduate student with the standard requirement skill and ability needed to be qualifying as a Marketing Analyst.

Measurable: measurement in its sense to means how I will set myself with a schedule to follow systematically my daily task on how to achieve my end objective, which is to work hard while I am still in the education to hold a graduate certificate and also implement on the key factors that could lead me to be an effective Marketing Analyst

Achievable: Achievable will be such as question mark to me based on my aim as I want to be holder of graduate certificate and acquire the standard requirement of my aspirational role to be, but will it be possible base on my schedule? I believe yes I can, due to the effort I will be putting on my study to get things done and right and also to working alongside with my future role standard requirement to achieve my dream.

Relevant: Relevant in my case, will be the outcome of my study as a student and will it leads me to gain the standard requirement to achieve my objective? Yes it will be relevant to me, by progressing thru my undergraduate years with good grade scored at the final year of my study which starts from now. I should target myself to be qualify with at least first or second/first which could meet my needs and expertise and toward the employers

Time: talking of time to me as a student in the faculty of Business and Law, time will be the useful tool to schedule things which I need to accomplish in my life with a specific standard that helps me work thru the timescale that I will design to achieve my objective, where it requires me to I always be focus on in order to achieve my aim.