Research And Study Skills And Personal Reflection Education Essay

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When I started at South London Christian College January 6th, 2009 I was faced with the challenge of writing twenty four assignments, from the beginning I believed that I could complete them all, because I know that I am very disciplined and consistent. I think it would be an effective task for me. Although, I am not generally the sort of person that is proficient in putting my own emotions and reactions in writing, I felt that writing twenty four essay's and book reviews would be of great significance towards my growth as a writer. As I reflect on my writing I completed all of the assignments, which expanded my knowledge in research, I am pleased to see how well I have done with my writing skills

As a theology student, I believe that being disciplined was one of the most critical components of my study. At first, my writing was a little awkward, because I did not understand the questions. However, over time I have come to understand and grasp the assignments, I realize that writing is a very useful tool for a student to master. I found that writing really helps me to put my knowledge into perspective, and now I can look back on my study skills and see how I have grown, I am able to scrutinize my own errors and correct them. When reading my essays I can see how I have grown throughout the first year, I am looking forward to tackle the second year assignment s with great confidence.

On a scale of one to ten I gave myself a rating of nine in and outside of the classroom.  Because I consider my behavior, study habits, social skills, and class involvement to be terrific, I stayed on task without frequent interference from my Lecturer. I always participate in classroom activities willingly, I get along well with my class mates, and make a conscious effort to be friendly and helpful in every way that I can and make others feel welcome and valid in my presence. I am approachable in and out of the classroom. I am doing a great job in motivating my peers to concentrate on completing their assignments. I realize that I need some improvement in my English grammar, which I have already started to make by acquiring books and study tools that will help me in this particular area.

 I realize in order to be a successful student it is extremely important to develop first-class working habits at home, and it is also essential how much time and effort I spend on average, doing my assignments. I also learnt that I should not daydream, get fidgety, or get easily distracted, when I study at home it is comfortable, and important how I handle the interruptions from family members. Since, I am a self-directed person, as a result, I do not need to be reminded to start or complete my homework on time. I often work on my assignments, and read a little each night; I do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute. I believe I am doing well, and aspire to improve my habits even further.

Potency and Imperfection:

My greatest challenge is in the areas of spelling, sentence pattern and grammar. But I am studying vocabulary flashcards every night for 5-10 minutes. I am reviewing games that will help me to learn properly. My assignments are well organized and my referencing is in the appropriate sections, complete, and accurate. My work is always neatly presented. In areas that I am doing well, I am striving to do even better; likewise, in the area that I need improvement I am also striving to get proficient.

My reading skills has improved drastically over the course of the first semester. I consider myself currently an avid reader; I am reading constantly, I am no more a reluctant reader. I am enjoying reading the Bible, more than any other fiction or non-fictional books, I am reading copious commentaries, historical books on the bible, biographies of the Church Father's, bible mysteries, theological, and other religious books. In the next semester I will be doing some reading in other secular literature and novels, because I am hoping to broaden my knowledge and to enhance my reading.

I am cognizant that writing is an important skill that helps me to communicate what I know. I feel more confident about myself as a writer at this time than I was six months ago. My thoughts are well-organized, logical, and clear, I am aware that my sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and vocabulary is all vital and should be done appropriately, I am eager not to use too many indistinguishable terms, and obtain a grasp on editing my work carefully that will permit me to become a much better writer.  


Based on my self-assessments I came to realize that my learning style is aural and visual, but stronger in visual.  I am please with my analysis, by analyzing myself it helps me to know my learning style better, even, if I have known before hand this assessment highlights it more, and which will benefit me as a student.

Now that I have reflected on my strengths and limitations so far this year, it's time for me to set some goals going forward. 

As I continue to evolve as a theology student, I anticipate that my discipline, experiences, beliefs, ideas, and self-sufficient approach, might influence my own perceptions of my efficiency as a student as well as the perceptions of others. In my final analysis, I hope that I will continue in such an orderly manner to understand all the subjects that I am studying, that I will be able to demonstrate what I have be taught in an intelligent, excellent, and eloquent manner.

I believe that each individual student have an obligation to do what is right, learn to work mutually and cooperatively with others to resolve challenges and find solutions, to be respectable to teachers and serve others.

"ADONAI, help me to do my very best at all times, let me perform my duties with a spirit of excellence above and beyond my strengths, abilities, gifts, and talents." Amen.