Pursuit of an MBA degree

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Pursuit of an MBA degree: The Right Choice

My father immigrated to the United States from Italy with one goal in mind. Start a family and raise children with more opportunity than what he had in Naples, Italy. His relentless hard work and effort, along with those of my mother who gave me, my brothers and sister, the opportunity to receive the education and promise he never had.
When I started school, I did not take my education seriously. Throughout elementary school, junior high school, and high school I did not apply myself and work to my potential. I never thought of my future. I attended Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta, California. For three years I just skated by. I was graduated from CVHS in June 1979. The time there never saw me receive a grade of A except for physical education.

June 14, 1979, the date I was graduated from high school, until August 24, 1993, I went from job to job with no direction or focus about what my future would be like or what career I would end up doing as my life's work. I was married with four children and I knew I had to do something fast for the sake of my family. So on August 24, 1993 I went back to school to improve my life as well as the lives of my wife and children. I was graduated from Antelope Valley Junior College in May 1996 with two associate degrees, both degrees cum laude! For two semesters' I earned a 4.0 GPA, something I had never done before in any one semester in my life! I was finally investing in the future that my father came to this country for. At the graduation ceremony the president of A.V. College (Dr. Allan Kurki) delivered the commencement address. Although the basic tenet to what Dr. Kurki was saying has escaped my memory there is one statement he said that I will always remember. As he was coming to the end of his address Dr. Kurki stated: “Those diplomas you possess are something to be very proud of. But they have one flaw…..They do not have an expiration date. Always seek to continue your education, tomorrow and always” (Dr. Allan Kurki-Commencement address, Graduation Ceremony Antelope Valley College, May 1996). I contemplated what Dr. Kurki had said. Two and a half years later I was graduated from California State University, Northridge with my Bachelor's degree in Radiologic Technology. I had promised myself I would go on to achieve a master's degree; however at the time I graduated CSUN I was battle weary from the intense program I had just completed and the words of Dr. Kurki were not as influential as they were a few years before.

After working as a radiologic technologist for 10, plus years I knew there was something I wanted from my career that was lacking, purpose along with higher education and professional success. My decision to enroll in the online MBA program at University of Phoenix did not come easily. I doubted my ability to handle the curriculum. Time constraints, the uncertainty of being able to do this in an online forum, was I up to the challenge? Those were just a few of the excuses I came up with about why it was not a good idea. My desire to achieve more within my career, and contribute more to the hospital I work for was the driving force, coupled with the support I received from family and friends, which finally had me make the decision to pursue an MBA course at University of Phoenix.

After taking the self analysis to what is my Jungian 16-type personality, my score was ISTJ. The analysis and interpretation for my score of ISTJ from the “WHAT IS MY JUNGIAN 16-TYPE PERSONALITY”? States: “ISTJ. You are organized, compulsive, private, trustworthy, and practical. Possible career as office manager, accountant, business manager, tax agent, public servant” (1-A-2 WHAT IS MY JUNGIAN 16-TYPE PERSONALITY? Student website, University of Phoenix web page). I was pleasantly surprised at the score and interpretation of that score because I believe I am organized, compulsive (some may say I am obsessive compulsive), private, trustworthy, and practical. I already am a public servant by working in the health care industry. My MBA will have a concentration in health care, so I am pursuing my MBA degree to further my career.

My personal goals within my profession are to be a department director for an x-ray department and to be an educator within the field of Radiologic Technology. By pursuing an MBA degree with a concentration in Health Care I strongly believe I can achieve those goals. My personality according the Jungian 16-type personality self assessment is in line with those goals. The department directors' duties in an x-ray department fall in line with those of an office manager. As I stated earlier by working as a Radiologic Technologist, I already have spent time and have experience as a public servant.

It is difficult to imagine any argument, as it relates to me, which would be contrary to pursuing an MBA. The MBA degree I receive from University of Phoenix may not bring me an exorbitant salary or high acclaim. What it will bring is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and pride. Although my father passed away just prior to me enrolling in the MBA course at University of Phoenix, I know he would be proud. One may argue, stay with the status quo, you are doing just fine. Fine was not my goal in life. Anyone can do just fine; it takes an education to have someone do GREAT. What I do after my MBA is yet to be determined for it too will have the flaw of not having an expiration date.


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