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At present with the introduction of globalization world has transformed a lot. All the countries around the world has become a global village. Business crossed the border of the country and speeded everywhere, which lead many to a multinational company.

Company which is a organized form of a traditional local businesses are defined as the-"Voluntary association formed and organized to carry on a business in the legal name of the association. Types of companies include sole-proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, etc". For instance Australia, Canada, and the US prefer the company management system.[10 Feb 2010 access time 08.30pm]

With the establishment of a company the importance of a workforce are on high up. Behind any successful company the major factor work as workforce and without a strong and effective work force a company can't manage to sustain the long run.

Workforce is defined as a-"The workers employed in a specific project or activity. All the people those are working or available to work, as in a nation, company, industry, or on a project."[10 Feb2010,access time 8.35pm]

So to run a successful business management workforce should be highly appraised. To implement a good working environment and maintaining relationship between firms and workforce some systematic approach can be implemented.

A workforce can be linked with trade and labour union. People like to form a union to get protection against termination of job or depriving of legal rights. The case study of Verizon showed that the importance of labour relation in running a business and the influence being made by the challenges in the nature of labour relation. To perform better in the competitive market Verizon tried to reduce cost and increase flexibility. Therefore the Communication Workers of America (CWA) realised the importance of be united in case of organizing employees in other parts of Verizon. However it resulted as a strike cause of the conflict between Verizon and CWA and later on they settled their dispute cause they both realised the mutual interest lies in the understanding .If the case haven't been settled the company which might be affected by losing its sales and customer while CWA workers felt if the strike continues long- the workers will lose money and they might be replaced by new workers. However CWA create a statement and encouraged workers to fight for their rights and the case study showed the importance of sound management between both union and firm.

[Noe Hollenback, Gerhart Wright(2003)pp 567-568]

However apart from that other firms are considered as non-union firms which is getting much more popularity now- a-days. These types of firms apply strategies including group of employee participation. They are more likely formal and collective in maintaining employee relationship. With the meeting of firms they focused on meeting employees need. In these types of firms they don't form a union to sort out internal problem. They have several sectors that deal with any query or any disorder in system. For instance-account department in a firm deals with accounting related works, finance sector might be linked up with any sort of financial transaction and finally human resource management sector to manage people in the organization.(Michael Salamon(2000)pp 186, 187,188)

Human resource management which is a critical and one of the most essential areas in a firm is defined as a "Human resource management is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce ,using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personal technique".(storey-,1995)

According to Storey (1989) HRM is the combination of four aspects-

1) A particular constellation of beliefs and assumption.

2) A strategic thrust informing decisions about people management.

3) The central involvement of line managers and

4) Reliance upon a set of 'levers' to shape the employment relationship.

[Michael Armstrong(2009) pp 4-5]

To maintain a business firmly and negotiate between employees and firm Human resource department established in early days and got more popularity specially in first world countries. Especially in Britain most of the firms are non-union centred. The most important thing about non-union firms is that because of its range facility employees get more attention which leads them to get trained easily, getting promoted and so on.

HRM basically engage in recruitment, selection, training and developing employees, rewarding employees for better performance and finally create a positive working environment. In some companies HR department advises top level management and when top level finished deciding the relevant business issues, HR might engage with staffing, training and compensation.

To be a successful HR manager need to have some skills- ability to consider both present and future goals, analyse turnover, maintenance, productivity, customer service problems and recommend solution. Their responsibility might also be triumphing over the resistance to new HRM policies and procedures, technology, work-design, coaching and counselling employees and representing their views to management. Also it can include designing and delivering effective HRM system and utilize the technological advantage in HRM to make it cheaper for the firm.( Noe Hollenback,Gerhart wright(2003)pp 9)

After the established of a firm HR sector plays a major part in running the business. HR managers are always considered as a important sector cause behind any successful company are well structured HR management .With the nature of a firm the jobs of HR manager varies as well. Big firm which always have a flexible and conscious HR department considering to those of a small firm having careless one which shows their company culture?

In a non-union firm HR manager generally facilitate a lot. First of all in recruiting process HR manager will decide which type of people needed considering the company culture. Secondly in selection process they have the rights to choose the right employees which are generally done fairly without any top-level management participation. After the selection process staffs get trained by HR managers. With the advantage of less employees rather than a union-based firm training is swiftly done by HR managers. They are empowered to promote/pay rise any employees according to the performance evaluation. HR Managers are generally flexible in non-union firm, they convey the information between the top level management and workforce and therefore negotiate and help in decision making regarding issues. HR managers always co-operate with other sectors of the company.[15 FEB 2010]access time 7.35pm

On the contrary despite of its good sites HR managers have to face some sort of trouble as well. Because of its limited range HR manager has to perform a lot of extra job which creates an extra pressure and its time consuming comparing to a union-based firm. It is usually expensive rather than a union-based firm and HR management have to be more conscious about the cost-management .Lack of privacy is another problem in non-union firms. Often HR managers are questioned by the top-level management and sometime been interrupt in their regular task and have to do as the top-level management directs. All of these job which has to be done in a limited period of time sometime results in lacking in concentration. [15 FEB 2010]access time 9.00 pm

However for a production worker in a non-union firm gets a wide door open to gain quick recognition. They are facilitates by certain factors as well- first of all working in a good environment where no strikes and less politics. Usually non-union workers get attention rather than union workers and therefore they are facilitated by well training, pay rise, promotion and therefore get highly motivated which start from the basic level and by continually performing well get the chance to work in a good position in those firms. Flexibility is another term which non-union workers often get. For instance students working in retail shops in London get the chance to work in flexible shifts. They are even facilitate by getting bonuses like bank holiday payment, Sunday premium etc and lastly holiday which is a rare scene in union-based firm cause of a high queue might not get in right time, comparing to non-union workers often get holidays. Examples of it can be seen in the operations of Marks& Spencer which recognized the workforce interests by identifying their need and fears and therefore satisfying workers.(Michael Salamon(2000),pp 187)

Despite of many facilities in non-union firm workers might be deprived of lots of right. First of all job-security, where in the union-based firm labour union fights for the right of employees, in a non-union firm workers are in a risk of losing job anytime. They have to depend on HR decision. For instance in the recent years recession cut of 40% of jobs, where as in union-based companies might commit strikes against the company until they get their right. Lack of knowledge regarding the sector of health and safety where non-union are not really well-trained and in some companies non-union workers are deprived of seek pays and in case of insurance for accident are even missing. By using autocratic power management often threatened people and maximum time does unethical jobs violating human-rights.

A perfect example on that case is -"" which runs by mostly international students gets pay rise whenever the management wants and demanding for it may results in clash with management and also may resulted in hours cut or dismissal. By training a ladder course they want to get away of in case any accident happens from dropping a ladder and therefore no insurance for workers. No seek pays and often been forced to work after calling sick. Employees are forced to stay after their shift which is completely disgusting and often results in de-motivating employees (from the prospective of a worker in These are other sides of some of the non-union firms.

However from the above discussion we can see apart from a union based firm how non-union firms are operating business. As a part of a non-union organization HR manager he has do deals with both advantages and disadvantages and same story for the production worker as well. If the non-union firm can meet the need of the production worker and can help out HR managers by giving them freedom of work hopefully non-union firms will be the best place to work with.


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