Routine For Transition Between Activities Education Essay

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In the beginning of the day, the students are entering into the class very quickly. The activities of the students were very speed and they were started to doing their works. During that time, the students were enthusiastic and because they can know what to do and they are placing their book bags.

Step II procedure

The students are acting very carefully in the beginning of the day and they are also getting pressure and stress due to the work. They are putting their books and other things into desk. They are doing the pending works in the free periods (Robert T. Tauber, 2007).

Step III procedure

They checked the board instructions in order to take the notes for the relevant questions and they can move smoothly through the morning routine and they can get straight into learning.

End of the day

Step I procedure

At the end of the day, the students are enjoying leaving from the class to home and they are waiting for the order to teacher. The routine helped to them to make them ready for next day.

Step II procedure

The students are concentrating to finish the home works and other works before leaving from the class. They were also helping to other people to finish the home works.

Step III procedure

The students are also steady for leaving from the class and they packed up their books into their bags.

Transition between activities

Step I procedure

There will be no trouble in their activities during the course of typical day and they can also move during the course of typical day from whole group to small group. The students are also moving from in-class work o specials outside the class room.

Step II procedure

The teachers are also sharing some clever ideas for keeping track of students as they leave the classroom for various reasons during transition between the activities.

Step III procedure

The students putting up community in the class room and taking the discussion for bringing students together and building community in the class room.

Distribution of materials

Step I procedure

The students are gripping the materials appropriate and they also concerned in a correct way. In the class room, the materials were distributed by Materials Distribution Personnel.

Step II procedure

When students are entered into the class and they will put away their materials back and tidying up the class room including homework within fifteen minutes (Huge Ming-Tak, 2008).

Step III procedure

They students were neatly organized the class room by arranging the materials including their books and other things and also they can get ready for the next day.

Field trip

Step I procedure

In the case of field trip, students prepared for learning outdoors and also they will be on their perfect behaviour. In field trip, students must have a sound pedagogical for making the trip better.

Step II procedure

The students can go after all the rules as if they were in the class and also they can know the dangers and how to handle the dangers.

Step III procedure

The safety keys were anticipation, planning and adequate supervision of teacher in order to make the better field trip. The students can behave as per the rules of teacher for making better safety.


Step I procedure

The students can wash their wash before they eat lunch and they can consider disposable hand wipes access for scheduling to provide for hand washing and in this case, there was no sharing food.

Step II procedure

In this case, the students are behaving well-mannered and they are hurting others. The students also have the recess display a developed ability to stay on tasks that are better behaved.

Step III procedure

The students will be returned to class more settled and calmer and ready to learn and also they will be in a line gently and hands to themselves.

Fire and disaster drills

Step I procedure

The students will stay in their desks in the case of anticipation of teachers and the students are following school policies about emergencies as guided by teachers.

Step II procedure

The students are not panic in the case of memorizing important names, addressed and telephone numbers.

Step III procedure

The students can show the best behaviour when they leaving or lining up the classroom and also this helped to students feel that they are the part of recovery and everything will be best.

Part D

Significant of each routine in the class room

The each above routine was important for the enhancement of students. These routine procedures were carefully established in the class room and students can know expectation of classroom by these routines. These routines were also used to make the students for understanding the instructions of teacher in the class room. These above routines were the determinants of circadian classroom life and the main goal of these routines was to make the valuable classroom time. The above routines accomplished more to the life students in classroom. The procedures and actions of routines will be making the positive effects to students in the case of achieving their life objectives.

Routines for Beginning of the day

This routine was prepared for learning while the students enter into the classroom and the students also had made that visit to their lockers and this routine satisfied the expectations of students into the classroom. This routine provided the full participation, attention and sincere effort as well as so on.

Routine for end of the day

This routine was also concentrated to make knowledge, attitude, and effectiveness of students successfully. This routine improved the concentration of students by means of providing the opportunities and so on. The students can get the innovation by this routine and the life achievement of student was possible by this routine.

Routine for distribution of materials

This routine can save the efforts of students by means of making innovation and the distribution of material provided the knowledge and attitudes. The learning capacity of the student was also improved by this routine. The routine was important for doing their works and without these materials students can’t do their home works.

Routine for organizing class room materials

This routine was made a comprehensive way for organizing classroom due to effectiveness of this routine to students in the classroom. In this case, students can able for locating things quickly and easily.

Routine for transition between activities

This routine contributed more in the case of preparing the students for the performance. The necessary item can be delivered by this routine in order to make the preparation. This activity gathered the concentration of students during the class period.

Routine for field trip

This routine was the effective one in providing the general knowledge, attitude and strength to students. This routine possessed the thinking of students when they were in field trip and also enhanced the real time experiences of students.

Routine for fire and disaster drills

This routine helped to the students to follow the school policies and procedures and also used to make the positive behaviour to the students in the class room. It also makes the students to feel comfortable in the classroom.