Project Management And Professional Development Education Essay

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As a University student I have to be independent and cope with university environment myself. So I must be able to organize time effectively, and ability to set goals, being flexible in learning and able to prioritise tasks, which are helps me to improve my learning experience. So in this report my main objective is to discuss how I developed the relevant skills, strategies, techniques for my learning success. I also discuss how I applied my learning experiences and study skills to other modules in my programme of study, and people that were inhibit my development and how did I avoid them.

I used tools and techniques to identify my strengths, weaknesses, and my role in the group. To identify my role in the group I used Belbin test which is used to get a detailed report that it show team role profiles for team members and complete team highlighting strengths and weaknesses within the team.

Skills audit tool I used to review my existing skills against the skills that I need both now and in the future. Study skills questionnaire used to identify evaluated academic skills. SWOT tool used to identify my weaknesses, strengths, opportunities. Finally I discuss how I transferred academic skills to further in my future career aspirations.


What were my strengths?

According to skills audit and skill questionnaire results my strengths are Research Skills, Organisation and planning, working with others Cottrell S. (2008,p.27),explained skills audit helps to identify my existing skills, what skills need to carry out my existing skills and set priorities for develop and improve the skills and knowledge needed for success future.

Research skills - Finding out and select the most relevant information from source materials, make effective notes, and effective use of lectures are some of main research skills that I have got to improve, Cottrell S. (2008, p.111).

My strength in reading - I used strategies for reading tasks, like highlight keywords and phrases. To search relevant information in a book I read content page, Index and sub headings. And I also made notes effectively of the important points, keywords and ideas by what I read.

Make my notes effectively - I have got photocopies of important pages of the book to highlight important sections and add my own notes. When I was making notes I note keywords, main ideas and phrases and sub headings. Also note sources info and references.

Use Library effectively - I used library catalogue 'NORA' to find books and journals by enter authors name and title of the book. To search relevant journal article according to assignment task I used abstract information of it.

I used lecture time effectively - before the lecture read a book on the subject of the lecture and after read previous lecture notes. During the lecture I took notes of headings and questions. After the lecture I read through my note.

Organisation and planning for study - I have organised my files and folders in computer with a good file hierarchy system. To search learning materials easily renamed folders by module names and kept files inside right folders to easy access. I gained this knowledge from my professional diploma programme.

Working with others - According to Belbin test results my team role is Monitor Evaluator; it is a thought oriented member role. (, Belbin Team Role Theory, 2010) explained, Monitor-Evaluators are best at analyzing and evaluating ideas that other people often come up with, but they are slow to get decisions, but have high critical thinking ability. Monitor evaluator weakness is poor to motivate other team members.

Motivate others in the team I have to collaborate with them. According to Burns and Sinfield (2008, p.98), explained collaborate well with others I should give suggestions about the assignment tasks and encourage them to give their opinions about assignment task. It helps to discuss, best solutions for assignment and each other opinions, solutions about assignment task.

What were my weaknesses?

According to skills audit and skill questionnaire results my weaknesses were Referencing Skills.

Referencing Skills and Plagiarism - Before come in to the University for Higher Studies I do not know about Plagiarism and Referencing. Academic communication and project management module helps me to understand about plagiarism and how to reference correctly to prevent form plagiarism. Cottrell S. (2008, p.128) explained plagiarism is use others works, ideas, theories, or information from a book journal or any electronic media without acknowledging them.

To avoid from plagiarism I must to write all the notes in my own words and if I get a idea or information from another source it must reference in the body of the text using 'indirect' or 'direct ' quotation system Cottrell S. (2008, p.130).

The author date system is commonly use for text citation. If I quoted or paraphrased a sourced it must acknowledge within the sentence or end of the sentence, write in the brackets the author's name, the date of publication, and the page number Cottrell S. (2008, p.131).

Reference list must produce end of the assignment or report. It should contain details of each work already referred in the assignment body using quotation Cottrell S. (2008, pp.131-132).

People that were inhibit my development and how did I avoid them?

Events that inhibit my development - Going to parties, talk and drink with friends inhibit my development as a student. To avoid being going to parties I used to manage my time effectively by giving first priority to my education. Now I am always stick to my education so if there is a late night party, I prevent being participate and always say 'NO' straight way, it helps me to concentrate with my education.

Friends inhibit my development - I reside in a rented house with my friends. Some of them are work late night and always like to chat and cook without studying. So this situation is bothering me. Because I care about my education and do not want waste valuable time for unnecessary things. So I made a time table to do my studies accurately on time without wasting. It helps me show always I am busy with studies and avoid them without breaking friendship.

Strategies that I have used to improved and developed my positives and overcome my negatives.

Managing Time - I used strategies for manage my time effectively. As a university student I must be aware of wasting time. Because no one going to look after me and trying to give advices always, I have to be self motivate. To improve and develop my time management skills there were some time saving tips I used to follow,

To save time when making note each major point should write on a different paper because it helps me to get information and ideas quickly when writing a report or assignment. And also getting notes from sources page number and reference book title should add in to the note. To save time when organising, better way to use numbers and highlighter pens to group information on different pages and write assignments directly onto a computer using relevant structure format is also a time saving strategy Cottrell S. (2008, p 73).

Prioritise tasks according to deadlines is very important. It helps me to prevent from late assignment submission. So 'priority organiser' I can use for write list of everything wanted to do by, highlighting essential tasks and identify most urgent tasks to complete first. Diary and planner is useful to write all the study deadlines, exam dates, appointments and to add very specific study tasks Cottrell S. (2008, pp 70-71).

What Opportunities did I achieve in project management module and other modules to increase my skills and learning power?

Project Management module - This module helps me to develop personal skills like manage time effectively, prioritise my work, collaborate with other students, be motivate in learning, and develop research skills. Also this module helps me to develop and understand about project management techniques, the role of the project manager within systems, software development projects and professional issues. Doing this module I can identify my transferable skills which are prospects in my future career opportunities.

Object Oriented Modelling and Design - To develop my understanding of advanced object oriented modelling concepts in particular those relating to complex object and dynamic modelling, and also to develop the techniques and skills required to design the structural and dynamic information systems using UML.

Entrepreneurship & Small Bus. Start up in Informatics - This module helps me to identify functional and managerial competencies of an owner/manager in a new small enterprise. Also I can learn how to produce a comprehensive business plan for the start up and operation of a new small enterprise. I can gain knowledge of marketing, sales and how to organise and manage small business. These skills which are important skills help me to start my own business or work in a company.

Academic communication - This module helps me to write more effectively for academic purposes. Also helps me to develop skills like, use source material effectively, and cope with different written academic tasks, and learn how to use appropriate grammar and vocabulary. Also I can gain knowledge how to reference correctly form source materials and avoid from plagiarism when doing an assignment or report.

How can I Transfer my skills to my future career aspiration?

According to Cottrell S. (2008,p 36.),' Transferable' and 'Soft' skills which are especially need and support to get career opportunities like, 'team leader' and other management levels.

Academic skills are what I can gain from university by doing course modules, which are key skills, helps me to success my future career opportunities. I have identified what are my transferable skills by doing skill audit test.

Academic spoken and communication skills which helps me to express my ideas orally and understand verbal instructions with fewer mistakes. To Interviewing, making presentations, conducting meeting, like career key skills I can develop improving spoken and communication skills. Academic writing and communication module helps me to improve these skills Cottrell S. (2008, pp 36 -37).

Organisation of learning is another academic transferable skill which helps me to accomplish tasks and become a master problem solver or an innovator.

Information technology skill which is important to get career opportunities nowadays. It helps to do day to day office works like e-mail, word processing, spread sheets and databases. It also helps to become a software engineer or programmer. Project management, object oriented design course modules helps me to improve this skill.

Writing skill is an academic skill which helps me to develop arguments, task analysis, and working to deadline. This skill helps me to be an employee in manager or secretary level.

Working with others - This transferable skill helps me to work with people from variety of backgrounds and able to make relationship with others, share knowledge and take team responsibility. Academic writing and communication, project management course modules helps me to improve this skills Cottrell S. (2008, p 36).


Study skills tools and techniques results helps to identifying skills, Research skills, working with others and weaknesses such as Referencing and plagiarism helps me to develop my strength and overcome my weaknesses by applying strategies and techniques. Opportunities that were identifying in modules such as learn how to use appropriate grammar and vocabulary, strategies used for manage time by academic communication and project management modules helps me increase my skills and learning power. Discover what were my Transferable and Soft skills which are especially need and support to get career opportunities. So identify my weaknesses and transferable skills, and apply strategies for develop these strengths helps me to success in education and future career opportunities.