Relevance Of English Proficiency Among Teachers Education Essay

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The Philippines despite being one of the smallest countries in Asia is known in terms of language proficiency. In fact, per survey conducted among Filipinos living around the world, Filipinos seem to adjust fast, hence can communicate and can converse well with almost if not at all nationalities. <br><br>

English Proficiency Skills among teachers is one of the issues today being addressed by the Department of Education. Teachers being the main server and provider of learning in formal schools need to be English proficient. The way they communicate in every life situation up to the construction of communication which demand for structure, grammar and other technicalities of the language is being watched to assure that the command of the English language is present. Teachers no matter how simple their words are should be "grammatically correct" and must be acceptable to all kinds of people. <br><br>

As facilitators of learning, teachers' English proficiency skills is highly relevant. The medium of instruction in the core subject like the English, Science and Mathematics is English, thus their fluency need not to be compared. The command and delivery really matters as to how they should facilitate learning and eventually reaching the end goal of mastery of lessons.Learning is parallel to hoe teachers executed the lessons and execution is dependent on communication skills of teachers. <br><br>

Today, in recognition of the relevance of English Proficiency Skills in teaching-Learning process, DepED has issued several guidelines and policies to diagnose the English level of proficiency and thus later on providing the necessary and appropriate intervention for them.

How Important are Instruction and Curriculum to Teachers

Instruction and curriculum are two significant variables in education. In most cases, these terms are used interchangeably due to us its meaning, significance and applicability. Instruction is understood most of the time as synonymous to curriculum and vice versa. Curriculum on t5he other hand is interpreted in such a way that it encompasses even the every meaning and interpreted in such a way that it encompasses even the very meaning and essence of instruction. <br><br>

For teachers who are in direct contact with learners whether in formal or non formal setting must be knowledgeable on instruction and curriculum they, being the program implements must at all times be clear on how they can efficiently and effectively apply instruction and curriculum because after all, these two terms address the need to improve and sustain the over all performance of learners through significant,factional and quality teaching-learning process.Teachers, who are facilitators of classroom are supposed to do things in terms of instructional and curricular excellence.As molders of learnings, they ought to exhibit expertise so much so that stakeholders expectations are met.Utilizing varied techniques and approaches is one way to realize the definitions of instruction and curriculum. <br><br>

At any rate,teachers of both elementary and secondary levels are advised to take a look at the idea that both instruction and curriculum are pivotal in learning, hence they must equip themselves on the appropriate technical know-how so that along the way they could contribute to the goals and objectives of education through sufficient instruction and sound curriculum.

Impact of National Achievement Test among School

Stakeholders including Learners

Every year the National Achievement Test is being to select elementary grade and year levels.Its main objective is to assess the learnings of learners throughout the years and calibrate the same vis-a-ves the set goals and objectives reflected through the PELC (Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies) the PSSLC(Philippine Secondary School Learning Competencies). <br><br>

But what about the Impact of that NAT?Does it bring good to Filipino learners in terms of improving their competencies? Does this NAT measure what the purports to measure? How are the school stakeholders responding to its results?


Seemingly, the NAT result do not directly affect learners themselves.For one, those who did not make it are still part of the graduation.Second those who made it and performed well are not given due recognition either by the school or anyone else.


The National Achievement Test is crafted to finally address the weaknesses of learners and sustain those that they have in the terms of learnings.Howerver, as it is being administered, there seems to be some ironies and conflicts that need to be attended to for some significant reasons.


Parents,teacher and other stakeholders do have their over observation and arguments relative to this examination.Others contend that NAT be abolished immediately since it does not measure what it should measure among the learner competencies.Others comment that NAT validity and reliability are not well exhausted because of some encumbrances on administration.In the conduct of said examination, there seems to be a lot of worries and questions which until now remain unanswered.


To date,the conduct of this National Achievement Test is still enforced.True to this word,Sec.Luistro of the Department of Education again issued DepED Memorandum No. 228, s. 2012 which basically appraising all concerned as regards the NAT.

Safeguarding Teachers against Administrative Compaints

Every time, if not most of the time, teachers are in the news. A certain teacher is being complained of by a parent or by her own pupil due to the alleged infliction of illegal actions. Others are facing charges filed against them by certain person whom in some way or another were dissatisfied with the service rendered by the teacher. <br><br>

Looking at these situations, its but high time that teachers be safeguarded through various means.School Heads who have direct supervision over teachers must make it a point that teachers' welfare must must be a part and parcel of their daily regular encounters.It must be assured that whenever a meeting is held, part of the agenda should be on teachers reminding them of their duties and responsibilities.They must bo well oriented on the Magna Carta for Teachers and so with others legalities pertaining to children by which all children at all times should be taken cared of and respected.Their rightd should by all means devices necessary plans and measures to assures that both learning and children's welfare are appropriately addressed.Teachers, at their levels must be constantly reminded on the repercussion of their actions.Every time they deal with their respective clienteles, they must bear in imnd that they being teachers should refrain from anything which will hamper their professions such that they might face administrative charges in the future.HHenceforth, teachers every now and thwen must be reminded that their actions should be in the Code of Ethics for Teachers.

Good Digital Reputation:Towards a Responsible Digital Citizenship

Analeah P. Edubane

Gabaldon Vocational Agriculture High School

We are living in atime where all was dominated by modern technological world.Everybody wants to keep face on the modern society and experience the luxury of life brought out by modern technology.Modern gadgets, web and social media are now part of every day's life of every student in school.In fact, posting on facebook and other social media is as fun and simple as texting.It is also a time when exchange of information can be done with a single click,A time where media has a greater impact on amn's life.With this, every man must learn the essence of responsible "digital citizenship from the moment he/she started to use computers and other digital media.Listed below are the tips on creating a good digital reputation:

Create a simple profile that will suit your personality but give a non specific detail about yourself.Remember that every information you give is available online and will be viewed by all people using the web.

Start with learning the basics of the digital world.Study every detail of programs /applications online you wished to register/make an account.Figure out how they operate, how can you participate and benefits of this is an important factor to consider.

Know the principle of privacy.You should know your limitations on what information will be published on the web.Some information needs to be private, so don't let everybody on the web knows about it.Limit the amount of information you shared publicly.Who knows, anyone can be a victim of an internet hacker.

Build your own positive image in the world. Interact on the web in a positive way, be polite and respectful to others at all times. Good and positive image begets respect for others.

Bookmark important websites that will be useful for you.Internet offers vast information.Feel free to visit useful websites that will give you insights and help you one way or another.

Learn from others.Join forums, read blogs and major researches conducted.This is the best way of learning from other people.As a neophyte in a digital world, you need some advise from experts.

Know the consequence of your action.Foul language,cyber bullying and other form of digital immaturity and immorality has its own consequence.If you don't have anything good to say,then don't post anything at all.Think many times before you click.Do not post or share information that can harm other people or keep their privacy at stake.

Learn to use things in moderation.Internet has benefits and also entails risk.Don't spend too much on the web, it can be very addictive especially to the beginner like you.

Maintaining a good digital reputation is a responsibility of every person using the web. Remember, we are always accountable for anything we post/put on the web. The internet is a useful tool, let us not exploit its usefulness in any digital immaturity

And immorality.