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"A structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development

Planning is the bridge between where we are and where we would be.

Kountz and Odonnel


Personal development plan meaning refers to the action that improves the self-knowledge and setting up the goals and objectives in education, career and personal development. Through planning you can set short term medium term and long term objectives to reach the goal of life. Planning is the reflection of past for example:-

If you were good in past you have to better than that in future. It is bridging the gap to reach the destination.

Importance of Personal Development Plan


If we want to achieve any set of target we need plan. Developing a plan helps me to assess the work, the plan will also give me or show me the strength and weakness which I have to monitor for further development, due to which I can also measure my work process. The weakness and strength will guide me from where I have to get the strength. Well it is not only required at starting of the work but need to change from time to time.

A well organised plan will guide me what type of action to be taken and also about the obstacles.

Learning skills and there development

How plan will support to achieve your goal

Resources needed to achieve goal

Check point

Time management-looking towards the plan I need to be perfect on time.

Improving my learning performance- learning is better but can be more better if I will improve it.

Problem solving skill-problem should be solved on time and on need.

Better use of


Time management will help me to achieve the argentine and also I can judge that what I am doing is on time or not.

It will help me to learn the things which I need to develop for my plan.

Problems solving skill help me to sort out the problems coming in the plan.

It will help in finding the things which are needed for plan like the use of internet.



Money etc.

Resources like computers, reference book, newspapers etc.

20th match


Creating a personal development plan is thus not enough as in order to make sure that all your targets are meet to the best of its abilities it is always best to review your goals. My personal development plan gives an overview of what I am doing and where I want to venture into the near future. As a business orientated person myself I feel that the course that I am currently doing will help me gain a foothold within the management sector of a well-established organization. However even planning ahead can always have its setbacks, as they can be many hurdles along the way for me in order to accomplish my set goals. Therefore in this part of the assignment I will be analysing my goals and discovering possible solutions which in time will lead me to my end career aspirations of endeavouring into owning and carrying out my own business in the near future.

Short Term Objectives

As from the table above it clearly illustrates that I have meet my short-term objectives, which were not that easy as to make a decision upon. At first I had registered with the college provider to carry out a ABE course, however I was not aware of what the course entailed me to do. This is due to the fact that the college brochures didn't give a full illustration towards the main aspects that need to be covered in the course, and thus I felt that it would not be of beneficial to my career aspirations. Therefore when I came to UK I made an appointment with the facility staff member and discussed my plans, goals and what I am good at and what skills I obtain. I went through the college courses with the staff member who then guided me into the BTEC course of Management studies.

Finding a right course for me was the utmost necessary step for me, as I have to be comfortable within my area of studies. Therefore by selecting this course it gave me a level of expertise within the area of business that I want to renovate into in the near future. As well as discussing the course modules with the facility staff member I also carried out my own research by using the internet and exploring the course and what and how it will be of beneficial to me. Once I had decided I then had the obstacles of paying the fees although I had enough I still had to pay a small amount more, for this I meet with the financial support staff within the college and decided upon a payment scheme which has proven to be constructive for me.

As an overseas student at first it was hard to adapt to the surroundings of a different cultured living environment. Nevertheless by interacting with my fellow course members and by living within the Halls of residents I have a much greater familiarity and have adapted quite well with the people and with the atmosphere in UK. The colleagues help is much beneficial to me as they can help me in making friends and also finding job by which i can get good money for carrying out my studies. The local people living here can guide me in a better way and also can help me as in am new in this country here i can say the skill like communication help me much for carrying out the objective.

Medium Term Objectives

These objectives are essential for me, currently I am trying to meet all of my assessment deadlines and researching the assessment criteria's to the best of my abilities. In order to make sure that I am carrying out my assessments I use the internet, newspaper articles and business reports. All of which have been highly useful to me when writing up my assessments.

Looking towards the task of personal development plan which I had made there is needed to overcome certain obstacles, without which the plan cannot be in a proper sequence.

Time management skill-need to check the task and to correct it when the plan is going out of schedule.

Questioning skill-need to question in the group & to discuss the topic, question to our self and to lecturer. By taking this course I have improved upon my organizational and time keeping skills. Another obstacle that I have overcome is that as assessments are set it is not always easy to understand the main scope of what is required. Therefore I have made it my duty to ask my lecturer when I am unsure of the tasks that are set to me. This way I gain a better understanding and I am able to gain in-depth knowledge from my lecturer upon the areas of the module that are difficult for me. This shows that it is very important and necessary to gain support within the academic field i.e. From your lecturers when a difficulty arises.

Self-Developing skills-need to make to better by self-reviewing, by learning from the environment, correcting the mistakes.

Financial planning-this can be sorted out by looking toward the expenses where i am spending and by better financial planning.

Use of proper resources-this can be done by using the resources in the manner how they are needed and in the proper way this can be achieved by having the proper knowledge of the resources and also of the plan &

Keeping away the professional life from studies-not working more than required and in the vacation period only. deadline.

I can correspond this into my working life as well. As working in Primark, I have come across minor problems such as dealing with customers face to face who have minor problems of boarding etc. To overcome this I have learnt from my senior colleagues what other option we can give to the customers that can feel them comfort.

I can say from above review that this obstacles are to be sorted out for a good PDP, to overcome them the basic thing i have to be is in a comfort zone( our living style, work and our social environment in which we are customise).thus making my plan in a continuous flow.

The students with whom i am studying and the lecturer can help me in completing my studies. They can be beneficial in providing me a proper guide line and also in the understanding the topics which are needed to complete my bathe supports from my colleagues and lecturer can help me in completing my plan on time. Sometime the lack of resources can be made taken from the colleagues like the use of printer or reference notes.

Long Term Objectives

Where do I see myself after this course is completed. Well my main concern as of now is to complete my course with good results. My long-term objectives are inter-linked with my results. As I plan to carry on with my educational development by carrying out my MBA in Management Studies. I am very interested within the business field; therefore I feel that by carrying out an MBA I will be able to gain good career and job prospects in UK. With such prospects I can use my skills that I gain from my academic and working background in UK to prosper within my own country. As a practical person I am always interested in the field of running my own business, therefore I plan to open my own business and run it according to my own requirements.

The main obstacle for this will be costs and the time scale, which I will have to prioritise with my own personal life. Therefore I feel that once I have settled down in life with a good job within the management sector, then I can later on in life develop my interest in exploring the running of my own business.

In order to accomplish my set goals and aspirations in the current and near future I plan to review my action plan every 6 months. This will give me a clear prospective of what I am accomplishing and what I need to achieve within the duration of time. Therefore self-review is always important as it enables one to keep in track of their goals and amend or adjust into additional circumstances that may arise.

Being a good manager I have to be in communication with the people for the marketing and also for other development in the business. The support from market people for finance and the market had a good impact on the development of the business. They can help me from their experience and from the skills they have. Being a businessman on the basis of profit hey can also support me to get the better deals and opportunity in the market so I can stand in the market.