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In today's class my first day of my leadership course is be on my expectation that the tutor gave us the lecture note. We all understand about the leadership by reading the note and the way my tutor explain. The leadership course is very interesting subject we learn about the leaders and their basic of leader, skill, ideas, qualities, and etc. we have learned about the famous and successful leaders. How they have planned to do their hardworking and to achieve their goals. By learning about leadership it is interesting and need to get more ideas, information and discussion in class. I would like to discuss about the famous and successful leader Mahatma Gandhi who leads the whole country. He is a good leader in this world some of the people still follow his way. The way he helps the country and deals with British People and downfall them and all the steps towards British government were follows all the expectation and the new ideas were coming up. Mahatma Gandhi is a good leader because he was a good problem solving, decision making, responsibility and planning tools to be a good role model towards the employee. Through self-study formal classes, reflection and interacting with other be a technically. As a leader we must know our task and responsibility for the challenges.

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Week 2 Blog 2

In today's group tutorial we were given a topic about leadership at risk. We formed a group of three members and discussed about four leaders named David Garrett, Bill Clinton and Paddy Ashdown and Chris Carter. They were all involved in sex scandals which affected their careers by having negative influence. In our group we have selected a leader Mr. X who had a good knowledge of these leaders. He had excellent communication skills and was able to start group discussions. He related well to all other team members and spoke with confidence. He gave responsibility to each team member and helped them to complete the task so that the team could achieve its goal. By working in the group I leant how to solve the unfamiliar problems. In the group we all got chances to speak about the articles and share our ideas and knowledge to each others. In today's world one has to maintain a good standard and fame and has to keep their records clear. What I have gained in knowledge from the famous leaders is that Leadership is about setting good example or you have no followers and your career in leadership goes down the drain. To become an effective leader one has to develop good skills. Every one is different in terms of providing assistance. I have the ability of guiding others but what I decide may not suit all individuals but in general it should be ethical.

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Week 3 Blog 3

My personal goal for this course is to pass the exam and get a good knowledge to become a well known leader in my future life. I am being inspired by the female leader Helen Clark. Helen Clark is a very good leader because she socializes with all communities that are why she is well respected in all cultures. From this course I leant a lot of things such as how to develop leadership skills. To become a leader first thing for a leader is to organize a plan to achieve the goals. In this class I am going to study the personalities of outstanding leaders and create skills, knowledge and qualities of this leader within me so that I can become a good leader. To be an effective leader I will always prepare to face challenges and to deal with it. A leader should support the decisions which are morally ethical. My personal goal is in line that I am learning and understanding about leadership so that I can get more success and become a good leader. I will be able to set smart goals and achieve my goal in this course. My goal is to pass this course with good grades and to achieve success I will have to complete all my assignments within the given timeframe and revise my work daily so that I can understand my lectures, come to lectures everyday so that I do not miss on any topic and ask questions about things I do not understand in class. By doing this I am sure I will pass in this paper.

Week 4 Blog 4

Reflecting on the leaders that I have looked so far in this course is Juilia Gillard. She is manipulative leader because within a very short time in Politics she became the Prime Minister of Australia. She was able to do this by influencing her followers with changes that people of her country needed. She goes with time and changes policy for her personal benefits. The leader who I say is a failure is Qarase because he was not able to rule the country with fairness. He ruled Fiji with double standard. For example he was not showing any response towards the problems of Indian people and spent most of the government funds for the benefit of ethnic Fijians. Because of this he was forced out from parliament by a military coup. One thing this leader should have done different is that he should have made fair policy for all the people of his country. By comparing about these two leaders Qarase has done wrong things in his political career while Julia has used various techniques to gain power. Qarase lost his leadership because he was dishonest and cunning. If I were the leader to control the parliament I should follow the rules and policy of the government like Julia because she is a good leader in her country. She always follows the government policy and makes special effort to fulfill the promises her party made during the elections. I doing so she has proved her credibility. This is the sign of a good leader.

Week 5 Blog 5

The presentation we did was on the topic resourcing. I was my first experience to do the presentation in the class. The dress code for the presentation was to dress formal to present our self, it was challenging to present in front of the class as I have not done any presentation for years and the last presentation I did was in the high school. I was nervous to present in front of the class and faced a major problem in having eye to eye contact with the audience. Before presenting in the class i have done a research on the particular topic so I had enough knowledge of subject matter. I was very nervous in front of audience while presenting myself for few minutes than i gained courage to deliver my ideas. However I continued making some of the mistakes. At the same time i learnt from my mistakes because that is something we going to use in our career. The presentation was useful to class because we all share our ideas and learnt how to communicate with different people in different work place. After presenting in class I learned lot of things about presentation and after talking to my tutor I was able to improve my presentation in future.

Week 6 Blog 6

In week six of my class I leant how to develop a personal leadership development plan and I had to develop my five goals to develop into a good leader. My first goal is to complete the management course by achieving good results. I can achieve this by doing all the assignments correctly and on time, passing all the test and examinations. My second goal is to get a job relevant to my qualification. I will identify suitable jobs by reading newspaper and job seek website, applying for jobs, giving interviews and making enquiries. My third goal is to develop good interpersonal skills with my workmates and supervisors. I will achieve this goal by developing self -confidence, learning local speaking habits and developing cultural understanding. My fourth goal is get a promotion at work within three months. I will have to develop knowledge of the work and the environment by reading and asking questions to my supervisors and sharing ideas with other workmates. My fifth goal is to follow the rules of my company so that I can become a manager of the business in future. This will be achieved by working harder than others and demonstrating qualities of excellent leadership. These skills are relevant to my current leadership qualities because I am hardworking, helpful to others, I have confidence to relate to others and I have the ability to learn from my mistakes and strengthen my good qualities. I have the determination to progress in future and I am also prepared for all training that are required to achieve my goals.

Week -7 Blog 7

I believe that leaders are made not born as I learnt in my organization and management class in last trimester. In this world everybody was born with different personality and traits. When one develops those traits they become an effective and successful leader. I believe that one cannot be taught to become a leader but one can learn to become a leader over the years through life and work experiences, through mentors, personal reflection, etc.

Marcus Buckingham wrote a very interesting and widely informative book called The One thing you need to know about Great Managing. In it he proposes that a leader is born, and not made because of two characteristics which are only peculiar to leaders. These 2 characteristics are innate and are part of one's personality and therefore, one cannot learn to develop such character traits.

A leader who influenced and inspired me Helen Clark. She ruled her country for ten years and after her defeat she did not give up her political career and continued to serve as leader opposition. This shows that she a great patriot and based on her great knowledge and ability she became development and planning in charge of United Nations. Another leader who was born to be leader is Prince Charles but this opportunity was not given to him because he failed to meet the expectations of The Queen. From both these leaders I have learnt that if leaders have good qualities then they gain support of followers but if lack leadership skills, then they are rejected.

Week-8 Blog 8

The two movies that I have watched are 3 Idiots and Dabanng. The leader I have recognised in 3 Idiots is Rancho (Amir Khan) who was very good leader with high expectation of his future. In the movie he shows that if person has high expectation with strong intention he will never loose in his life and one day people will recognize his actual cleverness. The leader in Dabanng is successful and strong leader was Salman Khan who played a leading role in the movie as a strict, honest and stick to rules police officer. He was a very situational leader and was ready to take all the challenge. He is very fearless and had a positive attitude towards the tasks he does and work for the success of his vision. And I also noticed that my skills which match with these two leaders of both movies are: Dedicated to work and positive attitude towards my goals to fulfill them without any fear and never lose hope. I like these leaders in both movies In Dabanng the main character was so determined and dedicated that he was against corruption and illegal actions. He always worked for the peace of the society and for the security of the people. In the movie 3 Idiots I liked the character named Rancho, his other two friends challenged him, and he accepted the challenge, proved his ability, and showed that everything is possible. The concept that I would like to develop are self-esteem and helpfulness in me and I would like to be more of a situational leader as I will get a chance to make judgments according to the situation and this will help me to act according to the time and will lead me in the right direction to improve succeed in life.

Week 9- Blog 9

In today's presentation as a presenter I think that I have prepared good work in when I compare with week 5. I was able to improve on some of my weaknesses. While presenting a particular a topic I should have excellent knowledge of the topic and also I should have good communication skills and better organising skills so that when I present in front of class the listener can understand well that whatever I have presenting to them. As I evaluate my score I will give 7 out of 10 points. This is my 3rd presentations so I have learnt how to present and develop skills and self-confidence. As I consider myself I am not perfect some of the weakness and strengths are: My strength is I can communicate and speak in front of anyone with confidence and weakness is lack of courage about the skills of presenting. While presenting the topic I was slightly confused about what types of questions would be asked by the audience but I answered all the questions because I have full knowledge of a particular topic. For my next presentation I will improve myself in developing non- verbal communications such as eye contact, posture, facial expressions. I also need to improve on my fluency and accuracy as well.

Week 10 Blog 10

In this week Blog we have discussed leadership in small business v large organization and not for profit v nonprofit making businesses.The leaders I have selected are - Small business Jay Ram Reddy a lawyer in Fiji, large business Stephen Tindal of Warehouse in NZ, non-profit organization, Helen Clerk of United Nations and profit making business Telecom name Paul Reynolds.

All leaders have a same leadership style which is idealistic, in business to make profit. In the class mostly all the concepts are covered like leaders, followers, communications and situations. Out of those concepts I have identified that how to motivate followers is the concept that I want to develop in myself as this is the hard and important ability for a good leader to be successful. Who has faced their challenges in business life? And how the leader faced that challenges by using their understanding of cultural aspect and enable an environment of change management in his organization. I also discussed how the leader influenced, engaged and inspired the followers. it shows what leadership challenge was and what lesson we learned from it. This essay is a reflection of good research and evaluation techniques of how leadership concept of change management applied.

Week11 Blog 11

This weekend blog is the movies that I have seen are Force and Ghandhi. The leadership style that had been used is Idealistic style in both of the movies. In Force, Yash is a loyal responsible and stone hearted police officer. He is the main character of the movie and proved himself as a good leader with great confidence and challenge to fight as a police officer even by knowing that by doing this he can lose his life. In Ghandhi the main role is of Ghandhi whose leadership style motivates people to make their dreams a reality and to show them the right path to success in life. He did a lot of positive things for his friends in the movie and proved himself as a great leader. The similarities of the both the leaders were that the leadership style of both the leaders were same but the leadership qualities that they have shown are different because one leader fights against the crime to save people and the other leader did the same thing but in a different way by making people excited about their dreams. The leader shows that some people have dreams but they do not accept challenge to make them real. Out of both the leaders the leader I liked is Yash from Force and the concept of motivating people and how to make the most of the hidden qualities which everyone has then work on it is that we had discussed in the class and this quality I would like to identify and develop in myself as well.

Week 12 Blog 12

As in class we have a good discussion about the ideas, thoughts and experiences of the powerful leadership. Leadership is the qualities of a person that makes a leader different from normal people. Such as a person is a domestic member, colleagues or peer group members and with the power of the leadership you can change the thoughts of other person's mind that can change the reflection and feelings of a person in this organization. In today's class we have learnt a lot about leaders thoughts and experiences and it has been changed a lot after attending today's class which is that a leader can be a good leader without marking a group of people and working with them same as like others but not as leaders showing down to the earth. I have interviewed Subhash he is a director of Panel and Paint Company Ltd who is such a nice director and have all those qualities that a leader should have and he explained that leadership is not just doing all the tasks correctly but making others working right by instruction employees. How to become a good leader is the real meaning of leadership. I like would to describe laisenia qarasa who is unsuccessful as a leader of Fiji Island. Who could be counted as one of the successful leader actually he had such skills to become a good leader but could not use those skills in the right time and place.

Week 14 Blog 14

In the last week of our course the most surprising part is that some of the leadership qualities I have with me. I have been inspired by the Leadership of Arvind Solanki who is an assistant sales manager and he also owns a Garment factory in Fiji. By doing this leadership course is not that easy to develop in yourself we have to be active and reading leadership theories. We have to build leadership qualities and skills inside as it will be take lot of year to gain every time it is a process of leaning through the whole life. At time people were born with leadership skills and qualities of it to develop them. The leadership skills never changes but as time goes the leaders change. In this whole leadership course we have looked a number of world's leaders and they have good effects on my mind with the great leadership skills. The leader stayed in my mind till now is Arvind Solanki he is fictional the Fijians with the excessive ability of doing fund raising for the people to helps with heaps of good efforts. I have learned about the great leaders that how they were achieving each steps and their aims. This leadership course will help me in my life in future.

Week 13 Blog 13

I would like to choose a person who is working in a Super value as a manager. She is working as a store manager who supervises the whole store. Her name is Zoya (not real) and she has been working for the store for two years. She is qualified with a complete work ethic and outstanding leadership qualities at a very young age. She is a really good at training the new staff members at work and everyone feels good however working with her. She is perfectly effective leaner and devoted to work. She enjoys respectable working approach as well as the good leadership skill and good communication at work, accurate enjoyment of responsibilities to others, good receiver behaviors and all those that a good working leader should have. I would like to recommend her about honesty and sometime when something goes wrong she loses her temper with her staff it does not suit as good leader. The reflection of a good leader is making community interactions, how to welcome the customer to whom you never communicated before and communication skills. I consider that I have to change by interconnecting reasonably and effectively and I could develop this by making more contacts with the people having more conversations at work.