Quests Of My Five Strengths Education Essay

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"Woo!" Well, what is the meaning of the word "Woo", you might ask? Just a couple of months ago I would have had the same response most people do. Now, I can tell them that this word stands for winning others over. Many still may not be following along. Let me elaborate. "Woo", is just one among the five words that I will be discussing in this paper. I had completed a previous assignment, and was given five words in return to sum up my strengths. This assignment was called "the strengths quest activity". I will analyze how these five words tie into my future career goals, as well as how I have attained these achievements over time. My future career ambitions are leading me into the field of secondary education. My leadership abilities have grown and because of prior experiences, I will be able to "teach in and out of the classroom" (Nealy, 2008).

How could someone be in the field of education and not have fantastic communication skills? These skills are vital to the students learning and interpreting process (McNamee, 2010). I have gained the knowledge and skill of communicating effectively to direct main points to many different situations. One actual life example I have goes back two years when I was playing college football. I somehow had the ability to raise above all the others and was able to instruct my teammates in the offensive huddles. You tell me how easy it is to have a few big guys around six feet seven and weighing in at three hundred and fifty pounds asks you what to do. I always had my work cut out for me. Being the quarter backs wing man basically enabled me to be the type of communicator I am today. Not only have I gained the ability to teach and coach athletes but rather the ability to effectively direct students in the right direction inside the classroom.

Here we go again. What does this word stand for again? That's right, winning others over. Typically, when this theme is assigned to someone, it just simply means that you are a people pleaser for lack of better words. I generally agree with this a lot. I do seek out for everyone's approval because it goes all the way back to when I was a little kid. My father had always taught me the correct manners, how to dress, talk, and even act. If I were to disobey one of these things, I was simply embarrassing our family. This today can actually help me in the professional world. When I do become a teacher, I will have to be professional and be accepted by the ones of higher authority. Because I like to be accepted by others, and do whatever it takes almost to fit in, my students will follow my habits as being the teacher. They also, will become eager to perform roles that will benefit them in their own future (Nealy, 2008). Isn't this, what teaching is all about? Preparing students for their futures is fulfilling my goals as their mentor.


I myself have always been the one person for others to turn to in difficult situations. The one gesture you could give someone in their time of need could turn their day right around. In the teaching field, giving students a positive outlook on subjects will ensure them of continuing their education perhaps. Studies show that the more teachers that are passionate about the subject they teach, could possibly open more doors for that student to explore career opportunities in that field as well (Inan, Lowther, 2010). This world needs more passionate teachers! For as long as I can remember, I have always been involved in activities that I enjoy. I also, would accomplish these activities to the best of my ability. As for becoming a teacher, accomplishing my ambitions for my students will also be at the top of my list. "Education comes first" (Nealy, 2008).


Many people out there, especially in the education field are achievers. Achievers strive to get something done or completed daily in order to feel satisfied. If there was a teacher out there that went home at night not feeling satisfied, not only did that person let his or her self down, but their students more importantly. I always have been the type of person that would be given a task and would complete it with as much effort as I could. I could always go home after a football game and tell myself that I did everything I could to win, and that there was nothing else I could have done. To go through and educate kids with this kind of mentality will change the world. Studies conducted in a California school district back in the 90's show that teachers that go above and beyond with their teaching styles to maybe make their own projects to better present material will not only help the teacher gain more teaching knowledge but the class as well (Bertolino, 1990).


Things in the educational field need to involve more student interaction. All too often kids are seen skipping classes to do who knows what. If teachers would focus more on involving all of their students in more in class activities, more kids would succeed by having been included. Throughout my past, I have experienced being included and not being included. There are great effects that take part from both results. Because I have this trait of including people and accepting people, I can go a long ways I have figured out. So many things could be accomplished if everyone was included and worked together. Teaching is about acceptance. If this theory is fulfilled, all students will have an equal opportunity at earning their education.


By going through my five themes, I was able to relate everything to my career ambitions. I hope to someday be one of the most effective and influential teachers and coaches. From gathering information and reading journal articles, I can see that all of these themes fit together so perfectly. I can now gather that a passionate teacher should have these five themes and more. To effectively reach a student and to get through to a student, an educator must carry on everything I have touched on. Everything that I have been through in my past from school, sports and college classes, I get closer and closer to obtaining these things I need to be a teacher. I feel that the field I have chosen to go into a few years ago could not be any more perfect for me. My five themes fit right into place with my career ambitions. What are your strength quests?