Science And Mathematics In English Education Essay


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My name is Choo Qi Hua, study in Olympia College Ipoh, taking the diploma business management. Today, I representative English club to write this letter about the benefit teaching of science and mathematics in English. Nowadays, teaching of Science and Mathematics in English is arguing at newspapers, televisions and internet. English is made the language of instruction in schools for teaching of Sciences and Mathematics. During the previous years, science and mathematics have been taught in Malay language. So, I agree about teaching science and mathematics in English will give us a lot of benefit such as career advantages, networking advantages, funding advantages, information access and education advantages. For example, SINGAPORE is a good example of the value of English to teach Mathematics and Science.

2. One of benefit teaching of science and mathematics in English is career advantages. Mathematics skills give students the ability to learn advanced subjects in science such as physics and chemistry. However, science skills give graduates access to high-paying fields like engineering and medicine. Science and mathematics teaching in English it can give them a chance to learn the knowledge of science and mathematics at the same time also learn the English skill. English skill gives workers the ability to work in countries with high salaries such as United States, Canada, and the UK. Lack of English skill also can work in another countries but it salaries will not high such as cashier, hard work, waiter, or driver. This is because, they English skill so weak and difficult to communicate with the people in that country. Beside this, it also can trains students in valuable skills in a far-reaching language, preparing them to enter the workplace with both. So, teaching science and mathematics in English give many advantages in career.

3. Another of benefit teaching of science and mathematics in English is networking advantages. Teaching science and mathematics in English give students access to mentors and partners they would not otherwise meet. This is because a lot of professional mentors and partners they born in another country so if want to meet them make sure you learn English first then will communicate with them easily. Moreover, scientific terms and phrases in English makes it possible to converse on the subject with students and professors affiliated with these leading institutions. For example, when the student ask the scientific terms like photosynthesis the professors can understands and explain the meaning of the word. However, if the scientific term is in another language professors will not understands and can't explain to the student it will make them difficult to communicate. It can see the scientific terms and phrases in English it can give student access to networking opportunities that would not be available had them learned mathematics and science in another language. So, teaching science and mathematics in English give a lot of benefit in networking.

3. Another benefit teaching science and mathematics in English is funding advantages. When the student attends English-speaking school they will get mathematics and science award, grant and scholarships. For example Arthur Holly Compton Fellowship Program (math), Intel Talent Search (math and science) and the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement (science) these are valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. While students need not have learned science in English to win these awards, the selection committees for them are primarily English speaking and the awards are for schools in the U.S. Therefore, learning science in English is a practical pre-requisite for young math and science students who wish to compete for these awards. Beside this, the students who are born in poor family or financial problem it will be chances get the award to continue their education or solve the financial problem of family. So, teaching science and mathematics in English has a lot of advantages in funding.

4. Another benefit teaching science and mathematics in English is information access. Some of the most prestigious math and science journals, including "Annals of Mathematics," "Nature" and "Science," are written in English. These journals are more widely cited by scholars than similar journals. Many respected journals are translated into other languages, but earliest and most accurate for account of the author's words is always in English. For mathematics students, having access to newly developed proofs and theorems can make the difference when giving presentations at mathematics conferences and competitions. For example, the word "Construction" in mathematics is meaning two points determine a straight line, when this word changes to another language it will become different meaning. Therefore, proofs and theorems can make the difference when giving presentation at mathematics. However, in college science courses, access to the latest information can mean the difference between a good student and a great student. So, teaching science and mathematics in English bring a lot of benefit in information.

5. Lastly, the benefit teaching science and mathematics in English is education advantages. Student and teacher will get the most benefit when teaching science and mathematics in English. For example, teacher has a chance to attend the regular courses to upgrade their language proficiency skills and knowledge or can read many books to improve English proficiency because a lot of the concepts in science and mathematics are expressed in their own unique language. So, teacher does not has excuse can't teach science and mathematics in English. Beside this, student also has a chance learning new things in a different language such as word in science and mathematics is expressed in unique language. Moreover, student who are too shy to speak English this are the another easy way to learning English and at the same time also can learn the knowledge of science and mathematics. In addition, these subjects teaching in English also can train the students writing skill. This is because in subject science they asking a lot of question are about explaining their opinion. Therefore, they must use they own word to explain they opinion clearly if not good in writing they will lose a lot of marks it can see the important of English writing skill. The school could have special period or days each week where the students and teachers are encouraged to converse in English, or student can learning English from the mass media this is because mass media provide much opportunity for listening to English. So, student does not has the excuse for difficult to learning science and mathematics in English. In addition, student can learn English in a short time this is because not only English class can learn and speak English, in science and mathematics also can learn and speak English too. Therefore, they have a major time study in English environment and speed up them to learn English. This is because it is the basic for the future study and makes their life easier because in future what course that they taken all is teaching in English when they enter university, especially oversea universities. So before enter to college they mush study English as fast as possible. So, teaching science and mathematics in English has a lot of advantages in education.

In conclusion, this all is my reason why I support teaching science and mathematics in English. English is a very important language in the world because most of the important discoveries and advances in science, technology and other fields are available in English. Beside this, English is essential in presenting scientific and mathematical concepts of an international level. If our command of English is lacking then we will lose out and always be left behind. So, I hope government can carry out the teaching science and mathematics in English as fast as possible.


Your Faithfully,


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