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This report provides the information of education of New Zealand. Education in New Zealand follows the three role model which includes primary schools, followed by secondary schools (high schools) and tertiary education at universities, colleges and in institutions.Most students start when they turn 5, and remain in school for the full 13 years.

The research draws attention on education system changed on variety of years and how it is effect on students and quality of education. New Zealand education got fourth rank in reading skills which very good compared to other developed countries. New Zealand getting improvement in the study system and government also support and give many facilities and infrastructure so the students can do study efficiently .they also provides services to the teachers so they can teach the students without any difficulties.

This report concludes that in 1900 year only 10% student attend the primary school and compare to today the education in new Zealand is raised and now today approximately 90 % students attend the primary and secondary school. Because today parents are aware about education.And new Zealand also getting improvement in ranking.

It is recommended that government do many things for education system the government should provide better education system for students and they should control on their currency so it will not effect on international students and government should promote the education into the world than New Zealand can get good rank in international recognise


On 20/09/2012 prof. Dana cummin ask about a report. And I investigate education industry in New Zealand and. This assignment is due on 12/11/2012 .And I make some recommendations where it is used New Zealand's education system is world-class, modern and responsive. It combines proven, traditional principles of education with innovation, creativity and fresh thinking. In today's age students need to know how to problem-solve, analysis information, work with others, create and innovate. These goals are at the heart of New Zealand's education early age the focus is generally around developing basic good communication skills and basic skills in order to further learn more complex skills and subjects. After acquiring these basic abilities education is commonly focused towards individuals gaining necessary knowledge and skills to improve ability to create good value and personal development for themselves. In new Zealand Students got study from the colleges, universities, schools and private institutions. And there are many schools, colleges and universities are there in New Zealand. Even international point of New Zealand education system has a good respect.


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3.1 History of the education:

The passing of the Education Act 1877 established New Zealand's first free national system of primary education. on that time primary schools are run by the government and many children didn't attend the primary schools because they were belonged from the rural areas. In 1900 below 10 % (Wikipedia, 2012)students attend the secondary schools and secondary schools provide free education to those students who passed from the primary education. And in 1917 37%(Wikipedia, 2012)students went to school for secondary 1977 tertiary education comes which means higher education or further study after the secondary education. It also applicable only when the students passed from secondary education.

3.2 Size ofeducation in market:

Education contributes great growth in newzealand GDP. In the year of 2001 $1.3billion(Stroombergen, 2008)earned by the government from the international fee paying students which comes from other and it contributes to the GDP and in the year 2003 It had crossed 2 billon and contribute approximately $2.2 billion to the GDP. And many students come to New Zealand to do work and to get the education the usually international students paid $6500 on tuition fees and $17600for their living expenseTertiary and other post-school education fees are collected for a range of degree, certificate, or diploma courses according to the latest survey 100,000 students come to newzealand for the study and only 20% get the residency.In the year 31 December 2011, mostly international studentswere from China (23 per cent), South Korea (13 per cent), and India (13 per cent)(immigration New Zealand, 2012).

The average annual growth rate of 30% international students enrolled in New Zealand schools and public tertiary institutions in 1994-1997. But growth rate dropped down critically 8%on 1997. It happened only from the Asian financial crisis but in 2002 year 80,000 international students enrolled in newzealand institution colleges and university .and that time growth increase 52%(Stroombergen, 2008). It increases because now there is trend of foreign education in world.

3.3 Strength of education system:

The great majority of newzealand students are repeatedly up with the best in the world. In the latest survey, New Zealand students were ranked fourth in reading literacy, fourth in scientific literacy and seventh in mathematical literacy. Australia has recorded a significant decline on all the skills measured. England hasslipped 25th in reading, eighth to 28th in maths and fourth to16th in science. (Lind, 2012)This reflects very favourably on the quality of New Zealand teachers.

New Zealand universities are also the big strength of New Zealand education is well-recognised internationally. More than half are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and the famous university is Auckland University is on the 83th rank in all world universities and no.1 in New Zealand. All have strong international connections and collaborate with universities in other countries on a range of research and teaching programmes.Universities provide many good courses and degrees. And they teach to the students with every new technology and practical work.


The weakness of the New Zealand education system is increasing dollar rate which effects on the other countries' currencies. And it effects on the international students. In the Christchurch and in some Auckland regions international students living expense has been changed. At Christchurch in the year of 2011 the international students living expense has been changed from $12000 to $13000 per year (Christchurch mail, 2012) and now in 2012 international students can come only if they have 15000 or 17000 NZ dollars for living expense. There is some changes in the tuition fees also and some courses has been changed from 1 year into 2 years And after this change there is great decline in the enrolment of international students.

3.5 Government policies and strategies:

3.5.1 Government make following policies and strategies for New Zealand education system

3.5.2Give funding to primary schools so they can teach to the students freely

3.5.3 Providing good environment for the students so they can study stress free and pay attention on study.

3.5.4 Providing infrastructure support to schools, including managing the school property , government also have need to provide technology so they can become advance

`3.5.5Providing special education services to children and young people with disabilities and other special education needs

` 3.5.8The seven agencies directly involved in the education sector are:

` Ministry of Education

` Careers New Zealand

` Education New Zealand

` Education Review Office

` New Zealand Qualifications Authority

` New Zealand Teachers Council

` Tertiary Education Commission(The Ministry, 2012)

4 Conclusions:

4.1 History of education:

NZ education started from the free primary schools and these all were run by the government and many students were unable to attend the school because they from rural areas where demand of labour was very high. And the age between 5 to15 was compulsory for students to learned basic education in primary schools. And in the year of 1900 only less than 10% attended the school which was very low rate compared to other countriesbut after

4.2 Size of the educationin market:

The size of education increasing in the market last4 years. According to the survey government earning a good from the international students and in return governmentprovide good environment to students for to do study and they provide 20 hours to do work in newzealand.The number of international students in New Zealand has increased rapidly over the last few years and it is expected to be on that trend for the next decade and they are come from the different countries especially from China, India and Japan. Newzealand growth getting increase compared to other years because there is big trend of newzealand education in world

4.3 Strength of education system:

New Zealand getting improvement in ranking and it shows New Zealand have good teachers from all over the world which provide good quality of education.There is no any confusion in that New Zealand Universities are well occupied and well recognised in the world. Because teachers provides good quality of education and provide many facilities .students coming from all over the world for their study

4.4 Weakness of education:

New Zealand increasing dollar rate becoming problem for the New Zealand economy and it also effect on international students. And international students like to choose other countries for study.

4.5 Government policies and strategies:

There is no confusion in that the government support the education and they give their best to serve and give amenities to the students and these seven agencies form the Education Sector Leadership Board, chaired by the Secretary for Education. These education agencies supports the Government's core goals, contributing directly to better public services that provide better outcomes for all New Zealanders. These agencies help the government in finance and in other advice also.

5 Recommendations:

5.1 Present situation:

Today New Zealander students get studying in schools colleges, universities and private institutions and now they can choose anything according to their wealth andget good education and other thing teachers are also veryintelligent and hard worker and they give their best to teach the students. Today mostly students attend the primary schools and secondary schools compared to other years.

5.2Improve international market:

Government should take necessary action in the improvement of NZ dollar because increasing dollar rate is not good for international point of view. New Zealand have good international recognise but they should control on the currency if they can't or unable to control on their currency than they should decrease the tuition fees of international students or give some applicable discount so international students able to choose New Zealand without any hesitation

5.3 Maximise the strength : New Zealand doing great in national level and international level and universities are dominating in the new Zealand and they should retain this strength can get more good rank . they should use the high level of technology and increase the gain of knowledge of the students and other thing colleges and private institutions is doing great and they should run their business on the competition and on aim basis than they can come in the world ranking. And after that New Zealand can earn maximise strength with their colleges and universities.

5.4Subsidies for education:

In order to get and raise achievement they ensure that educators are able to consistent their strength and provide quality educational experiences for all students, the government should invest in primary and secondary school infrastructure, delivering modern learning environments the government should create safe learning environments and provide subsidies for New Zealand students. This will be achieved

` School property is well managed - the Ministry is seen as a high-quality property manager and advisor to the Government

Schools are fit for purpose - state schools should provide safe environments that empower students and teachers to succeed

There is a high-performing of schools and colleges - the schools and colleges should change the structure of and change in the teaching way so student not get bore from the study that way schools and colleges can runefficiently.

.5.5Future plans:

Education has a vital role in students mind innovation and economic growth. Government should provide better-performing education system. Over the next 12 or 14 years, the focus will be on increasing number of young people with higher-level qualifications and getting stronger alignment between the supply of skills from the education system and the needs of employers. Government goal is only to provide more amenities where student can do study freely. We should ensure about that research and innovation play a stronger role in our future economy.


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