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Google Code Of Conduct

The Purpose And Values Of The Business:

Google code of conduct is one of the ways we put “don't be evil” in practice. It's about providing our users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them best products and services that we can by following the law, acting honourably and treating with respect. The work we do is measured against the standards of ethical business conduct.


Google code is specifically written for employees and board members, failure of which results in disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment. Google collect and store personal information from employees around the world. Google prohibits retaliation against any worker at Google who reports or participates in an investigation of a possible violation of code. Employees have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and are free of harassment, bias and unlawful discrimination.

Customer Relation:

Products, features and services make Google more useful for all customers. Employees of Google ask its customers to trust them with their personal information. They will protect and respect the information; Google is committed to advancing privacy and freedom of expression for customers.

Shareholders Or Other Providers Of Money:

Financial integrity and fiscal responsibility are the core aspects of corporate professionalism. The money spend on Google is of company's or of shareholders. Each person has a role of making sure that money should be spend appropriately and wisely. Providers of money should make sure that cost is reasonable, and directly related to company business with appropriate documentation.


Google enters into more and more deals with suppliers of equipments and services. Suppliers strive for best possible deal for Google, which requires solicit competing bids t6o get best offer. Even price, quality, service, reliability and terms and conditions also affect the final decision.

Society Or The Wider Community:

The communication facilities which include both, the network and also the hardware items such as the computers and mobile devices, are critical aspects of the company's property. Due to this networking between the people and the customers Google can develop a society of a wider community and also due to their work and respect to the customers; they can succeed in the future run.


The main responsibility that they take in order to implement and compete with the existing market is to comply with laws and regulations very seriously and each of the employee and also the customer are supposed to obey the legal requirements and prohibitions. This way of applying the rules and also saving the personal information can implement different types of business into the market and also can stand as one of the globally reputed organization.

Xerox Code Of Business

The Purpose And Values Of The Business:

Code of business conduct's strategic intent is to help people to find better way to work by constantly leading in products, services. This improves customer's work process and business results. core values of XEROX are the key principles that guide our conduct and relationships. They engage us with each other and connect us to make success possible. They create the moral and ethical compass that permits us to do business with integrity and honesty.


Employees are diverse, talented and motivated groups of people towards common set of goals. Competitive advantage resides in employee's energy and creativity. Employees who have work-related concerns may employ open door procedures established by the company to resolve the concerns. Employees are protected from harassment, coercion, intimidation, victimization, reprisal for filling a complaint or assisting in investigation.

Customer Relation:-

Customer-focused culture is vital for our success. They maintain customer's trust through fair, honest, and lawful dealings by great values. They provide accurate and complete information to customers and won't tolerate misrepresentation, fraud. They honour promises, commitments agreements and obligations made by them. They listen to customer's to meet their requirements and to understand what they expect from them.


Vendors and suppliers relationships are based on fundamental principles of fairness, honesty and mutual respect. They honour promises and agreements made with vendors and suppliers. They do business with vendors and suppliers that have high standards of conduct. They expect vendors and suppliers to adhere ethical and legal requirements.

Shareholders Or Other Providers Of Money:

Being a global company and making news in all corners of the world may maintain the shareholders as the people knew that this business knew their personal feelings and satisfies the customer as they follow a basic principle of good customer satisfaction. This ensure consistency to speak to the public in one-voice. As they obey the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rules and regulations and governs the fair disclosure of material information to the investment company. By viewing this investor may feel it as important and may buy the company's shares.

Society Or The Wider Community:

Diversity stands as a celebration involving differences in values like age, outlook, cultural background, lifestyle, physical ability and sexual orientation, as their focus extends to employers and suppliers. So a societyor a wider group of communities can easily be acceptable as consumers mostly because of the dignity and respect given to the customers, suppliers, vendors and agents.


Implementation of a product or a starting a new branch may results in a good business as they have a better regulation of international trade such as imports, exports and international financial transactions. The other reason for implementation is the way of their dignity and respect for all sorts of people such as the vendors, customers,suppliers and employers. They also comply with all existing lawsconcerning the holding and processing of employee personal information.

Comparing The Google And Xerox Code Of Conducts

Satisfying And Serving Our Customers:

1) The main purpose of the Google is focusing on the customer needs and providing best product, services, and unbiased access information. Where as Xerox has providing the user have to find a better technique to do great work by always top in the documentation technology and with the product and services the customer will improve the work process and business.

2) Both Google and Xerox need the trust of the customer, and respecting the customers, and honestly delivering great values, the Google providing security to customer personal information, the authorised person can access the information and providing high standard information to the customers. The Xerox says that listening to their customers can meet the business requirements by having a good customer interaction and the employee engaged with all customers to responds on time and solution for the customer problems and makes any correction.

3) The Google provides the feature products and best services for the more useful to customer where as the Xerox provides complete information to customer to make informed decisions.

Gifts And Entertainment:

1) The both Google and Xerox will accept the gifts or entertainment, and managers need to approval to accept the significant gifts.

2) The Google will never accept the cash or cash equivalents but accept the “tokens” non-cash gifts like business meals, celebratory meals, the Xerox will accept the cash or cash equivalents with anyone who dealing business with Xerox.

3) The Google will accept the gifts or entertainment from the customer, supplier, and colleague or participant and the Xerox will accept the gifts from anyone who dealing business with them.

4) Both are accepting the gifts and entertainment to create friendliness or relationship.

5) The Xerox will accept the discounts, and special consideration but all Google's will not made any discount gifts.

Alcohol And Drug Misuse:

1) The Google and Xerox will not allow drugs and alcohol during the work time and any other site where employee assigned to work. But drinking alcohol will not totally banned in Google.

2) Both are strictly prohibited in office or at sponsored dealings.

3) The Xerox will assist regarding the employees who build up the problems related to alcohol and drugs misuse. In Google the manager reasonable hesitation about employee if they use of drugs, that will effect on the employee job performance

Protect And Privacy:

1) The Google code will protect the private or personal information received from other clients or customer or employee of the company under some conditions (non-expose) but in the Xerox code that each and every user have responsible for protecting the important information like they inform, copyrights.

2) The Xerox code will consistent and verify all the documents and taken with suitable steps to assurance with legally business records, historical, finance and other reasons where as Google will not accept any private information from any companies before inform a non disclosure contract approved by legal. After the approval also the Goggles try to recognize only particular data or information which is needed to accomplish their business objectives.

3) The Xerox code captures the object of information that's essential to affect the other companies. But Google will respect their participant or member by not capturing any private or personal information of their participant.

Conflicts Of Interest:

1) Both organisation employees have responsibility to do always best for the company but in different ways

2) The Google employees have to do best for the company as well as user where as the Xerox employee have same responsibilities but free from personal pressure.

3) The both organisation employee can have the conflicts of interest about their own business with suppliers, customers, and employee devotes the time and attention on job.

Importance's Of Employee:

1) The Google code can be committed to a helpful work where employee has an opportunity to reach to their full potential. But in Xerox code consider that primary advantage resides on the employers and their energy and imagination, inspiration.

2) Both organisation (Google & Xerox) will not accept any kind of harassment, on the basis of race colour, religion, sex, age, marital status mental or physical disability. Like anything which will effect the employees or personal feelings

3) The both organisation will not accept the alcohol and drugs usage in the work places, and also strictly prohibited in the business dealings. But the Google will not prohibit the drinking of alcohol.

Recommendations For Improvement:


The employees develop the organisation or business and they are one of the determining factors for success of the company. So the employee development programs are important to increase confidence as well as motivate the employees to perform well and learn new skills and meet challenge, if the company will show interest in employee development programs then the employees are more interest in the development of the company.

Drug Free Work Places Program:

It is good for the employees, and they are more creative and better confidence, if they healthy and safety is protected from the dangers, and workers will be thankful for this concern for their health and safety, and some organisations is not totally banned the alcohol in the work places. So I suggestion to not accept the alcohol in the work places it will effect on the customer relationship or colleague

Google & Xerox Developers:

The recommendation for the both developers, to develop the search engine and make sure that search engine will find out the user needs and with out any error the information will display.

Privacy And Protect:

The Xerox code of conduct will not protecting the personal information so that the customer will unsatisfied so I suggest to protect the personal and private information, for that the Xerox business will develop and also the customer will full satisfied

Implementation Of New Techniques:

The both organisation will have search engine but now a days the customers are searching for new techniques or new search engines to find the correct information so that I suggest to develop the search engines.