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Applied management project(AMP) being a final task of my entire Maters process given me a challenge accomplished with opportunity to learn and explore in the field of business management, which I always dreamt of doing before joining the course, I always concentrated on adding values to myself during the entire masters program. During Initial stages of masters I was bit confused with the education process and assignments which were new to me, but gradually I developed report writing skills and started giving my best to every assignment and presentation. I handled every module carefully and successfully finished all the modules in specified span of time. After passing all the modules, I reached the place where I need to handle the final and important aspect of my masters program. I felt tensed and worried about handling the project which is 12000 words on a given topic, but gained confidence and prepared to tackle the situation with the skill sets I have learnt throughout my masters program. When I heard the project Title for the first time, I observed the words Globalisation and export promotion which are important aspects of project. I am familiar with both the concepts globalisation and export promotion but choosing a country and working country specific made me little tensed. The AMP week has been a crucial part of my project span and gained confidence on various concepts involved in my project. First day of my AMP week removed all the tension in me after getting the valuable inputs from the tutors. Since then I have really worked hard for one week in gathering the relevant information required to handle the export promotion programmes topic, which taught me many different aspects of the export business activities.

Recollection of Experiences:

The knowledge I gained during my one year of my masters program has made me confident in dealing the business concepts, the added values and gained knowledge helped me a lot in executing my project effectively and efficiently in given duration. 8th February 2010 was the first day of my project schedule and we were informed to gather in room J110 Park square for introduction to the Unit session. The speakers for the introduction session were Mr. Vincent Ong and Mr. Peter Patrick who were known to me as both the tutors handled the modules during first and second semesters of my MSc program. Module handbooks were distributed to all the students which consist of all the criteria useful for completing the task successfully. We were told to go through the module book which raised many doubts about the various aspects involved in project. The second of AMP week started with the session which dealt with the information sourcing and referencing which is the vital part of the project because improper referencing leads to plagiarism. Both the tutors Mr. Alan Bullimore and Mr. Peter Godwin were very clear with the information and succeeded in inculcating the concepts related to sourcing and referencing. I firmly decided to clarify each and every doubt to handle the project comfortable and confidently.

It was scheduled that all the International Business students to gather in PBLT 1,2,3 respectively on 10th February 2010 which was third day of AMP week and first day of our group discussion. Day arrived for which I have been waiting eagerly to clarify my doubt about the whole project process and also about the topic issued. Really the day was so informative and discussion oriented, this was the first day all the group people gathered and discussed various important activities involved in executing the project. Many of my doubts were addressed during the discussion I had with my group members and we shared the individual ideas and views about the topic and about the whole project process. We had informative discussion with the tutors and they succeeded in making us understand the skeleton of the project and various corners of the topic which plays a significant role in Applied Management Project (AMP). We came to know the crucial concepts of the project and also about the topic s which are to be highlighted. I feel my interesting about my habit of jotting down the points during the sessions, which I did carefully during whole session. I followed the day carefully which taught me many aspects of my project which are really worthy and helpful to tackle the project. I am glad and fortunate to have such a group which helped in finding the solution to the various doubts raised during the very first day of my AMP week. Also I felt confident after having gone through the session of group discussion.

After the interactive sessions held in last three consecutive days of my AMP week, I have revised the whole material and the important information which I have jotted down during the group discussion and tutor suggestions. I came to know that without proper planning executing the project would be impossible task and then I came up with a plan of dividing the whole project in to various phases accordingly to accomplish the project successfully. I have decided to spend one whole week in gathering all the information required from the various sources so that I can complete the first phase of my project work successfully. I spent whole in referring various websites and university provided sources such as EBSCO and EMERALD for journals regarding the Export promotion programmes adopted by the countries. It has become really challenging to me to select the information because everything required cannot be found in the same article or journal, but at the end of the week I have gathered different journals and articles which are relevant to the Malaysian Export promotion programs as I have chosen Malaysia which is an emerging economy as well as developing country.

Working in teams has been a fantastic idea which worked really well while working on project. My group has been very supportive in almost every aspect of my project work. We helped each other in choosing the countries and also in gathering the information. My group members Mr. Omprakash Sandru and Mr. Sharath Bazar were really helpful during the country selection and also during the project work. I spent first twenty days of my project span in University LRC in meeting the friends and MBA students who really supported in gathering the required information.

I have undergone a lot of stress while working on this project, but it yielded me fruitful results because I completely believed that lot of values have been added to the project work. I took AMP as challenging and learned lot of things related to the export promotion programmes of Malaysia and also the export strategies adopted by the countries which tasted Export-led growth. While working on conclusion and recommendation part of the project report I was confident and successfully recollected the views and ideas which have been through during the whole process of project. I was really fortunate to get this topic which was really challenging and it was the area where countries across the globe are striving to achieve economic growth from the exports. This concept made me satisfied and it made me to feel much more confident than earlier, now I would firmly say that I am aware of various export promotional activities performed by the countries in the process of becoming exports oriented nations. I also learned how nations handle the challenges thrown by the international markets and also the strategies which companies adopt to sustain in the competitive international markets.

Personal feelings and learning from the experiences:

I always shown interest in tackling the challenging tasks and proved to be successful in many situations in so far life and the AMP was one such challenging task which I was assigned to me during my MSc program. The most challenging part of this program is the concept of plagiarism which I have never been experienced in the past education systems. I adapted myself to this system during this one year span in this education with the support extended by the tutors advices and valuable suggestions. When I seen the project title for the first time, I was bit tensed and confused, but the concept of globalisation made me little comfortable as I have previous experience of presentations on this topic. Though the export promotion programmes topic is new, I had little knowledge about it as this topic was taught by tutor Rosemary in International marketing module. The AMP week really helped in overcoming the various hurdles involved in project work. The group discussions held in AMP week and valuable suggestions of the tutors made me to clear the confusions and doubts regarding my topic and whole project work. Group discussion sessions held during the AMP week has became good platform for group members to exchange the ideas internally and also to discuss with tutors which helps in getting valuable inputs from them. Tutors made us to understand what exactly topic is all about and what has to be done to accomplish the task in given span of time. During initial stages of my project I was not confident but after finishing the project I am very much confident now about the export promotion programmes and their role in overall economic growth of the country. This module not only helped in gaining confidence but also left me with self satisfaction and I am sure that I can handle the situations and challenges more confidently than earlier. Being a business oriented topic export promotion would be really helpful and hope I can execute the assigned project in time with optimum quality. Applied management project (AMP) has brought the people with different views and ideas to come on to same platform and exchange the views to develop the full-fledged ideas and more elaborated views.

The project almost took complete two months time and every day was productive giving scope to learn more aspects of export business activities. I spent most of time in searching for relevant information and collecting the required information for the project. Collecting the required information requires patience and concentration which enhanced my searching skills and also evaluating the available information. I completely enjoyed every moment of my project duration though I have undergone little physical and mental stress.

Information gathering

Gathering the required information is crucial part of the project process and once we gather the relevant information then working on project will be easier and comfortable. Initially I have tried gathering information using the topic name, which resulted in confusion and loss of time. Later when I used the technique of using keywords in searching process, I have gathered plenty of relevant and accurate information which helped in finishing the task in specified span of time. In the process of searching information, I was assisted by Mr. Badri who holds a Masters Degree in Business administration while searching the various articles and journals later which were used in my project. I am very much thankful to him for his guidance and support extended during my entire project process. I am fortunate to found the relevant information to the task given; online databases consist of large amount of data on Malaysian export promotion programmes. The government owned export promotion organisation website also consist of required information which fulfil the task given to perform in my project work. I found many articles and journals available including the export-led growth evidences from Malaysia in online databases and also in university facilitated databases such as EBSCO and EMERALD. Most of the data found in these databases was very much suitable and relevant to my topic which made my job easier.

Before handling the project on export promotion programmes and their strengths and weaknesses in Malaysian context, I was just aware of the definition and had very little knowledge on export promotion programmes. But I am glad to say that I have learnt a lot about the export promotion programmes and their importance in making the countries with Export driven economies. I understood the concept of export promotion and the role of respective governing bodies to ensure the companies perform well in international markets to gain comparative advantage. The export promotion programmes of Malaysia were critically evaluated to find the strengths and weaknesses and also recommendations were suggested to tackle the weaknesses in making the way towards successful exporting nation in the world.

The process of gathering information landed me in confusion when I observed an article in which one author agrees and the other contrast on the same point, but later I overcame this situation by selecting the apt information to my topic and successfully addressed the issues involved in project execution. The apt information chosen helped me in handling the conclusion and recommendation part of my project. Now I am capable of taking the decisions according to the situation which we face while handling the projects like Applied management Project (AMP).

Group dynamics and learning from experiences:

The strength of my group was ten members and we all gathered at the student Union office on the day we were given Applied Management Project handbook. We gathered after collecting the project title and discussed about the schedule and meeting timings. Though we were a bit nervous before taking the project title we felt happy after going through the title of the project. Most of the group members were confident including me about handling the project effective and efficiently in given specified time period. My group has been my biggest strength and support for me in successfully handling this project. Every individual in the group took active part in discussions and helping each other in various aspects involved in project work. I heard a lot about the team work and advantages involved in working teams, but really it has been proved that the tasks like Applied management Project need team work rather than working in individual to get best out of the masters level students. Two of my group members Mr Ramchandra and Mr. Laxman Rao were very helpful during entire project process, which boosted the confidence level. Though the group consists of ten members we were always maintained good contacts over phones and E-mails which helped in continuous sharing of information and ideas throughout the Applied management project. I would firmly say that my project would not have been so comfortable without the support of Tutors, group members and friends. I am sure that the knowledge gained here during this project will definitely useful for me in working environments in the near future. I personally felt that consultation held during the AMP week worked really well and successfully fulfilled the objective of conducting them during the program.

Lessons for future projects:

Whole process of Applied management project(AMP) has been learning and value adding program. I myself learnt a lot about various aspects of project execution and handling the situations carefully to achieve the individual and group desired goals. Working in group of ten members has been a fantastic experience and also learnt the importance of team work in the present competitive world.

The major aspects learned during the project period are as follows:

Understanding the given task and identifying the requirements of the given task.

Utilisation of available resources in an optimised way while gathering the required journals and articles.

Maintenance and usage of information gathered right time at the right place.

Effective sharing of information with the group members is necessary for better development of ideas.

Preparing the final report in specified time to avoid rushing in last minutes.


The objective of the Applied management project was fulfilled as I was given an opportunity to make use of the skills which were learnt throughout the Masters program. AMP is the right platform the masters level students to showcase the knowledge and skills learned during the entire masters program. Though I was bit nervous about the topic but everything went smoothly once I have started working on my project. Whole journey was very challenging and giving opportunity to learn and showcase the capabilities in a right way. Being a final task of my Masters program AMP left me with the satisfaction and pleasure simultaneously making the part of challenging task. I have enjoyed every moment of the AMP period while adding values to myself to become more efficient in tackling the issues involved in project work. I am sure that I have given my best in studying the Malaysian export promotion programmes successfully and evaluating them to present the project report in best presenting way. As my course involves writing various assignments of different subjects, helped me in gaining the knowledge in various areas which were successfully utilised during my Applied management Project.

I have succeeded in giving my project report without plagiarism because of the practices I have learned during entire course and also at the time of AMP week. The skills I have learnt during the whole project process are very valuable and I truly believe that these skills will be really useful for me in various situations to address the issues.

Preparing the reports at professional level is the best quality I have observed in me at the completion of AMP.

Team working skills which play a significant role in today’s corporate sectors

Having and patience and concentration while working in hectic schedules

Good research and evaluation skills which helps to tackle the situations easily in the future

Executing the projects in specified time with optimised inputs and quality

I am very much thankful all the tutors who helped during AMP week for their kind support and valuable suggestions without which the project would not have been completed in the given time. Finally last but not least I would like to thank my parents without whose encouragement and blessings the project would not have been possible.